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Efteling: The best tips for your visit to the amusement park!

Efteling: The best savings tips, accommodation offers & Attractions at a glance!

We have a Family getaway in “Holland’s most popular amusement park” in efteling spent. This is only about 2 hours from the Ruhr area between Eindhoven and Rotterdam. Today I want to answer you the questions that we asked ourselves before visiting the park:

  • Where can you cheap tickets for the leisure park Efteling to buy?
  • With which Rides you MUST drive?
  • Is there a fastpass?, to reduce waiting times?
  • Which rides are suitable for children, who do not like roller coasters / fast carousels?
  • May one eat & Drink with take in the Efteling Park?
  • Where can you go nearby good or cheap stay?

Where to buy cheap tickets for the Efteling amusement park?

The entrance fee for the amusement park Efteling is currently (Oct. 2018) € 38 for adults and children from 4 years. Seniors pay at the box office 36 €. save money You can by placing your tickets online on the efteling.com website Bay and so only 36 € per person pays. You can save even more money if you:

  • At the cash register your ADAC card showing (3 € discount for up to 4 tickets).
  • Join in Groupon on the wait for an Efteling offer lays. Here you get the day ticket with a little luck for 23 € (or for only 28,50 € incl. Parking ticket).
  • Your on actions at ADAC respects. Here in summer, for example, 4 for 3 actions.

You can also find offers on the website Extra and Deluxe Tickets. I would you Extra ticket recommend that you as a “non-overnight guest” already 10 Attractions allowed 10 minutes before park opening. A hot drink or drinking yoghurt with muffin, a lunch snack with fries or Panini + drink and a 20% discount on a souvenir are in the Price from 10 € contain.

Tip: That too Parking ticket you can already buy online. This is not cheaper, but you save time on arrival.

With which attractions you MUST drive?

Of course, that depends a lot on age and interests. I would say: Basically, the attractions belong Dromflucht and Symbolica for visitors of all ages to the compulsory program. Otherwise you should get the roller coaster not to be missed:

  1. Joris en de Draak (wooden roller coaster)
  2. Baron (water roller coaster with 37.5 meters vertical fall), from 1.40 m Baby Swicht & Single R >The Baron Roller Coaster

Otherwise, my son still has that Villa Volta especially liked – in this rotating house you have the feeling, you would be upside down. The haunted castle the children found rather unspectacular:

My daughter took the ride with the Pirana waterway Great:

The Raveleijn rider show came in well with both children:

So, now I want to show you with which tricks you can minimize the waiting in the park.

7 ways to avoid waiting in Efteling Park

A true fastpass (as in the Movie Park) does not exist in the Efteling Park – but you can Optimize waiting times, if you follow these tips:

  1. Verme >Be sure to use the 30 minutes before the regular opening of the park * for the Droomvlucht or the Vogel Rok Bahn.
  2. Be the first in the morning with the most popular attractions (Symbolica, Droomvlucht, Rollercoasters).
  3. Use that Single Rider entrance – so you do not sit next to each other, but you have to wait 10 minutes instead of 50 minutes on the Python. A single-rider entrance is available at the following attractions: Baron, bobsleigh track, Python, Symbolica and Joris en de Draak wooden roller coaster.
  4. With the Efteling App you can get an overview of the waiting times.
  5. Use that Boarding Pass of the Python Roller Coaster, to wait no longer than 15 minutes. You can get this via the Efteling app or the machine at the attraction.
  6. Parents of a baby can do that Option baby switch use. So you do not have to wait a second time.

* These attractions are already open 30 minutes before the official parking opening:

  • enchanted forest
  • Droomvlucht
  • Mirage
  • 3D movie PandaVision “PandaDroom”
  • the haunted castle
  • the indoor rollercoaster “Vogel Rok”
  • the rotating cooking pots “Monsieur Cannibale”
  • the maze “Avonturen Doolhof”
  • Children’s playground “Kleuterhof” and
  • two roundabouts on the “Anton Pieck” square

Which rides are suitable for small children or visitors who do not like roller coasters / fast carousels?

For example: Symbolica, Droomvlucht, Pirana, Carnaval Festival, steam carousel, vintage car, 3D movie, snail train, pagoda, pedal train, Gondoletta boat trip and the train tour. A good overview of the attractions you can also with the help of free app provide.

Can you eat & Drink with the Efteling Park take?

Unlike other theme parks (such as the Disneyland Paris), this is Bringing food and drinks allowed. There are even picnic areas! Alternatively, of course, there are also various food stalls and restaurants.

Potato twister love! &# 128578;

Where can you spend the night well or cheap near the Efteling Park?

There are 3 possibilities:

The Efteling Hotel

  • It is directly adjacent to the amusement park
  • especially highlight: this Fairytale suiteson various topics (Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Fata Morgana, Underwater World) Price: just under 500 € for 1 night, 2 days Efteling for 2 adults + 2 children incl. breakfast.

Holiday park Efteling Boosrijk

  • about 10 minutes walk from the amusement park (including free shuttle bus)
  • Cottages, apartments and group accommodations
  • Price: about 480 € for 2 nights, 3 days for 2 adults and 2 children

Holiday park Efteling Loonsche Land

  • about 15 minutes walk from the amusement park in the middle of nature (including free shuttle bus)
  • Cottages, themed rooms and hotel rooms
  • free parking
  • Price for a themed room – Treehouse: 369 € for 1 night, 2 days Efteling, incl. Breakfast for 4

Tree houses in the holiday park Loonsche Land

We have in Holiday park Loonsche Land Overnight, a small holiday park on the edge of a nature reserve. The park consists of a main building, which also houses the family-friendly breakfast room, with themed rooms divided into small rooms Wooden houses right on the water lie, out Holiday houses for up to 12 people and off tree houses, I personally liked it very much, but at the time of our trip, unfortunately, were already booked. Therefore, we have one of the Theme room Stayed right on the water, and loved the atmosphere:

From inside was ours Theme room modern and functional. In addition to the living room / bedroom there is a children’s bedroom, a bathroom and the separate toilet. In addition to an LCD TV, there was also an electric kettle, a coffee machine and a fridge. There was no kitchenette or dishes – but the possibility to order between 16-21.30 clock pizza. &# 128521;

Another tip: In the park Loonsche Land there is no supermarket, so you should bring everything you need with you. If something is missing, there is a mini-market next to the reception of the hotel Bosriijk with the essentials (for example, baguette, cosmetics). The nearest supermarket is in Kaatsheuvel, about 7 minutes away by car.

Our conclusion:

We have the Efteling Park very much. Due to the many green and the music just creates a very special, fairytale atmosphere. Anyway, next year we really want to come back! Oh yes, I have just added a new point -> my bucket list added: stay once in the Golden Suite of the Efteling Hotel.

So, now, as always, I look forward to your feedback!

PS: If you have already reported on your blog on your Efteling stay, feel free to write me. I link you then under this post. In addition, I am of course happy when you post my contribution Pinterest Splits:

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