Ehrenburg: conferences and seminars

Meet in historical ambience

Conferences and seminars

Conferences and seminars

Located in the middle of unspoilt countryside, a long way from busy roads and the nearest town, the Ehrenburg is the perfect venue for seminars and conferences. Groups of up to 20 people can find peace and contemplation in our fireplace room; our great hall provides ideal conditions for groups of up to 120 avid listeners.
With a catering service tailored to your specifications, an inspiring program of activities and a grand banquet evening will be held at the Ehrenburg. Our creative team wants to endeavor to meet your every need. You can look forward to an inspiring work event.

By extension, we can offer you a double room in addition to the aforementioned, so we can offer smaller seminar groups.

It goes without saying that we want to provide all the necessary technical equipment – from DSL connection to beamer and screen. The only thing we can not do is make a heliport on top of the castle keep .

Suggestions for your event

Suggested programs: day 1

9 am
Guests arrive at the Ehrenburg

10 am
Start of the conference in our fireplace room
Biscuits, fresh fruit and conference drinks are available during the conference

12 pm
Coffee break and hotel check-in

1 pm
Lunch in the great hall
Our suggestion:
Strips of turkey with rice and seasonal vegetables
Vanilla cream with fruit

2 pm
Continuation of the conference in our fireplace room

3.30 pm
Break with coffee and cake from the buffet

7 pm
Evening meal in the guardroom or great hall
Three-course meal by prior selection

Suggested programs: day 2

8 am
Breakfast buffet in the great hall

9 am
Conference in the fireplace room (about 40 m2)

11 am
Coffee break

1 pm
Our suggestion:
vegetarian wraps with a selection of fresh salads
Fruit salad

2 pm
Continuation of the conference

3.30 pm
Break with coffee and cake from the buffet

6.30 pm
Mead reception in the courtyard

7 pm
Invitation to join the feast
Three-course meal by prior selection

Our suggested menu
Crusty mill bread with homemade cheese spread and seasoned onion dripping
Mediterranean couscous salad with fried king prawns
Roast beef from the joint served with a spicy red wine gravy
French fries dauphines and colorful vegetables
Tiramisu à la Ehrenburg

Approximately 9.30 pm
Adventurous tour of the wards and towers of the Ehrenburg by torchlight with our castle herald. A night cap (a local grappa) is served under the stars at the end of the tour.

Approximately 10.15 pm
Dessert buffet (see the menu)

We would also like to have suggestions for a program of activities on request, including our tournament of the best, various team activities, including balancing and tower building, and sports, as well as testing and testing of strength with a hammer and nail.

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