Driving license costs: what does a driving license cost?

practice makes perfect – even when driving a car. But just the practice hours go into the money.

Driving license costs: What does a driving license cost?

The driver’s license for the car is more expensive than a few years ago. Between 1.200 and 2.200 € is the minimum average cost for a driver’s license. But what are the costs for the driver’s license?? And what to consider? Depending on the federal state and the driving school, different prices are due for the driving license. Some items are unpredictable and quickly become expensive. With combined offers you save money again.

driving license prices at a glance

First of all, you will have to pay fees set by law. This is how the prices for documents from test centers and offices are fixed in advance. Depending on which driving school you choose, you will then have to pay different costs for driving lessons and theory lessons.

How much the cost of the license will add up to in the end is hard to say beforehand. Depending on the safety of the student driver on the road, he must take more or less driving lessons. Thus, the cost of driving lessons is higher if the learner driver needs more practice. The test fees are also not fixed from the start. A failed test costs again with each further attempt.

Documents required for the driver’s license

First register your planned driver’s license acquisition. For this, go to the competent authority of your place of residence. In the individual federal states, these are different offices: the residents’ registration office, the vehicle registration office or the district authority. If you are not sure where to submit your application, ask your driving school. Some driving schools take over this way also for you. In any case they are enough documents one:

  • Registration form
  • identity card or passport
  • Biometric passport photos
  • Eye test certificate from an ophthalmologist or optician
  • Certificate of successful participation in a first aid course (course on life-saving measures at the scene of an accident)

Fixed costs for the driver’s license

This costs for the driver’s license registration are manageable:

  • Eye test: €6.43
  • first aid course: approx. 20 – 50 €
  • passport photos: ca. 10 – 20 €
  • Application for a driving license at the road traffic office: 33,20 €

Some of the costs for the driver’s license are subject to a fee regulation. These include z. B. the vision test and the application. Therefore they cost the same for every beginner driver.

The fees for the theory and practical tests are also fixed. The TuV and the DEKRA are the only testing centers in germany. At both test centers the theory test 22,49 € and the practical test 91,75 €.

Different prices of the driving schools for the costs of the driver’s license

After registering with the driving license office, you go to the driving school of your choice. The driving school makes you an offer. The costs for your driving license are listed below. Take a close look at these posts and compare prices of different driving schools.

Each driving school is allowed to set its own prices. That is why a comparison is worthwhile. But beware: the cheapest driving school is not always the best. There are the following costs:

  • Basic fee
  • Cost of driving lessons
  • teaching aids (e.g. B. practice booklets)
  • Fee for the presentation to the exams
  • Possible retraining fees in case of a failed test

The basic fee includes the costs for the administrative effort. Often the basic fee also includes the cost of theory lessons. To help you learn at home, driving schools offer additional teaching material in the form of paper sheets, learning cds or apps.

The theory lessons take place at the driving school. Here you learn the traffic rules. The theory test consists of a check test in which you will be asked questions about your behavior on the road. If you practice well at home, you will be well prepared for it.

The prices for the driving license: 12 special trips are obligatory

The price of the driving lesson has the greatest influence on the total cost of the license

The largest part of the cost of the driver’s license is the driving lessons. One driving lesson costs between 24 and 55 €. The amount of the costs also depends on your place of residence. If you need a lot of driving lessons, the total price goes up. This 12 special trips are compulsory:

  • 4 driving hours freeway
  • 5 driving hours on the highway
  • 3 driving hours night driving

One driving lesson lasts 45 minutes. Often double lessons of 90 minutes each are offered. The number of hours you need to drive is determined by your driving instructor.

Often, the driving school requires a fee for the presentation to the test. The amount varies. The introduction fee is usually cheaper for the theoretical test. For example, the fee for the theoretical exam is about 75 € and the fee for the practical exam is about 150 €. The costs for the practical test consists of:

  • The use of the driving school car for the test
  • The time spent by the driving instructor taking the test

price comparison of the federal states and the difference between country and city

The fees at the offices are the same for all novice drivers. But the prices of the driving schools vary greatly. You often pay more for your driving license in the city than in the country.

In the different federal states the cost of driver’s licenses varies. On average, the driving license for the car (class B) in bavaria and baden-wurttemberg costs about 2.000 € the most expensive. In Brandenburg, Berlin and Saxony-Anhalt, the average cost of a driver’s license is 1.300 € the cheapest. But you can always keep your driving license only at your place of residence make. To take the driver’s license in another state is usually not allowed. So you can not save money. therefore, compare the prices and the quality of the local driving schools.

Costs for the driving license: the different driving license classes

In addition to the class B driver’s license (passenger car driver’s license), there are other classes of driver’s licenses. An overview of the driving license classes can be found in the guide "driving license classes". The costs for the different driving license classes are different.

you can get a driving license for cars at the age of 17. From the age of 17. birthday and if you pass the test, you will then drive with an accompanying person. For the accompanied driving at the age of 17, similar prices apply as for the normal driving license of class B for novice drivers from 18 years of age. Additional costs for the examination of the accompanying persons and the issuance of the pink test certificate.

mobile on two wheels: the cost of a driver’s license for mopeds and scooters

If you are 16 years old driving license for mopeds up to 25 km/h costs approx. 150 €. Some hours of practical training are necessary. For this license, however, no practical test is necessary.

To be allowed to drive a moped, you need the driving license class AM. A driving license for a motorcycle (up to 50 ccm and max. 45 km/h maximum speed) costs about 500 to 900 €. A practical test is compulsory for these licenses.

Pure driving pleasure: the cost of a motorcycle license

The Class A driving licenses (A, A1 and A2) are offered in different models. You need it z. B., to drive a motorcycle. If you make the direct entry into class A with a minimum age of 24 years, all A classes are included in this. This license will cost you about 1.300 €.

If you are 16 years old and have already passed the AM or A1 license (motorcycles up to 125 cc and not more than 11 kW), the price is reduced by about half. At advancement to higher driving license classes often a new practical examination or further practice hours are necessary. information is available from your local driving school.

The cost of a truck driver’s license

A truck driving license is i. D. R. More expensive than the class A and B driver’s licenses and costs from 2.500 € upwards. The costs depend on the desired C class. Under C classes are all driving licenses for commercial vehicles in summary. Depending on the supplement such as C1 or C1E, they are valid for differently heavy motor vehicles with or without trailer. In addition, there are further costs for special examinations. An extended vision test, a medical fitness test and a more detailed first-aid course must be proven. These certificates cost i. D. R. More than for a car driver’s license.

The cost of a truck driver's license

The number of driving hours of the learner driver influences the total price for all driving license classes. Truck driving lessons are more expensive than car driving lessons. Depending on how many driving hours you need, the final price for your license will increase.

The driver’s license: an expensive pleasure?

The driver’s license costs a lot of money, which is often paid for by the parents of young novice drivers. never miss out on good training. Driving students who need a good driving school training had, feel safer in road traffic later on. However, the training does not have to become a cost trap. A example calculation shows the prices for the passenger car driver’s license.

Costs for the driver’s license
eye test 6,43 €
driver’s license, driving permit and application 38,30 €
fee theoretical test TuV / DEKRA 22,49 €
Fee practical examination TuV / DEKRA 91,75 €
first aid course and biometric passport photos ca. 50 €
cost of the driving school
basic fee ca. 250 €
teaching material approx. 100 €
special rides of 45 min each (12 compulsory hours) about. 400 €
practice driving lesson à 45 min (min. 20 hours) approx. 700 €
presentation for the theory test about. 75 €
introduction to the practical test ca. 150 €
approximate total cost
1.883,97 €

Tips to save money on the driving license

The example calculation shows the approximate costs for the driver’s license without repeating the driving test. The costs depend on other factors:

  • State
  • Residence city or rural area
  • Required practice driving hours

There are fees per test each time you pass. Who therefore pass the test the first time, pays these fees only once. practice hard to pass your test on the first try and save money.

Also COMBINED OFFERS the driving school is worthwhile. If you combine your driving license with a class A license, you will save money on the basic fee and theory lessons.

Comparing prices is always worthwhile. Some driving schools offer a carefree package to. Here, the eye test, first-aid course and passport photos are all taken on the spot at the same time. This way you save time and money.

compare costs is worthwhile

Also, pay attention to the cost breakdown of the driving schools and read the small print. It is better to high basic fee to pay than one high price for driving lessons. Driving lessons can become a cost trap, the basic fee is due only once. It should not be higher than 10 times the amount of a practice hour. The cost of a driving lesson varies from driving school to driving school. Some schools charge more for a special driving lesson than for a normal practice lesson. If you fail the practical test, you may need to take additional lessons. There are driving schools that charge more money for the post driving lessons.

So: let the driving instructor explain the car and its functions to you in detail. Be attentive in traffic and ask many questions. Practice the rules of the road regularly, even as a passenger with friends and relatives. the fewer driving hours you need, the cheaper the total cost of your driver’s license will be.

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