Ehrenburg: children s birthday at the castle

Living castle

The extraordinary children’s birthday

Birthdays at the castle

Those who wish to celebrate their birthday at a real knights’ castle have come to the right place on our Living Castle days. These are the perfect examples of Sunday and public holiday between Easter and November 1 from 11 am to 6 pm.

After the party has started, it’s a great night out with the horns of the castle, with all sorts of craft and pottery, archery and catapults, a thrilling tour of the castle – and of good food and drink at the knights’ massive table!

And while ‘normal’ castle visitors listen to the dulcet sounds of the castle minstrels, little lords dress and arm themselves for a ceremonial knighting by their host, while birthday ladies are paying the full formal honors befitting a noble lady. The young couple is receiving a small present from the stone vault.

The group price of € 220 includes:

  • Entrance to the Ehrenburg for a total of 10 people, every additional guest costs 20 € per person extra
  • A welcome sip from the drinking horn and a second drink at lunchtime
  • Participation in all games, competitions and the castle tour
  • Lunch: chicken drumsticks and castle potatoes, later ice-cream
  • Full birthday honors with a knighting, certificate and small gift
  • A birthday cake (10 pieces)
  • Please note, thanks for your understanding
  • Parties must be booked in advance.

Even in the Ehrenburger summer festival, it is now possible to celebrate his birthday party in the walls of the castle.

In the period between All Saints Day and Easter, we offer you the opportunity to celebrate the birthday party of your child in the imposing walls of the Ehrenburg. After the welcome drink from the horn, the guests, youn and old, can explore the castle under expert guidance in a medieval dressed actor. They practice cherry-core spit, bake bread and learn how to handle a bow and arrow. Added to this fantastic experience and fun food and drink in the Knight‘s Hall. Price on request.

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