Effective home remedies for cornea

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Effective home remedies for the cornea

Cornea is a normal appearance that is harmless. It is very useful, if not too thick, as it protects against pressure and friction. However, they find most of us annoying because they do not look pretty. It usually occurs on feet and hands. But what do you do against the cornea? Fortunately, there are many home remedies for calluses.

When cornea forms, it’s usually our own fault. Excessive or incorrect loading is a major cause of callus formation as the skin must protect itself from friction and pressure. For example, it is not recommended to buy small shoes for aesthetic reasons or beautiful shoes that really do not fit and have a lot of friction points. Because we are guaranteed to be punished with ugly corneas. Le >Obesity to cornea, as it represents a constant overload of the feet and there is thus no escape of the cornea. Further le >Do heavy work with your hands. This leads to the so-called calluses, another name for cornea. Also people with dry skin, deformations on the feet (eg Hammerzeh) or a diabetes illness form increased cornea. The good thing about the cornea, however, is that we are not unconditionally at the mercy of it and there are various home remedies for the cornea.

There are various creams and ointments that kill the cornea. There are, for example, the deer’s egg ointment, fat cream or marigold ointment. Most creams that remove callus from the feet contain either salicylic acid, which helps to remove cornification, or urea, which softens and makes the horny layer more flexible. After treatment with these creams, the cornea can be easily removed mechanically. For the patient among us, the use of Schüßler salts as an ointment is also recommended. The number 1 of Schuessler salts is suitable because it contains calcium fluoratum, as well as number 11, which contains silicea. These ointments must be used regularly and for a longer period of time. Generally, regular cream packs that are used overnight will help best. The feet are creamed thick and put into old cotton socks overnight.

But there are also great home remedies for calluses:

Pumice is excellent for gentle mechanical removal of the cornea. Pumice consists of porous volcanic rock, but is also very often produced industrially today. The abrasion of the cornea with pumice stone is very gentle, but must be done regularly. The stone can be used dry or wet. In the case of extra thick cornea, this very gentle method may be insufficient. Since the pumice stone also rubs off during treatment, it has to be renewed over time.

Lemon slices are good for applying to thick cornea. The acid contained dissolves the dead skin cells, has a skin-conditioning effect and prevents infections. It is most efficient when the discs are secured with a dressing and a long exposure time is maintained. Even pure aloe vera juice and tea tree oil can be applied directly to the cornea. It is best to let them in for a few minutes before washing them off again.

Chamomile packs have proven to be very effective. Chamomile flowers are wrapped in a cloth and poured over with boiling water. When the pack has cooled slightly, it is placed directly on the cornea.

A foot peeling also works very well against the cornea. You can either mix sugar or salt with olive oil and rub the cornea with it. After allowing it to act, the scrub can be rinsed off with lukewarm water.

Different types of warm foot baths work wonders. However, a foot bath should not be enjoyed for more than 20 minutes and the water temperature should be neither too hot nor too cold. Here are a few home remedies that are suitable for a foot bath mixed with warm water:

  • A handful of Himalayan or sea salt. The salt should be dissolved in the water before the bath.
  • Fruit vinegar, aloe vera juice, curd soap or chamomile can be mixed directly with warm water.
  • 4 drops of tea tree oil can be added to the water mixed with a bit of cream or olive oil.
  • 3 tablespoons of baking soda dissolved in water works in different ways: the crystals in the baking powder combat the hardening and the basic pH balances the skin flora.
  • Number 1 or 11 of the Schuessler salts can also be used for a footbath.

After the foot bath, the cornea can easily be filed with a rasp or a pumice stone.

There are also faster and thus more aggressive methods to get the cornea on the body. For example, you can use a foot file, corneal rasp, or an electric corneal remover. However, there is a significant risk of injury here. If you grate a bit too deeply, the skin gets hurt. In general, one should not remove the entire cornea anyway, because it has an important protective function. Understandably, one wants to get rid of unsightly, thick calluses, but one should always leave a thin layer. If you have extra thick and cracked cornea, it is recommended to remove it in the medical pedicure / pedicure.

The best thing is not to let the cornea emerge. And that’s not that difficult to achieve. The magic word is "Maintenance” . Maintaining your feet regularly prevents the formation of the cornea. But we often only care for our feet in the summer when we see them more in the sandals. However, our feet carry us all year round, even in winter when we hide them every day in thick socks and shoes. That’s why they should be maintained throughout the year. There’s nothing better than a relaxing foot massage, right? Ideally, you do the 1-2 daily and then it counteracts corneal formation.

Even frequent foot exercises are preventative. And that’s not difficult, you can just go barefoot often, which is good for the muscles, circulation and flexibility of the toes. But most importantly, you really only wear matching shoes. High-heeled shoes should generally only be worn in exceptional cases. Shoes with many pressure points should be strictly avoided. Also, one should not buy too small shoes for aesthetic reasons, because then the feet are constantly constricted and under pressure, which will promote the formation of the cornea. If you pay attention to all that, then much less cornea is formed and thus the fight against the cornea should be much easier.

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