Eleuthera – Harbor Island: the most beautiful Bahamas islands? (With video)

Bahamas: Why not miss Eleuthera and Harbor Island?

While especially Americans appreciate the large resort facilities and the hustle and bustle in Nassau, we leave the main island of New Providence on our second visit quickly behind us again. After a few days on South Andros (to the article) we are now sitting in a small plane of the well-sounding company Pineapple Air and head towards North Eleuthera.

The least Germans is the Bahamas Island Eleuthera To be a household name, the approximately 180 kilometers long and in many places under one kilometer narrow islet also known as the gateway to the Caribbean celebrity world. Especially the north of Eleuthera and the neighboring mini-island Harbor Island are regarded as real hotspots for international stars and millionaires.

We would like to know more about the unequal neighboring islands and go for five days on an exploration tour. What makes North Eleuthera and Harbor Island so special?

North Eleuthera: Welcome to the Island of Relaxation

The small airport of North Eleuthera conjures us on arrival an incredulous astonishment in the face. Right next to us are two elegant and sinfully expensive private jets parked a few minutes later American Airlines customers with a non-stop flight directly from Miami on the island. However, the airport building exudes little glamor and glamor, it reminds in its cute simplicity more like a village airfield.

Perhaps this is just one of the secrets why the region is at the top of the travel list for many rich and famous – the unobtrusive simplicity and relaxation. Even before departure, our rental car provider sent a message that we have the little gray Toyota found somewhere near the tarmac. Unlocked, the keys would either be stuck in the ignition or hang behind the sun visor. Sounds adventurous.

Since I run around a bit haphazardly, two locals quickly take on my person and accompany me in the search. A gray one Toyota is not in sight. “Relax my friend“Laughs one of the very friendly helpers and calls summarily with our car rental Big daddy on. Moments later, a tree emerges from a man, evidently Big daddy personally. He asks with a big grin why I have not just taken any other parked car.

Caribbean serenity meets German accuracy – gorgeous! Shortly after we sit in our spacious replacement vehicle and embark on a first orientation tour of the island. Behind the giant pineapple plantations and lush bushes shimmers along the only main street Queens Highway again and again the blue of the sea. But the shades of the two sides could not be more different.

Attractions and celebrities on North Eleuthera

At the Glass Window Bridge, At the narrowest part of Eleuthera, the spectacle of nature is shown to us in all its clearness: on the left we look at the deep blue of the wild Atlantic, on the right the rich turquoise of the Caribbean shines Bay of Eleuthera opposite. After all, it is only a short photo stop for most visitors, but the craftsmanship of Mother Nature once again ensures lasting enthusiasm for us. Just wow.

A few hundred meters further along Queen’s Bath another highlight of the island. The locals speak humorously of Eleuthera’s hot springs, Over the millennia, the roaring Atlantic has washed out small pools in the craggy cliffs, where the crystal-clear water quickly heats up in the midday sun. At low tide and calm sea you can take a wonderful bath here, but at high tide the meter high splashing spray on the cliffs provides a rather dramatic touch and great photo opportunities.

Just a stone’s throw away is the recording studio of the most famous islander, Lenny Kravitz. The US singer has maternal Bahamian roots and reported on Eleuthera his second home. In the 1990s he even dedicated a song of his own to the island, as two older gentlemen give us along with other anecdotes during a short refueling stop. Just last Wednesday was the good Lenny been in the small shop to buy milk. So you know each other.

The friendliness and openness of the locals let us enchant the magical Bahamas more and more by the minute. We feel welcome in every corner of the city, and there’s always a lot of pride in the island’s own stories about pride. Appropriately, the cashier accompanied the return of our change money with the question: “Did you know that we have more than 130 beaches?”

130 beaches? A remarkable number. We have not counted, but there are actually every five minutes a new dream beach along our route to discover. The most beautiful ones are Lighthouse Beach in the very south, French Leave Beach, Ten Bay Beach and Rainbow Bay Beach. Two more picturesque bays are exclusively for the guests in the elegant The Cove Resort reserved, in which we are booked for the first two nights on the island.

The Cove Eleuthera: Luxury hotel between two beautiful bays

The sophisticated hotel complex with 55 suites forms the contrast to the otherwise rather tranquil and original village Gregory Town. Here in The Cove Eleuthera are luxury and lifestyle at home. The beachfront, minimalist design cottages are rightly considered one of the finest accommodations in the Bahamas. No wonder that again and again renowned guests such as Cameron Diaz be spotted.

Presumably they let it be like us with one Bahama mom Go well in the sunset bar or in one of the many hammocks between the more than 1000 palm trees. The heart of the resort is the large restaurant area with a beautiful outdoor terrace and a great infinity pool on the hill between the two bays. The entire area is meticulously maintained, all green areas are almost as if they were cut with the nail scissors.

It lacks that The Cove Although a little bit of Caribbean exotic, but the styled concept is absolutely right for the upmarket luxury market amidst this exposed location. The atmosphere we feel as high-class, but pleasantly relaxed. Bicycles are available everywhere in the resort, and all paths are easy to navigate on foot. For our rental car there is free parking in front of the entrance area.

Worth mentioning is, in addition to the excellent service above all the culinary offer. Here, too, we miss a little of the regional impact, so there is instead of local specialties including a sumptuous sushi bar. However, this is criticism at the highest level, because the choice and quality are excellent. We have experienced this in upscale resorts that many guests do not even leave during their stay. in the The Cove So you do not rest on your quasi-monopoly position.

Our Ocean Front Master Suite in the first beach row is not only in the interior very stylishly furnished, but offers us next to a large bathroom and an additional rainforest shower in the outdoor area. There are not 30 steps to the ocean. The absolute highlight for us anyway the spectacular view outside, the term sea ​​view a whole new dimension: countless shades of blue whitewashed with white cumulus clouds behind tropical palms – breathtakingly beautiful!

Despite the many amenities, we are always drawn out of the resort to be able to absorb as many impressions of the island and its inhabitants. We discover old cave systems, drive past large salt lakes, admire pelicans and ibises, try the national dish Conch, Let us taste fresh pineapple at small street stalls and are always impressed by the humorous warmth of the locals.

Harbor Island: A mini island as the crown jewel of the Bahamas?

On the neighboring island Harbor Island, the next destination of our trip to Bahamas, this hospitality is even the topmost leitmotif: Home of the friendly people It says there on numerous signs and posters. The somewhat mysterious “celebrity island” is not 10 square kilometers in size, but very colorful and picturesque at the same time. Pastel-colored colonial houses stand along the narrow streets, almost exclusively golf carts are on the way.

More than twenty billionaires are said to own their own villas on the island, including Bill Gates, Calvin Klein and Jennifer Aniston. In the two marinas of the island are befitting some of the most expensive luxury yachts in the world. Nevertheless, even the only town acts Dunmore Town now at lunchtime quite down to earth and almost a little sleepy. We take our pre-reserved Golf Cart after the short crossing in the water taxi at the pier in receipt and enthusiastically turn the first rounds. I can not hide my joy, because with it a long-cherished wish of mine comes true.

Before we can convince ourselves of the friendliness of the inhabitants, we are greeted by another “locals” very magical: A small Bahama Star Hummingbird finds us obviously quite exciting and floats for half a minute with his fast-paced wings around our small vehicle. The only about 3 grams of light animal is exclusively in the Bahamas and the Turks & Caicos islands at home and seems to have a great desire to spontaneously say hello to both of us.

On the small motorboat of North Eleuthera Let’s talk to two ladies, who will be there for a whole week The Cove are guests. Today you take a day trip to the island for shopping. Because in many of the houses small boutiques and extraordinary galleries have settled, the Harbor Island already a secret in lifestyle and fashion magazines Shopping hotspot of the Caribbean let rise.

Forbes goes one step further and even made the island the new “crown jewel” among tropical dream destinations last year. For us, the mix is ​​the charm of Harbor Island. Locals sit together with tourists at the waterfront. Caribbean bars and rustic grill restaurants like Queen Conch or Harry O’s Line up here with extravagant fine dining venues like the Rock house or The Landing.

The special thing about it: Even the most affluent holidaymakers and celebrities are not in the saddle for their multi-course gourmet menu the next day against a few cold ones SandsBeers and a portion Cracked Conch exchange. That makes a visit Harbor Island also a bit unusual, because no matter how expensive your yacht or your villa may be – no one has ever said no to a sunset in flip flops and shorts.

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