Ef education first – educational tours & language programs abroad

Ef education first - educational tours & language programs abroad

Site: www.ef.de

EF Academy’s new campus in Pasadena, CA is now enrolling for 2020. Study at a high school focused on shaping 21st century global leaders.

New: The 9th edition of the EF EPI is out now

This year’s index ranks 100 countries and regions based on more than one million adults.

Host a student

EF High School Exchange Year

Welcome to international exchange student in your home for the academic year. Students attend local high schools and become part of the community.

EF International Language Centers

Host a language school student for 2 weeks to 9 months. Especially popular in the summer, but can start any time throughout the year. Students from over 60 countries.

Educational travel

EF Educational Tours

Open-minded, more confident and ready for life in our increasingly connected world.

EF Go Ahead Tours

Discover the world through authentic cultural adventures – from European food & African safaris – the perfect mix of guided tour and independent exploration.

EF Ultimate Break

Unbelievable adventures. Unforgettable experiences. Group travel for anyone 18-29. We are EF Ultimate Break.

EF College Study Tours

By comparing traditional teaching moments with the impact of experiential learning, your students leave their comfort zones behind and create new ones abroad.

EF Explore America

Classroom lessons come to life for your students on educational tours across the United States and Canada.

EF Gap Year

Get more out of college with an academic year or semester abroad that includes educational travel, language study, volunteer service, work internship, and leadership development.

Learn a language

EF English Courses in the USA

Learn English in the USA. We offer courses for all levels – results guaranteed! Start any Monday, year-round.

EF Languages ​​Abroad

Learn a language faster at accredited EF school. Choose from 12 languages ​​in 54 destinations. Start your course any Monday.

EF Language Year Abroad

Combine language and academic studies at an accredited school.

EF Language Training

Focused language training for business and government that ensures results.

EF English Live

Access live, teacher-led lessons anytime, anywhere – at any ability level. We’re the world’s largest online school.

University programs abroad

University Preparation in the USA

Gain admission to university in an English-speaking country that includes language study, college entrance counseling, and guaranteed placement.

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