Elemental damage in the furniture

natural hazards

The risk of natural damage can be covered by natural hazard insurance. This type of insurance can be complementary to Household and to Residential building insurance be completed.

Among the elemental damages fall the following natural events

Elemental damage is already partially in the Household In some cases they have to be supplemented Hazard insurance be secured. We give an overview:

Elemental damage insurance
hail Household
Storm (from wind force 8) Household
lightning strike Household
flooding Hazard insurance
Backwater (from the sewage system) Hazard insurance
Heavy snow Hazard insurance
earthquake Hazard insurance
volcanic eruption Hazard insurance

The following natural events are covered by the additional elementary damage insurance:


If a stream, river or other body of water crosses the shore and water enters the house, the elemental damage floods. Likewise, if the property can no longer run off the Stark rain and rainwater on the lawn penetrates into the house.

Not insured are there

storm surges, So if the flooding is triggered by seawater pressure. Likewise groundwater from underneath enters the building and not from the surface.


Whenever, due to rain or flooding, the sewerage the quantities of water Not more carry away If the drainage pipes can no longer do their job and the water is pushed back into the house, this is called a backwater. The elementary damage insurance only pays, however, if there was also a backwater protection in the discharge pipes.

Earthquake and subsidence

A trigger for damage must be natural event have been. Damage caused by human activity, such as tunnel excavations or coal mining are not insured.

Heavy snow

your housetop is pushed in by the sheer weight of the snow. If the snow goes down from a tree near the house and the roof or a dormer is pushed in, there is no insurance cover. Non hillside outbound avalanches fall under the term snow pressure.

The Hazard insurance in homeowners insurance assumes the costs for damage in case of damage:

  • The drying and renovation of the residential building after a flood damage
  • All repairs to the residential building and in the residential building
  • The cost of demolition work in the event of total economic loss
  • The construction of an equivalent replacement building
  • Cost of accommodation if you need to be evicted for a long period of time to renovate the building
  • Payments for the rental loss if your building can not be rented during the renovation phase
  • The replacement of all movable objects in the context of home contents insurance. Either the repair or the replacement are taken over

This should be considered in the personal evaluation of a natural hazard insurance

The conclusion of a Elemental damage insurance is not mandatory. If you live in a region that has been flooded for decades, away from large and small rivers, then the cover against storm, lightning and hail in the household contents insurance should be sufficient.

The most common elemental damage in Germany are going through Storm and hail floods are becoming more frequent and, above all, more serious events. The risk of being hit by a storm and hail damage is much higher in the west of the Federal Republic because we are in a central west wind situation in Germany. While floods primarily arrive near rivers, these do not even have to be large rivers, but even small streams can turn into a raging river through sudden, intense rainfall. Only in foothills and mountain areas (also low mountain ranges) the risk of snow pressure is relevant.

Since elemental damage protection is always related to home insurance or homeowners insurance, when selecting your home insurance and the simultaneous risk of natural harm you must take into account that you choose the same insurance provider for both services. Check it therefore please both performance components, to get the best value for money in the grand total.

In any case, a comparison is worthwhile because all insurance providers have different risk classifications and also calculated very different premiums due to different claims histories. Also note the included benefits, including garden sheds that are as affected by a flood as their residential buildings.

Elemental damage, some examples

With damage examples, you can better assess and narrow down whether elemental damage insurance is suitable for you and how high your personal, financial Risk of elemental damage assess.

  1. A violent autumn storm sweeps the roof tiles from their roof, rain penetrates, dampens the masonry and damages the furniture in the attic. There are costs for the restoration of the roof, the drying of the masonry and the replacement of the damaged furniture.
  2. Heavy hail strikes windows and smashes your conservatory. All windows must be replaced and the conservatory must be rebuilt. Also, the garden furniture placed in the conservatory are damaged and must be procured again.
  3. Locally limited heavy rainfall means that the sewage system can no longer carry away the water and the water through toilets and sink back into your apartment building. Furniture, shoes and clothes get dirty, electrical appliances can burn out. The costs for drying, replacement and repair carried several 1000, – €.
  4. The small stream next door becomes a torrent by sudden heavy rains and flooded her entire basement. Walls are moistened, their fuel oil boiler flooded and all stored in the basement food is unusable. The repair of the fuel oil burner and the replacement of food are covered by your natural health insurance.

Good to know

You can not pick a single element in the Elemental Liability Insurance to save insurance premium. At the same time, your house on the Danube is protected against avalanches.

Elemental damage is usually only for permanently inhabited buildings insured. If your apartment is uninhabited for several months in a flood area, does the elementary damage insurance in the event of damage.

Take care too waiting times in the insurance benefit. Normally, the elementary damage insurance in your household contents insurance only after a waiting period of 3-6 months.

Thus, the premium for natural damages in household and homeowners insurance is calculated

The premium classification in the elementary damage insurance takes place after one Risk zones system. For example, insurers can classify the risk of damage payments in floods caused by heavy rainfall into hazard classes. Each natural hazard insurance defines its risk zone classification itself, for example:

Zone one ⇒ flood every 100 years

Zone two ⇒ flood every 50 years

Zone three ⇒ flood every 20 years

Zone four ⇒ flood at least every ten years

Elemental damage insurance companies do not have to accept their application

If you live in an area that is statistically very affected by flooding, the insurance companies classify this location as Flood risk area one and it is very difficult here to find an insurance against elemental damage. If you want to complete elemental damage as a supplement to your household contents insurance, the hazard class of your location is first checked. Then your application will either be rejected or only with appropriate surcharges.

Elemental damage and climate change

Of the climate Change The last few years are getting more and more serious Weather phenomena out. Meanwhile, storms can reach us to hurricane strength and a summer storm with severe hailstorm and heavy floods go along. All of a sudden, small brook rivulets become raging rivers and wash away entire districts in a single mud and water avalanche. These phenomena not only occur every ten or twenty years, but now almost every year. That’s why we recommend their in the minimum Residential property insurance with elemental damage to complete. Do you have valuable household effects, you should do so in your household insurance.

Statistical figures on damage caused by climate change from a study of the Munich Reinsurance:


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