Dubrovnik: 7 sights and tips – from old town to smoothie

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Dubrovnik: 7 sights and tips – from Old Town to Smoothie

If you fancy a trip to Croatia and not only the beach but also the cities fez, then you have certainly Dubrovnik in view. Not only since Game of Thrones is the old town of the 40,000 inhabitants place a must on the list of every Croatia traveler. Today I’ll tell you seven Dubrovnik attractions and tips to help you make the most of your vacation in the city.

Already at the landing I was baffled. Because the location of the airport is impressive. On the left, just a few hundred meters away, the lush green mountains, to the right you can see the bright blue sea. What a panorama! On the way to the city then the next wow effect: When you look at the beautiful coast you want to pull the camera.

Dubrovnik sights are just for early risers

Dubrovnik has a good 40,000 inhabitants, but as the taxi driver tells me, on summer weekends up to 5,000 visitors come to the city. By plane or car, in large part but also with cruise ships. Travelers of the last category can be recognized immediately: always led by a license plate bearing guide. In droves, these groups are spat out by the big ships and passed through the nicely made old town. Fighting past the crowds can be exhausting.

That’s why the first tip for Dubrovnik is: get up early! If you want to enjoy the idyllic old town, then you should already be there at 7 o’clock. That does not sound like a holiday, but believe me, it’s worth it.

At this time, the restaurants are supplied, the cats are still sleeping in the small streets and there is still a certain peace over the old walls. A good hour later, the first groups of tourists flood the pavement.

Once around the dreamy old town walk

The sightseeing classic is undoubtedly the City wall of Dubrovnik. This is still intact, once around the entire old town and can be completely committed. While you walk for about an hour along the narrow corridor on the wall, you have always a magnificent view of the sea and the old town itself. The many orange roofs and small streets seem like from times past. Really nice. But even for this Dubrovnik sight: the early bird makes everything right. Because already at 10 o’clock this part of the city is overrun by people.

Dubrovnik Tip Number 2: Visit the city wall at 8:00 am and check the arrival times of the cruise ships before you know what to expect.

Opening hours:
Summer: 8 am – at least 5.30 pm
Winter: 9am – 3pm
Admission: about 20 euros

Oppressive, but worth seeing

Who composes his program for the city, will be surprised how many attractions Dubrovnik has on offer. Several museums are waiting for you. If you do not have an entire week right now, you will probably have to make a selection. This is not so easy. I myself have the gallery “War Photo Limited” made and I am completely thrilled. As far as this positive expression can even apply to a wartime photo exhibition. At the beginning you get a comprehensive info booklet with descriptions for each photo and that is even available in German. The exhibited works are photographically extremely well made, but especially in terms of content enormously rousing. This is certainly nothing that fits the generally desired “super-duper” mood on vacation, but you should not miss this exhibition. Permanently some pictures are shown to the Croatia war. There are also temporary exhibitions of wars in other countries. Depressing to see these photos, but also important, I think. The “super-duper” mood can be repeated with a coffee and cake on one of the sun terraces.

Dubrovnik Tip number 3: Be sure to visit the War Photo Limited exhibition.

Opening hours:
May to September 10am to 10pm
Admission: 50 HRK

Crowds worthwhile?

Another classic must-do is Dubrovnik’s cable car. Unfortunately, with the same effect as in the old town: it is incredibly crowded. Who has first arrived at the queue and has also caught a sunny day, who will quickly ask yourself, if you prefer not to return the 19 Euro ticket. In addition, there are always cruise tourists groups who are guided by their guide past the waiting. Incomprehensible. Everything is frying in the sun and then just groups of people are passing by. With just two gondolas that’s really bitter.

After all, the gondolas are not stuffed and so everyone has the chance to have a good look. The gondola ride as such is nice, but for the one who has ever done that, certainly not the highlight. Rather, it is about the view you have from above: fantastic. Behind you the mountains, Dubrovnik with its old town at your feet and behind it the sea. Postcards Panorama at it’s best.
If you want to enjoy the view at an ice cream parlor in peace and are willing to pay the tourist prices, the Panorama Café offers this opportunity. With a little luck, you’ll be there in time to get a table right on the hillside. The view then justifies the prices somehow. 50 kuna for a decent iced coffee. In addition perfectly trained waiters, that has style. The term “La Dolce Vita” could also come from here.

Dubrovnik Tip number 4: If you take the cable car, take enough money to enjoy an iced coffee in the Panorama Café and enjoy the view in peace. So the trip to this Dubrovnik sight is a real highlight.

Cable car
Opening hours:
Depending on the season from 9 – 16 or even 24 o’clock
Price for a round ticket: 130 HRK

Panorama Café
Hours: like the cable car

Just like the locals

Fancy a coffee, smoothie or cocktail? Then the Art Café is a saucool address. You sit in old bathtubs or on barstools; both as colorful as the tables, which were made from old laundry drums. Its location outside the old town makes this place a laid back place to be. A few tourists get lost here, but no groups. A nice spot, with cool music and a young audience. Just the thing after a busy program full of Dubrovnik sights. .

Dubrovnik Tip number 5: Do it like the locals and hang out a bit in the Art Café.

Hidden oasis

You are looking for a cafe with sea view and in the old town? Then the Café Bar Buzu is the right thing. Below the old city wall, it is so hidden that it could almost be an insider tip. Just walk in the old town to the Onifrija fountain, then right over the square, through the streets to the large staircase. It goes up. Turn left, go straight to the first corner, then turn right and then there is already a sign promising “cold drinks”. Then it goes through a door, down the stairs and you have arrived at the cafe overlooking the sea.

Dubrovnik Tip number 6: Take the time to go exploring in the small streets, maybe you will find such treasures as the Café Bar Bazu.

Always with Tranquillity

Last but not least, there is one more thing to say to me: do not plan too much. If you pack your days with too many Dubrovnik sights, but it is very warm or you have to go through the old town again and again, your mood will certainly clouded and the really pretty place does not do justice. That would be a shame. Because Dubrovnik consists not only of tourist crowds and the old town, but also forests and quiet beaches belong to the city by the sea.

So my last Dubrovnik tip is: Travel slow!

Tips for travel booking: *

getting there:

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In Dubrovnik you can do really cool tours. For example, a Game of Thrones Tour (20 euros) or a short trip to Montenegro (from 52 €).

travel Guide:

If you want to see more, so only Zagreb, I can recommend you the Lonely Planet travel guide Croatia and also the MARCO POLO travel guide Croatian coast * is really good.


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