Electric car start-up: uniti ceo has “no idea about cars

Electric car start-up: uniti CEO has 'no idea about cars

never really got off the ground: the swedish electric car one.

works that never existed, dubious reservations – and even a fake car. A lot of things didn’t go right at uniti.

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Tesla is the one proof that smart ideas, a dazzling CEO and lots of venture capital can become a globally significant car manufacturer. The meteoric rise of the U.S. company has spawned a number of imitators and startups that have attracted a lot of attention and often a lot of media coverage with interesting concepts, charismatic minds and excitingly styled cars. But almost as many of these newcomers have now disappeared from the scene without a trace.

Uniti one probably cannot be realized

the swedish company uniti, which caused a sensation in 2017 with the electric wonder car one, will soon be among this growing group of companies. A report by investigative journalists from the swedish magazine “filter article now published suggests that uniti is further away than ever from ever realizing the series production of the one originally announced for 2019.

Uniti one

Apart from a show car of the one, a small electric car in smart format, the company founded by australian-born lewis horne has so far failed to provide evidence of its plans, which sound bizarrely grandiose from today’s perspective. The "filter-report lists some of the ambitious goals that are obviously castles in the air. So there is the "factory 4.0" in landskrona, sweden, which should have been built with siemens and equipped with kuka robots, simply didn’t happen.

From the 300.000 cars announced for 2020, not a single one has yet been built. More plants and many jobs in silverstone, uK, india and georgia? Misrepresentation. Even the pre-order volume worth 50 million euros seems to be worth little, because behind it there are only 3.500 non-binding reservations, for which a fee of 149 euros was charged. Particularly brazen: in the uniti car "0" presented to investors in 2021 according to the report, it is really the electric zhidou D3, which was imported from china and merely redesigned with new paint and a new bumper for the presentation.

"He thinks he is elon musk"

in a linkedin post at the end of 2021, uniti boss horne has already admitted to problems due to the corona pandemic as well as financial bottlenecks. Meanwhile, the uniti team is said to have shrunk considerably in terms of personnel. In the cover story of filter magazine, published in swedish over 15 pages, former employees of uniti are also quoted with unflattering statements about the company boss.

A former start-up manager says of lewis horne: "he thinks he’s elon musk, but he’s just a fraud, he doesn’t know anything about cars." the former PR manager of uniti explains the hype around the start-up with the charisma of the company’s founder: "lewis could sell you a pencil for a million dollars."

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