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The 10 best electric rockers for babies at a glance.

Babies are most reliably at rest in their parents’ arms. But even if you need a moment for yourself, your offspring don’t have to gentle rocking and rocking movements dispense. An electric baby rocker relieves the strain on young parents who demand maximum attention from their child.

Choose one from our test or comparison table Model with 5-point harness, in which your offspring sits particularly securely. So that he doesn’t get bored, electric baby bouncers with toys and music provide additional entertainment.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

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Electric baby seesaw comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * 4moms mamaRoo 4 Ingenuity Twinkle Teddy Bear Ingenuity baby swing 10247 Ingenuity 10209 SmartBounce Ridgedale Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh LABT baby seesaw Bebe Style Premium Baby Swing Tiny Love 3-in-1 Bebe Rocker Napper Evolution Blue Jeans Tiny Love 3-in-1 rocker napper Lionelo Zoe baby seesaw
at Amazon *
69 reviews 76 reviews 618 reviews 131 reviews 32 ratings 2 reviews 26 reviews 38 ratings 37 reviews not yet
Capacity up to 11 kg up to 9 kg up to 9 kg up to 9 kg up to 9 kg up to 11.3 kg up to 9 kg up to 9 kg K.A.. up to 0 kg
Recommended age as soon as child can sit alone
Use for newborns available
from 0 months from 0 months from 0 months from 0 months from 0 months from 0 months from 0 months K.A.. from 0 months
Belt system on harness protects the baby from slipping within the electric baby rocker and is therefore an important safety system. On 3-point seat belt protects the baby at three points and a 5-point harness additionally secures the shoulders. 3-point seat belt 3-point seat belt 5-point harness 3-point seat belt 3-point seat belt 3-point seat belt 3-point seat belt 3-point seat belt 3-point seat belt 3-point seat belt
Washable cover Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
timer Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No No
With toys Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
With music Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
With batteries | electricity
product weight 6.6 kg 3.5 kg 3.1 kg 4.1 kg 3.2 kg K.A.. 3.0 kg 5 kg 4.7 kg 3.6 kg
  • easy assembly / disassembly
  • 25 movement combinations possible
  • Music via app & Bluetooth controllable
  • with MP3 connection
  • Noble design
  • high quality workmanship
  • easy assembly / disassembly
  • with light
  • Volume adjustable
  • 5 rocking speeds, 8 melodies, 3 natural sounds
  • easy assembly / disassembly
  • Cradle works quietly
  • also available with other toy animals
  • easy assembly / disassembly
  • with soothing natural sounds
  • Cradle works quietly
  • easy assembly / disassembly
  • Volume adjustable
  • Cradle works quietly
  • with mobile
  • with soothing natural sounds
  • Volume adjustable
  • extra thick plush padding
  • gentle vibration and soothing lullabies
  • easy assembly / disassembly
  • stable
  • 180 ° lying position
  • Lying and sitting position possible
  • with vibration function
  • Edge can be folded up
  • 180 ° lying position
  • Lying and sitting position possible
  • with vibration function
  • Edge can be folded up
  • easy assembly / disassembly
  • with soothing natural sounds
  • Volume adjustable
  • stable
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about 4moms mamaRoo 4 Questions and answers about Ingenuity Twinkle Teddy Bear Questions and answers about Ingenuity baby swing 10247 Questions and answers about Ingenuity 10209 SmartBounce Ridgedale Questions and answers about Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh Questions and answers about LABT baby rocker Questions and answers about Bebe Style Premium baby swing Questions and answers about Tiny Love 3-in-1 Bebe Rocker Napper Evolution Blue Jeans Questions and answers about Tiny Love 3-in-1 rocker napper Questions and answers about Lionelo Zoe baby seesaw
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Available at *

  • approx. 299 € To the offer »
  • 287 € To the offer »
  • 287 € To the offer »
  • 289 € To the offer »
  • approx. 319 € To the offer »

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  • The best place for a baby is the protective arms The parents. But even these cannot be used 24 hours a day. To you and your child one respite to enable is one electric seesaw an ideal replacement.
  • Most electric baby bouncers or swings can be used right after birth. However, it is advisable not to leave the baby in the seesaw for more than half an hour. Too much time in the seesaw can have a negative impact on the spine of the child in the long run.
  • Electric baby bouncers not only slowly rock your little darling to sleep, they are also included game bows, plush animals and different melodies fitted. This keeps your child busy and can train his motor and acoustic skills.

You waited nine months and hoped that your child would be born alive and well. When the moment comes, there is nothing better than your own Hold child in arms and to enjoy every movement and movement. But if the Everyday life with a baby, Striking the budget and other commitments can be a great relief if you have your own hands free for five minutes.

So that you can give yourself some air in your routine electric baby swings and baby bouncers are real saviors in adversity. In order to reveal the range of electric baby bouncers and a lot of interesting information about this cute and varied product, we present our electric baby bouncer comparison 2019/2020 below.

1. What is an electric bouncer?

Already knew?

Most electric baby bouncers in our comparison have one Timer function, which can be set to 5, 10 or 30 minutes. So you can always understand exactly how long your little darling relaxes in the seesaw.

After your little darling sees the light of day, try it as cozy and comfortable as possible close. A safe stroller, an organized diaper bag, a tidy changing table and later a sturdy playpen – all this helps your child to feel safe and well protected. However, as young parents would like to look after their baby or children 24 hours a day, everyday life does not always allow this. So that you can breath a few minutes a day electric baby seesaw is a good choice.

In contrast to the manual baby seesaw – which your child moves or has to be moved by your own movement – electric baby seesaws and swings have one independent drive. This drive can by batteries or by power supply be fed. Electric baby swings and seesaws usually have different modes and speeds, which can be used depending on the baby’s mood. Additional toys, cute plush toys and various melodies promote relaxation and offer at the same time various employment opportunities for little explorers.

The Advantages and disadvantages of an electric baby bouncer, we got to the point for you:

  • soothes your baby
  • helps to fall asleep
  • Integrated game arches and melodies train motor skills and acoustic skills
  • quick assembly and disassembly – ideal for transport
  • Parents have their hands free and still know the child in a safe place
  • Use only for a manageable period so as not to overload the spine
  • never place on table or chair – can tip over

2. What types of electrical movement are there??

Type description
Baby swing electric

An electric baby swing is characterized by stable frame made of either plastic or metal. On this frame is the comfortable and ergonomically shaped shell for the baby. To easily transport the electric swing, most of the frames can be folded up and quickly re-assembled and ready for use.

The movements the swing can be customize. Either your child is rocking calmly forwardand backwards or the swing swings out to the side. Just try out which mode is more popular with your child.

Baby rocker electric

The best electric baby bouncer imitates the movements, that a child has already experienced in the womb. A constant and even up and down affects soothing and relaxing on the infant. therefore it favors falling asleep the little one.

A baby bouncer also has an ergonomic one Lying or sitting shell and can also be used with a Pulse or vibration function be equipped. A baby seesaw with vibration or pulse is similar to that Heartbeat of the mother and enters the little one cozy feeling. Some models have one for better transport handle or can be folded up.

Note: Not only do you have your child with an electric swing or seesaw always in view. Your child can also take an active part in what is happening natural curiosity give in.

3. Purchase criteria for an electric seesaw: Always pay attention to safety

3.1. Safety comes first: don’t forget to buckle up

Attention: Leave your child never left unattended in its seesaw or swing and never place the products on a chair or table. Even if baby bouncers are built stably, tipping over can never be ruled out 100%.

An electric baby seesaw can be used for the little explorer shortly after birth are used. However, your child’s safety should also come first here.
The safest place for the electric baby cradle is the floor. Small children in particular kick and kick around a lot and it can happen that the seesaw tilts. In this case, we strongly advise against leaving your child in its seesaw without supervision.

Just slippery floors favor tilting of the seesaw. We therefore advise you to Place a non-slip mat under the children’s seesaw. In this way you can reduce a large potential hazard in just a few simple steps. However, you should refrain from a simple crawling blanket, as it does not offer enough grip.

Furthermore, your little darling should always be well buckled up. If you do your own electric baby rocker test, you’ll notice that almost all models have seat belts. The classic systems include one 3-point or a 5-point belt. A 3-point belt reliably secures the baby three digits, a 5-point belt, however five digits. The latter also supports your child’s shoulders. For which Belt model you choose, always make sure to adjust it to the size of your baby.

3.2. Busy: toys and music

Cute toys and cuddly plush toys train them grasp reflex Of your baby and arouse curiosity.

An electric seesaw is primarily aimed at getting your baby through rocking and rocking movements to calm, entertain and gently rock to sleep. If the small bundles of energy cannot be moved to sleep at all, electric baby bouncers and baby swings offer a solution great entertainment program on.

Next game bows – with cute toys and soft toys – there are LED lighting effects and musical entertainment. Soothing sounds of nature are just as good as simple and recurring ones melodies. Both categories train the child’s perception and support it Fine and gross motor skills and sensitize your baby’s acoustic ability. However, the following also applies here: less is more. Do not leave your child in the seat for too long, so that he can keep the fun of the device and the rocker does not get boring in the long run.

3.3. Maximum payload

Whether your baby bouncer is operated electrically or manually leaves no statement about the recommended load capacity of the product to. This can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and is easy read the manufacturer’s instructions. Most seesaws and baby swings in our electric baby seesaw comparison can be one Weight from 9 to 13 kg easy to carry. If your child exceeds the stated weight, you should stop using the best baby bouncer electrically and look for a new model.

Note: There are baby swings that can have a load capacity of up to 18 kg. So even if your child gets older and bigger, they don’t have to do without their swinging fun.

3.4. Network operation vs. batteries

In our electric baby rocker comparison, you will find two different drive types for your electric rocker – the Battery operation and mains operation. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. You are with batteries significantly more flexible. You can quickly assemble and disassemble your seesaw and take it with you wherever you go. However, the batteries can be used up at any time and something like this always happens at the worst possible moment. If you are not always for sufficient replacement worry, this can arouse your baby’s resentment if he has to do without his beloved seesaw.

The Network operation is a much more reliable option, however, you are tied to an electrical outlet. This makes it difficult to take the seesaw into the garden or onto the balcony. So that you can find the best variant for your requirements, there are also hybrids that have both types of drive. So you are flexible at all times and your baby will the momentum never runs out.

4. Don’t forget hygiene: cleaning tips for your electric baby bouncer

If your baby bouncer is operated electrically, stand numerous color variations to disposal. There are also various models in pink.

An electric seesaw is not only suitable for the fun of your little bundle of joy, but can also be used at an advanced age also for feeding Your child’s use; however, it never replaces the high chair. A little porridge quickly goes wrong. For this reason it is very advisable to make sure that the covers the baby seesaw washable are. Simply put the covers in the front loading washing machine and wash them Textiles in a gentle cycle. Depending on the manufacturer of the seesaw, the Toys and plush toys of the game bow can also be washed.

Also the racks the seesaws and swings should cleaned regularly become. As a rule, the materials are made of plastic and can be washed off quickly and easily. Just take one damp cloth and, if necessary, a splash of gentle detergent and wipe the smooth surfaces. So your baby always has a clean and hygienic environment and can safely explore the world from his observation post.

5. How to avoid >

Fold and go: Your personal electric baby seesaw comparison winner should be assemble and disassemble quickly to let.

As diverse as the areas of application of an electric baby rocker are, good buying advice is also important any mistakes in handling to avoid with a seesaw or swing. If you are not sure whether your child is ready for his first seesaw experience, do not be afraid of yours pediatrician to ask for advice. The health of your baby is always the top priority, so it is important to know how you can optimally integrate an electric bouncer into your everyday life.

Pay attention to the duration, that your child spends in the seesaw or swing. Less is more here. A healthy spine of an adult has a characteristic, double S shape. This shape is not yet developed in your baby. Children should therefore not in a steep sitting position for too long linger so as not to unnecessarily strain or even damage the unstable spine. For this reason, it is beneficial if you have the Tilt Your electric baby seesaw vary can and your child in one lying position can go.

Another aspect is mobility. If you travel a lot with your bundle of joy, an electric seesaw can let some tears dry quickly. It is therefore an advantage if the seesaw or swing can be quickly folded in and carried away.

6. Popular brands and manufacturers of electric baby bouncers

We have summarized them briefly so that you can find your own electric baby seesaw comparison winner and a more detailed overview of popular brands and manufacturers that also appear in almost every electric baby seesaw test, such as Bright Starts, Chicco or Fisher-Price.

  • 4moms
  • Baby Home
  • Beaba
  • Childwood
  • Nuna
  • Baby Plus
  • babymoov
  • Fisher-Price
  • ran!
  • Baby roller
  • Bright starts
  • Chicco
  • Ingenuity
  • Tiny love
  • children force
  • Hauck

7. Questions and answers about the topic "electric baby rocker"?

7.1. Electric baby bouncer test at the Stiftung Warentest?

By a light Back and forth babies are gently rocked to sleep.

Whether an electric baby rocker test or an electric baby swing test – the Stiftung Warentest has not yet dealt with these topics in detail. However Eco test examined the little helpers in November 2014. Although the test did not include electric rockers or swings, some points also apply to this category.

Pediatricians carried out the examination and found that one excessive use the baby seesaw is not conducive to that Child’s health is. Daily use should last for Do not exceed 30 minutes. The Federal Association of Independent Physiotherapists (IFK) even advises only 20 minutes a day. Of the eleven seesaws tested, four scored “good”. However, almost all manufacturers had deficiencies in terms of pollution. In this regard, there is a need for action on the part of the manufacturers.

7.2. Can you build an electric seesaw yourself??

When it comes to your baby’s health and satisfaction, it is there Safety always comes first. Because of this, one should refrain from building an electric baby seesaw on one’s own. Since an electric seesaw for the baby is driven by a motor, this is also very susceptible to malfunctions.

In the worst case, if improperly performed, this can harm your baby more than it would be of any use. However, if you have one enthusiastic handyman and want to jump into a different kind of project, how about one self-made cot or baby bed for your offspring? The following video offers detailed instructions and help for this ambitious project.

However, the following also applies here: Skilled craftsmanship and know-how are the be-all and end-all.

7.3. You can also buy an used electric rocker?

Must be one Baby rocker electric his? Not at all. If you are looking for a manually operated model, there are suitable offers from Babybjörn or Chicco.

Generally, buying used items is one eco-friendly and with that too ecologically advisable choice. On portals like Ebay you will find numerous offers in the areas of "baby rocker electric" or "electric baby swing". Often these products have barely been used when the previous owner’s baby refused the seesaw. So you may be able to real bargain do. A used seesaw for your baby is also an option if you are not sure whether your own child responded positively to the seesaw. In the worst case, you can sell the cheap baby bouncer, electrically functioning or not, again.

However, there is a good chance that you will be disappointed with the goods you buy. The electric seesaw can be damaged or optically no longer appealing. If you want to avoid this danger, it is recommended to buy new model. And where can you buy an electric seesaw? In addition to Ebay, you will also find it on Amazon. There is a wide range of children’s items and you can if necessary from numerous cute motifs choose. If you need specific purchase advice – in the event that your child has pronounced Back or posture problems – a preliminary conversation with your pediatrician and a consultation in a baby specialty shop would be a good alternative.

7.4. Can you attach a baby swing to the door frame?

We have also compared the following baby products for you:

Most baby swings in our electric baby seesaw comparison have one own frame, in which the baby seat is attached and can be moved within a certain radius. However, you can also use your baby rocker with one fitting attachment attach quickly and easily to the ceiling or door frame. However, these swings are not electric operated.

Another variant for the door frame are so-called Door bouncer. With a door hopper, a seat is attached to the door frame with elastic bands and your baby can Hop up and down playfully and safely. However, if you do not want to drill holes in your door or ceiling, then it is better to choose a classic baby seesaw and against the baby hopper.


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