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Dirty plates, glasses and cutlery despite washing in the dishwasher? This can be due to some common mistakes.

Kassel – life with a dishwasher could be so easy. Put dirty dishes away, wait, and then put sparkling clean plates and glasses back on the shelves. But unfortunately, it’s often not as simple as it seems.

Because sometimes glasses, cutlery and plates do not get properly clean in the dishwasher. Instead, food residues still stick to them, and sometimes the dishes are even dirtier after the wash cycle than before. But why is this so and what tricks can be used to prevent it??

Dishwasher does not clean dishes properly: overloading a frequent problem

There are different reasons why the dishwasher doesn’t do its job as it should. Common mistakes are often behind it. One of them is the overloading of the machine. If plates and glasses are piled up too much, the cleaning water jet can’t reach all of them. Consumers* should therefore make sure that dishes do not overlap. In addition, the spray arm should not be blocked by high plates and glasses.

If there is no more room* for the glasses at the top of the dishwasher, there is a trick that makes it easy to put them away anyway. Because many models can be adjusted- often with only a simple handle.

Dishwasher tricks: why do plates and glasses stay dirty??

Sometimes the dishwasher simply lacks the important tools to make the dishes sparkle. As the body care and detergent industry association points out in a press release, the machine needs three components to do this:

  • Cleaner: cleans the dishes
  • Rinse aid: removes limescale
  • Dishwasher salt: softens the water and protects against limescale deposits

Dishwasher does not clean plates and glasses properly? Selecting the right rinse cycle

Dishwasher manufacturers agree on one tip. The type of rinse cycle is the be-all and end-all. The economical eco wash cycle, for example, is not suitable for every type of soiling. In the case of heavy soiling, for example with spinach or cabbage, miele recommends using a pre-rinse cycle so that the food residues do not spread to other dishes.

Siemens advises setting the temperature as high as possible for heavily burned-in food residues. According to the manufacturer, it can also help to use powder instead of dishwasher tabs. The saved dishwasher tabs can then be used, for example, to clean the kitchen.

Bad odor from the dishwasher: a simple trick can help

If the dishwasher itself is dirty, plates and cutlery won’t be properly cleaned either. Therefore, it should be properly rinsed at least once a month at 60 degrees celsius. It is essential to remove food residues from the collection sieve, otherwise they will cause a stench in the kitchen.

if it seems to be clean, but there is still a bad smell coming out of the dishwasher, there is a trick for that, too.* instead of resorting to expensive cleaners, consumers can try some simple home remedies. Vinegar, baking soda and lemon peel can be used to get rid of the smell.

dishwasher: cutlery has rust stains – what you can do

If your cutlery has brown spots after being washed, this may not be food residue, but rust. According to stiftung warentest*, this may be due to rusted dishwasher parts. If, for example, a screw or a damaged harness basket rusts, this rust spreads throughout the machine during the rinsing process.

Interesting and helpful consumer news can also be found in our weekly HNA consumer newsletter.*

If this is the case, the rusted area should be identified immediately and the problem corrected. Minor rust stains can be removed from cutlery using stainless steel cleaners. If the stains cannot be removed, it can be corrosion. This is irreparable, according to testers. The reason for this may be overflowing dishwasher salt. stiftung warentest* therefore recommends that nothing should overflow after filling and that the machine should also be switched on immediately afterwards.

By the way, sharp knives should never be put in the dishwasher.* they lose their sharpness and the salts and acids can attack the surface. (slo.)

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