Easter in kindergarten: useful information and tips about easter

  • The original meaning of Easter fades into the background every year.
  • If you celebrate Easter in kindergarten, tinkering in small groups is a good idea.
  • Easter stories are a great way to get involved in order to convey some knowledge.

Easter is one of the most important festivals for children every year. You can give Easter stories for the best, tinker together and search for Easter eggs.

In our guide you will find some Easter ideas that you can use shorten the waiting time for the Easter bunny can.

1. Easter is handicraft

Kindergarten children can show their creativity when painting Easter eggs.

Easter offers you the perfect opportunity to try out different craft ideas in kindergarten. You can the make your own Easter decorations or the Parents with surprise different Easter gifts.

For example, you can make Easter eggs:
Eggs can be made from a wide variety of materials. For children, cardboard and wool are the best options for Easter crafts.

In the Pappvariante The children first draw several eggs of the same size on a sheet of paper and then cut them out. Next, the eggs are folded in the middle and placed in half. Now all you need is a little glue and a thread to hang in the middle and the Easter egg you have made is ready to hang.

Would you like with wool work, you need some glue and a few small balloons. Inflate the balloons, knot them and paste the balloons all around. Now it is up to the children to pull different colored threads around the balloon wrap.
When this is done, you have to be patient. The next day the paste has dried and you can burst the balloon. Quickly remove the small remnants of the balloon and the individual Easter egg is ready.

The following further ideas are ideal for Easter crafts:

  • Make snowdrops and chicks
  • Make window pictures
  • to make an Easter nest or Easter baskets

2. Easter stories in kindergarten

Easter in numbers:

Did you know that 78% of Germans celebrate Easter, but only 18% of the population attends the church?
You can find more interesting figures about Easter here.

The feast of Jesus’ resurrection is not only suitable for a children’s service, but also for a playful way of dealing with Easter. For most people, however, the church connection is only a subordinate aspect.

The Easter bunny and egg coloring are more important. The festival in the spring of the year has become a second Christmas for many families, where they meet and give presents.

When you celebrate Easter in kindergarten, you not only provide the right decoration, but also integrate some picture stories or sound stories, where the little ones can actively participate.

There are many beautiful stories about Easter.

Various funny and thoughtful Easter stories for kindergarten can be found here.
Alternatively, offer yourself Sing-along songs on. The following Easter songs are ideal for kindergarten:

  • Little bunny wanted to go for a walk
  • Oh oh Easter bunny
  • Stups, the little Easter bunny
  • The song of the two rabbits
  • Bunny hoppel hoppel

3. Easter games to participate in

The children can not only move around collecting Easter eggs.

What would kindergarten be without games? Running around, moving around and having fun – all that is what inspires children.
Let your imagination run wild and change popular circle games, movement games or finger games to convert them to Easter.

Below we have put some ideas together to offer you a suggestion for your own Easter design in kindergarten:

  • Egg and spoon race: In this skill game, two children compete against each other. The goal is to balance an egg over a short distance on a spoon.
    The bigger the children are, the more difficult it is to design the course to challenge the children’s skills.
  • Bocce with colored, hard-boiled eggs: Sensitivity and precision are required here. Who can roll their previously painted egg as close as possible to the target??
  • Hasenjagd: Identify one or two catchers (the hunters) that all other children (the rabbits) must throw off with a softball.
    The last hare becomes the game’s new hunter.


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