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BabyPlaces introduces: real child – pollutant-free & ecological toy

“Real” means for real child with all senses tangible, original and natural, harmless and valuable, simple, child-friendly and immediately inspiring. For a “real” child-being and beautiful experiences in childhood.

Babies and toddlers love their toys and explore it with all the senses at their disposal: they nibble and gawk at it, cuddle up with their favorite animals and dolls, lie in bed very close to them at night and the nuckeltüchlein or -püppchen is heavily beschmust for years.
With the years and ever more modern products, the subject of pollutants in children’s toys has been increasingly discussed and criticized by renowned, independent bodies and the media. And this is exactly where Echtkind starts …

The story of Echtkind began with the little son of founder Christina Spötzl. From the family and her he got some very beautiful and high-quality toys inherited from his own childhood and still plays with it unlikely like – only wood animals and wooden cars are called: “Wood is great anyway, because you can also repair or glue, if times what breaks. I was kind of tired of just throwing everything away. “Since then, she’s been trying to find just as good, stable and pollutant-free toys for him (and maybe even his kids), which was pretty difficult. Many manufacturers of good toys are simply not familiar enough, and even the big ones usually have only a limited range of certified, organic products. “During the search, however, I came across many great, small manufacturers: Committed people and family businesses who absolutely convince with their wonderfully fresh designs and motivated demands for ecological and sustainable toys. Suddenly, I just felt like sharing that knowledge with others, “Christina says. This is how the idea for real children came into being: good, pollution-free and ecological toys, which are very transparent to the customer thanks to seals and as clear information as possible.

Echtkind paid attention to a number of criteria in the selection. First of all, the focus is on toys made of natural materials such as wood, certified organic fibers such as cotton and wool, as well as rare toys such as baby grabbers and balls made of vegetable-tanned, undyed leather. Furthermore, renowned toy seals such as “spiel gut” or “Ökotest” as “very good” tested toys were included. Echtkind puts the focus on products that were produced under special social criteria and in Germany.
In order to show the customer the most important characteristics of an article as quickly and transparently as possible, all toys were provided with real child seals. These indicate, among other things, whether a product was manufactured in Germany and produced socially. On the homepage all seals and certifications on a subpage are explained again, so parents know what kind of product they are buying. In addition to baby clothes and toys, you will also find furniture and accessories for the children‘s room as well as musical instruments in the shop. Have fun shopping!

By the way, Echtkind is also on Facebook!

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