Dwarf box: name it

Cheerful children’s fashion from Scandinavia at fair prices.
Name it has written this resolution on the flag.

One of my favorite companies, by the way
(yes I know, my list is long * laugh * just a real fashion victim),
and that’s why it’s a particular pleasure for me to present this brand to you today.

I am also pleased that today we are introducing clothing that people with a little less money in their pockets can afford relatively well, because I think the prices are really okay. Not super cheap but definitely not hopelessly high.

The brand can be found in many online shops – including e.g. at nelly.com or zalando.de or directly through the official sales site bestseller shop, where mommy and daddy also meet Jack & Jones, Vero Moda, Vila and Only can dress.
Conveniently, all 5 shops also use the same checkout.
I would say carefree all round.

The shipping costs for Germany 5.95 euros per order and takes place with the German post.
You can order (as almost always and everywhere) with a credit card or on account.

That to the basic data and now we come to our actual topic. NAME IT ;-)

The brand currently serves the market for children from 0-10 years.

The range starts with the NEWBORN series for the smallest dwarf noses of 0-6 months. Cute, soft and baby-friendly, you will find everything you need for your new roommate, from wrap bodies to cute hats to overalls and jackets.

It continues with the MINIS, which means children between 6 months and 3 years. Cleverly designed and thought through: with pants that leave enough space for a diaper and blouses / T-shirts that can be opened with buttons on the shoulders so that they fit comfortably over the head and it does not cause even more stress when putting on and taking off there than already at that age. ;-)

And for them "huge" Children from 4-10 years will you can find it in the KIDS section of the website. The cool styles dominate here. Name it specializes in jeans. From baggy style to slim fit, everything can be found that makes the hearts of fashion-conscious children beat faster.

I have not yet ordered via the direct website.
I buy our name it things mostly in a children’s shop here or on trips to Denmark / Sweden (what we offer, to Copenhagen it takes around 3 hours by ferry and car and will definitely be tackled again in summer) , So far, Zwergi had a cap, shoes, rubber boots, various long-sleeved shirts and T-shirts, several jeans, pajamas and snowsuits (overalls).
For the next autumn there is also a lined rain-mud suit that is super warm and especially reinforced on the knees and buttocks. They were on sale here in January and I’m already looking forward to them * up and down *

In terms of quality, I’ve always been completely satisfied. Things don’t warp and keep their color. All of the shirts and pants survived the child unscathed.

Unfortunately, this year’s snow overall was already torn in December, but my grandma and her handicrafts were able to save her through the rest of winter. In defense of name it, however, I have to say that I had already received it and have no idea how much "antecedents" the suit already had – in any case, the snow overalls (typical of Scandinavia) are super nice and warm and comfortable. The basic models cost around 40 euros, the more elaborate models around 80 euros new. The suits are definitely great and I will next winter for the KITA next to our (already purchased) Columbia suit, definitely buy one from name it again.

So much for now.
Greetings from Rostock, have fun shopping and have a great day


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