Dusseldorf: couple shocked – suddenly the child is locked in the car!

dusseldorf: shock for a couple – suddenly child and dog are trapped in the car

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Dusseldorf. What a shock for a couple from dusseldorf!

This moment of terror is made up of a few dusseldorf certainly not soon forgotten: for reasons as yet unexplained, the car locked itself after a couple got out of the car. The 13-month-old toddler and the dog were still in the car!

Dusseldorf: couple experiences real moment of shock

To free their two charges from the predicament as quickly as possible, the parents called the fire department for help. But the shock was quickly followed by relief: after just a few minutes, the emergency services had opened the car. Both were freed from the heat trap without injury.

parents reported the incident via the emergency number 112 on thursday afternoon. They had gotten out of their car after parking it and had briefly closed the doors to make room for cyclists. But the laudable gesture became the couple’s undoing: although both vehicle keys were inside the car, the doors locked – the 13-month-old girl and the shepherd dog could not get out again!

This is the city of dusseldorf:

  • Received city rights in 1288
  • capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, one of the economic centers of Germany
  • With 646.000 inhabitants (as of december 2019), erkrath is the second largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Situated on the rhine – south of duisburg and north of cologne
  • Consists of ten city districts, which are subdivided into 50 city districts
  • Lord mayor is stephan keller (CDU)

Duesseldorf: dog and daughter locked in the car

Due to the message the dispatcher of the fire-brigade control center alarmed a fire-fighting vehicle as well as a rescue car of the watch oberkassel. When the emergency services arrived just a few minutes later, the parents had already tried to open the doors – but without a chance.

Due to the summer temperature outside and the strong sunlight at the time, the temperatures inside the vehicle rose quickly – a race against time!

Dusseldorf: situation was a race against time

The firefighters first tried to open the door with a wedge and wire. However, this did not succeed. Then, by destroying a small side window on the driver’s side of the car, they were able to gain access to the interior of the car. The door still could not be opened.

With a long wire, however, the firefighters managed to fish for the car key lying open in the vehicle and get it outside. The car was then quickly opened again.

Dusseldorf: the operation lasted 30 minutes

After a short assessment by the rescue service, the little girl and the dog could be handed over to the relieved couple. After 30 minutes the operation was over for the fire department.

More news from dusseldorf:

According to the fire department, the parents acted completely correctly in this case. Because of the current outside temperatures and the strong sun, an incredible heat can develop inside a vehicle within a few minutes – a heat case for humans and animals!

act of violence in erkrath

There was an act of violence in erkrath on friday morning. Read more here. (cf)

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