Dunlop sp sport maxx 205/40 zr17 84w xl

summer tires

Dunlop SP sport maxx 205/40ZR17

205/40 ZR17 84W XL

Dunlop SP sport maxx 205/40 ZR17 84W XL

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The dunlop SP sport maxx is a race proven tire with optimized grip for high performance sports cars.

UHP tires for sporty drivers of luxury cars.

Main advantages:

  • Excellent performance on wet + dry roads
  • Superior braking and acceleration performance
  • High resistance to aquaplaning
  • Stability and comfort

Special system for improved fit on the rim. Optimizes the bond between tire and rim for more precise ride control. This special system improves the fit on the rim, which is as important for control and road feedback as safe handling of the steering wheel..Benefits improved road feedback, greater stability and precision

Jointless belt (JLB). A hybrid overlay technology that minimizes tire deformation at high speeds.Advantages superior stability at high speeds, smooth running and even wear.

Maximum flange shield (MFS). A protection system for the rim flange. With MFS, a rubber tread pattern runs around the tire and extends deep to the sidewall above the rim flange. This creates a protective buffer zone.* advantages protects expensive alloy wheels against scuffing.* only available in selected sizes

Multi-radius tread (MRT). The MRT design works with ten different radii and therefore offers improved precision. This results in effective pressure distribution over the entire contact patch of the tire. The effect is a smoother transition from straight to cornering and more precise, progressive responses.Benefits significantly improved control as more tread rubber interlocks with the road surface. MRT also offers exceptional dry AND wet handling and more control when cornering.

Dual silica tread compound. this mix improves acceleration performance and ensures low wear and fewer cracks.Advantages superior braking and acceleration performance, excellent handling in summer and autumn conditions, high grip, wear resistance.

Maximum grip and handling for maximum driving pleasure. For high-performance sports cars.

  • Exceptional handling in dry and wet road conditions
  • Superior braking and acceleration performance
  • High resistance to aquaplaning
  • Stability and comfort

The dunlop SP sport maxx is a race-proven tire with optimized grip for high-performance sports cars.

EU tire label/ efficiency classes

The european union has issued a regulation (no. 1222/2009), the EU tire label is mandatory and identical for all EU member states. It is valid for passenger car tires, light commercial vehicle tires as well as heavy commercial vehicle tires, which were manufactured after 01.07.produced in 2012.

Three different areas are tested: rolling resistance, wet grip and the rolling noise the tire makes on the road.

The EU tire label does not apply to: retreaded tires, professional off-road tires, racing tires, tires with traction enhancement devices such as. B. Studded tires, T-type emergency tires, special tires for mounting on vehicles first registered before 1. October 1990, tires with maximum permissible speed of 80 km/h, tires for rims with a nominal diameter of 254 mm or less or 635 mm or more.

With this regulation, the european union is pursuing the goal of promoting economic and ecological efficiency in road traffic and increasing safety on the roads, while at the same time providing consumers with greater product transparency and serving as an active decision-making aid.

Even at the familiarization stage, experts criticize that the EU tire label unfortunately only depicts a few product characteristics. In addition to rolling resistance, wet grip and rolling noise, which are the focus of EU tire labeling, tires have much more important and safety-relevant product characteristics, such as. B. Aquaplaning properties, driving stability, service life, braking properties on dry and wet roads, behavior in winter conditions, etc.

Tire manufacturers point out that test results from various institutions and trade journals remain an important information medium for end consumers. In addition to the EU standard qualifications for tire labeling, these tests generally focus on other safety-relevant product properties that are always important for the end customer.

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