E-car sharing electromobility for neighborhoods and companies

A big shopping trip, a quick trip to your friends’ house or just a joyride through dusseldorf – without your own car. Did you know that the majority of households in dusseldorf have two cars – and that it is more economical to get rid of one of them?.

E-car sharing makes it possible and helps to achieve the city’s climate target by 2035. And gives the occupants of your property or your colleagues a bit more flexibility.

Who is our car-sharing offer aimed at??

You are looking for a coherent mobility concept for your new development of a neighborhood? Then talk to us!

Our e-car sharing offer is aimed at:

  • Housing industry
  • Communities
  • hotel businesses
  • Large& medium-sized companies

E-car sharing electromobility for neighborhoods and companies

E-car sharing: how it works

  • We realize your e-car sharing solution with our cooperation partner – from planning to the first ride.
  • Your users book the desired e-vehicle conveniently via a smartphone app.
  • The vehicle is opened with the user card at the station and the journey begins.
  • At the end of the trip, the e-car is dropped off at the station and is ready to be recharged for the next user.
  • Revenue generation can be set up individually according to the wishes of the station operator

E-car sharing electromobility for neighborhoods and companies

E-car renting: these advantages are convincing

  • Ecological drive: the electric cars are powered by certified green electricity from the municipal utility, which is generated entirely by renewable energies.
  • CO2-neutral drive: electric vehicles emit no exhaust gases and thus ensure a climate-neutral form of transportation.
  • Flexible booking: residents can easily book cars online.
  • Low noise emissions: the noise level of the bikes is particularly low.
  • Cost-effective: users stay mobile in dusseldorf without the fixed expenses of owning a vehicle (insurance, taxes, maintenance…).
  • Stellar replacement: offer your residents innovative mobility concepts and reduce possible parking space replacement costs

The all-round package in electromobility

An e-charging station

stadtwerke dusseldorf realizes its sharing offer together with our partner. The right charging infrastructure for electric cars, fuel-efficient e-vehicles, and appropriate branding are all part of the package, as is the technical implementation.

  • Provision of e-charging stations
  • Branding
  • Cleaning the vehicles
  • Technical maintenance

What electric cars are available?

An e-Smart and an e-Golf are charged at a charging station

Whether e-smart for city driving, more storage space in the e-golf or more spacious models: e-car sharing includes all electric vehicles currently on the market. Talk to us if you want special vehicles. We customize the sharing model to your residential neighborhood or company.

WOGEDO dusseldorf relies on e-car sharing model

An electric car from Stadtwerke Dusseldorf

the dusseldorf-ost housing cooperative (WOGEDO) has already implemented a sharing service in cooperation with the dusseldorf municipal utility company that allows residents to borrow an e-car. At location posener strabe / allensteiner strabe in lierenfeld is a "supplier" in november 2020 car sharing offer with two electric cars have been created. It offers residents new mobility, because the vehicles can be used conveniently and flexibly by everyone.

In the afternoons and throughout the weekends, the electric vehicles have been available to all residents in the area. For example, shopping, transportation, and of course visits to family and friends can be made more convenient.

Please note that due to the current situation, the vehicles are not available at the moment.

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