Elephant shoes tested: comfortable, practical and great workmanship

Children’s shoes from elephants have a long tradition: the popular brand is already celebrating its 90th birthday this year. Blogger Jasmin tested the children’s shoes with the little red elephant together with her soon to be three-year-old son Samuel. Read here how you like the shoes.

Taps, taps, taps – I’m standing in the kitchen preparing lunch when I hear two small bare children’s feet taping down the hall. "Mom, are we going to the playground?" Samuel comes running, eyes light up. "The sun is shining, mom! Come on now!"

Sometimes is my Great not to brake at all. He is simply the absolute outside child and would like to be around the clock. For him, the world is a single adventure playground.

High quality children’s shoes are a must

Regardless of whether we are romping in the sand and on the bark mulch in the playground or whether we are walking in the forest over sticks and stones and looking for beetles and bunnies in the undergrowth along the path – Samuel is happy as soon as we leave the house.

High quality and comfortable children’s shoes are a must for our small and large adventures. Walking barefoot is always the best thing for all feet, because it allows the foot to develop optimally – but we all know that this is not always possible.

Barefoot in the big city? Not possible!

In the big city, unfortunately, I always have to be afraid of broken pieces on the way, and in summer the asphalt is too hot to go barefoot.

And then in Samuel’s kindergarten, a child was stung by an earth wasp under the foot this week – my personal horror. That’s why Samuel mostly wears sandals in summer. They support him in his freedom of movement and allow him to romp around and romp to his heart’s content.

Shoes with a little red elephant

When I think of my own childhood, I still remember well how I did with my Mom went to buy shoes and in the end there were often shoes with a little red elephant on them. Surely many of you know that too.

That was a good 25 years ago and today Samuel is wearing sandals from the same brand: elephant shoes. The brand already exists for 90 years – in 1928 it was founded by Gustav Hoffmann, who was the first to start producing anatomically shaped children’s shoes. Since then, the red elephant has stood for comfortable, durable children’s shoes.

From the crawling phase to adolescence

In the meantime, Deichmann has bought elephants, tools and moldings have also been taken over, and Deichmann even works with the same suppliers – so that ultimately nothing has changed.

Today elephant shoes accompany a child from the crawling phase through learning to walk through to adolescence and is always trendy and high quality at the same time – at a great price!

Comfortable and great workmanship

With my son Samuel, I tested elephant’s size 23 runner sandals. They are comfortable and well made. The sole is relatively soft and allows ergonomic rolling.

Thanks to the Velcro fastener, Samuel is able to put on the shoes all by himself, which of course fills me with a bit of pride and helps me as a mom – so all I have to do is get my younger son ready to go.

Fit and size are important

Decisive for a good children’s shoe is not only the quality, but also the right fit and size, which results from the correct ball size and the correct shoe length.

When buying shoes, you should therefore have your child’s foot measured regularly in the store and also pay attention to information such as wide, medium or narrow. The correct shoe length results from the foot length and an addition of 12 to 15 mm.

Velcro straps could be longer

The sandals have two Velcro fasteners, one on the shaft and one a little further forward in the midfoot area, which allows us to adjust the shoes optimally to Samuel’s foot width to give him enough support when playing, romping and To run to give.

However, the Velcro straps should be a bit longer, I can only close them close to Samuel’s foot, so I have a small criticism here.

Unbeatable price range

The sandals are closed at the front, which I still find very useful at Samuel’s age. Because that way he doesn’t immediately scratch his toes if he falls down. The heel area is also very well padded in my eyes, so that Samuel’s foot sits comfortably in it. He also says that nothing presses or pinches him.

Incidentally, I find the price range of the elephant shoes unbeatable, the sandals from Samuel cost almost 40 euros – this is definitely also much more expensive!


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