Easter story: moritz and the easter bunny

fields, they run across the meadows, slip through hedges and drive along hidden paths through the streets of towns and villages. Now they come to his street! Moritz hears them whispering and whispering and looking for hiding places. A rabbit runs towards his house .

But then the beautiful dream is suddenly over. Just because of Jessica. It calls out: “Moritz, wake up! To look for Easter eggs!"

Moritz sleepily rubs his eyes. He looks at the Easter basket that the big sister is holding in front of him. Suddenly he is wide awake.

"Wait! I want to search too! ”, He calls and jumps out of bed. When he slips on his slipper, he smashes a chocolate egg.

"Crap!" Moritz murmurs and picks up the crumbs. There is a nest under his bed. Moritz is angry. The Easter bunny was close enough to touch and slept through it again! Moritz finds another nest in the bathtub and Jessica one in the hall closet. Then the two run into the living room. Papa is just laying the breakfast table there.

"Did you see the easter bunny?", calls Moritz.

Dad shakes his head.

"But I!", says Jessica. "Look under the sofa."

Moritz lies on his stomach. Indeed: there is a basket with a small, golden rabbit in it! Moritz extends his arm and fishes the nest.

Moritz and Jessica find five Easter nests in the living room.

"We should also look in the kitchen", says Jessica. Mama is preparing cocoa and coffee there. It smells of freshly baked rolls.

"Did you see the easter bunny?", calls Moritz.

Mom shakes her head.

"I wasn"t paying attention either," she says.

"But I!", Jessica calls and runs to the bread cupboard. Green Easter grass hangs from the crack of the door. There’s a nest in the closet.

Moritz finds a chocolate bunny in the dishwasher.

"Such a careless Easter bunny! If we had turned on the machine, what would it be??", says mom.

"Then we would have chocolate sauce now," says Jessica.

"Children, I want to have breakfast now!", dad pushes a little impatiently.

"Equal! We just have to look quickly in the garden!", says Moritz.

The garden is not very big. Twelve steps, then you’re at the front of the fence the street. There is also a fence on the right and left. But nevertheless the Easter bunny managed to slip into the garden and hide a nest under the fir. Moritz discovered it first. And Jessica finds a yellow egg between the daffodils.

Klaus is on the right of the fence. He is already in third grade. He watches the two of them a little jealously while searching for Easter eggs.

"Was the Easter bunny with you too?", Moritz inquires.

"What a crap. There is no Easter bunny!", Klaus grumbles and shoves his hands in his pockets. Moritz goes back a little disappointed.

"See what we found!", Jessica calls and proudly carries the tray in front of her, on which are all the eggs and nests that she and Moritz have discovered.

"Man, the Easter Bunny was busy this year", amazed dad.

"Klaus said that there is no Easter bunny at all", Moritz mumbles darkly.

"If he hides something, then he does exist, right??", says dad.

"There he runs!", Mama calls and points through the window into the garden. Moritz runs there. But of course the rabbit has long since disappeared.

"Well, rabbits are nimble," says Papa. "And especially Easter Bunnies."

"Maybe I was wrong too," says Mama, pouring the coffee.

"Where’s my Mäxchen actually?" Moritz suddenly asked and was very excited. "Mäxchen is gone!"

"You can find your little girl later, ”says Papa. "Now it’s breakfast. My stomach has been growling for an hour! ”

"Maybe your little girl will visit the Easter bunny," says Jessica, biting into her bun. "After all, he’s a hare, isn’t he?"

"Maybe Mäxchen is an Easter bunny," Moritz replies a little defiantly. "And now he’s hiding himself and I have to find him!"

"Are you coming to the garden with me?" Jessica says after breakfast.

“I have to find Mäxchen first,” answers Moritz. But his rabbit is nowhere to be found. Maybe he’s really with the Easter Bunny?

"Have a look in your room," says Mama. "Maybe you forgot him there."

Moritz runs into his room. Indeed. There lies Mäxchen. On the floor in front of his bed. Half hidden under the blanket. You can only see his ears and the tip of the rabbit’s nose.

"Looks like he’s sleeping", says mom. "What is he so tired of?"

"Maybe he ran around all night", says Moritz.

Now Jessica comes running. “Imagine Klaus also found an Easter nest in his garden. He is completely confused because he believes that there is no Easter bunny."

"I know what happened", Moritz says and smiles slyly: "The nest must have hidden little girls! Just when he was gone! ”

"It could be," says Mama. "Easter is full of secrets."

And then everyone tiptoes out of the nursery, so that Mäxchen, the tired Easter bunny, can sleep undisturbed.

➤ taken from: Do you have some time for me? Stories and poems to laugh and dream, Coppenrath Verlag


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