Easter gifts for children – easter 2019

Easter is coming. Our children in particular are eagerly awaiting the Easter bunny and the Easter egg hunt. But what do you give them at Easter? You can find the answers here.

Children with Easter baskets

Easter gifts for children: traditional Easter gifts

The Easter bunny brings the Easter eggs and mostly toys as Easter gifts for children. Do you sometimes wonder what children were given at Easter? Traditional Easter gifts for children clearly include Easter eggs.

Also Pastries and chocolate were given away earlier on Easter. Especially in less lush times when food was scarce, the children enjoyed a delicious yeast braid or other delicacies from the bakery.

Easter cake was also a popular Easter pastry and quickly prepared in the oven. If you wanted to make children’s eyes shine, you gave a richly filled Easter basket. The Easter basket filled with hay or straw and put the self-colored eggs in it. Or you could hide the Easter eggs and let the children search for them. The tradition of searching for Easter eggs in Germany goes back to the 16th century.

The Bunny School: The large anthology

Children like books. And when they explain the world and events to them in such a wonderful way as "The Bunny School" by Albert Sixtus, they love them all the more. The popular classic picture book has delighted young and old for over 90 years. Beautiful, nostalgic pictures adorn the rhymed bunny school story and make it a perfect gift for Easter.

For little researchers: the first microscope

Such a microscope is a great gift. Especially now when nature awakes at Easter and the beetles crawl again, the flowers bloom and the innumerable things that can be examined come to light again. Do you know such a little researcher that the children’s microscope could make happy? Well, then quickly into the Easter basket with it!

Ravensburger tiptoi Easter starter set

How does the rabbit do? And how about the rooster and the lamb? For animals and their voices are small children always to inspire. With the tiptoi® pen is brought to life at Easter and the central Easter animals rabbit, rooster and lamb are given a voice. Awesome for small animal lovers.

Pololo unisex kids Juan Derby

The first steps are a Moving moment. We recommend the perfect shoe for first adventures and discoveries, e.g. at Easter, when the little ones want to find their Easter baskets.

The ZEIT edition "Fairy tale classic for little listeners"

Fairy tales have always been pure fascination for children. With this fairy tale set from the ZEIT edition, you can now not only listen to classic fairy tales such as "The Little Mermaid", but also color in your favorite characters in the coloring book.

Playmobil – Easter calendar

With this practical calendar you can playfully ring in Easter and celebrate wonderfully. There is a different Playmobil element behind every door and in the end your little sparrow has a really great game world in which the Easter bunny and his family feel very comfortable and want to play.

Egg cup set "egg barrier"

The egg cup barrier makes the morning Easter breakfast a real experience. The wooden module can be expanded with wooden rails and railroads from well-known brands to create a route network that runs across the breakfast table. Please get in!

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What do you give to children today?

What can you give your children as an Easter present these days? One thing is certain: Filled Easter baskets make children as happy now as they were in the old days. The Easter baskets themselves have not changed much. Only the material is different. Today’s Easter baskets are often made of cardboard and filled with artificial moss instead of real moss.

But there is another difference to the earlier baskets: Today you can usually find a smiling chocolate bunny between the Easter eggs. It is particularly popular with children. Fluffy chicks or little lambs like to join eggs and co. Today you can easily make them yourself. You can find instructions for making Easter gifts here.

Not to forget: Toy. This is often given away on all public holidays. With Soft bunnies, games and books on Easter there is nothing wrong with giving away.

Parents should think carefully about whether there should be any gifts at Easter and how big they should be. With a homemade Easter card and a lovely greeting, every Easter gift is guaranteed to be a hit.


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