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Our care

You can reach us by phone under the number 02305 9208389

Speak your message on the answering machine. We listen to the news regularly.

The supervision concept was developed by our pedagogical staff under the leadership of Mrs. Heinze and coordinated with the school management.

The Elisabethschule currently employs a total of seven teaching staff. Together they look after about 119 children of our school.

This is our care team:

From left: Christiane Heinze, Astrid Soathoff, Sabine Heyden, Michaela Volkmann, Yvonne Cebula, Ute Schymura

Rooms of the support group:

The rooms on the second floor (entrance B) are used for the care. They are set up precisely for the care. In addition to the various play areas, there is a reading area and a dining room. For further activities the workroom, the school kitchen, the gym and the schoolyard are used, if they are not needed for the lessons.

What is care?

In contrast to the “open all-day school”, which usually offers an extra-curricular institution and only firm binding times, we have a flexible childcare at the Elisabethschule, ie, parents can use the care for their children individually according to their needs and pay only for the actually used care time (graduated prices).

Caregiver of the support is the Förderverein der Elisabethschule e.V., which means that it is responsible for personal and material responsibility.

Our care gives parents security that their child will be cared for at school for a certain period of time. We offer a care in the morning hours in which no lessons take place. As a result, the supervised children are guaranteed a reliable school day from 7.30 am to 1 pm and if necessary until 4 pm. In addition, the children eat lunch together, do their homework and make use of open offers from culture and sports.


The goal of the care at our school is to provide reliable care for children, taking into account the following aspects:

  • Promotion of the personality development of every single child
  • Promotion, support and guidance on social behavior and tolerance
  • Promotion of self-employment and personal responsibility
  • Recreation
  • Playful balance to the school
  • Imparting learning content beyond the learning plan
    AGs in different areas
  • Assistance in the completion of homework
  • Tolerance to every child

Organizational framework:

Times of care

There is a daily childcare service for all classes from 7:30 to 9:00 and from 11:00 to 16:00.

collection times

For organizational reasons and for the benefit of your child, we would like to ask you to observe the following fixed pick-up times:

Registration for care

In order to ensure a continuous and high-quality care offer and to be able to carry out a needs-based personnel planning, it is essential that parents bind their children before enrollment (future first graders on the filing dates) or at the end of each school year (at least one month before ) for the following year to care for. Additional registrations and cancellations during the current school year are only possible in special hardship cases.

Equipment of the care work with materials

The required work materials (play equipment, furniture) are financed from the budget of the Förderverein des Elisabethschule e.V. Thanks to the special commitment of the association, the equipment for work in the care groups has continued to improve.
In addition, some additional materials were acquired in the past due to donations from individual clubs (eg Sparkasse Vest).

Homework help

What the homework support does:

  • Homework time is an integral part of the care schedule. They represent a connection between the morning at school and the afternoon care.
  • The homework time is carried out in the quietest possible atmosphere and accompanied by employees who are only responsible for homework help. The caregivers always stay in the care rooms and send the children to their homework supervisor, depending on their job availability.
  • The students are given the space and time to do their jobs independently and on their own responsibility.
  • As far as possible, students receive individual help in the context of homework help.

What the homework help can not do:

  • The homework support is not tutoring and preparation for class work, but a way to do the homework independently with pedagogical support. The processing of knowledge gaps can not be done.
  • Due to the group size, individual support is only possible to a limited extent.
  • Complete homework and control can not be guaranteed, as it depends on factors such as concentration, individual pace of work, and homework.
  • Exercises in reading, for classwork or memorizing texts can not be done. Such tasks have to be done at home.
  • The parents are responsible for the complete and orderly preparation of the homework.

Behavioral basis in homework help:
Common behavioral basis is the school regulations, from which the behavioral requirements for students in the homework support can be derived. If homework is denied, or behavior that interferes with other students’ homework, homework support will be discontinued on that day. Parents and class teachers will be informed. The homework is then done at home.

Content design of the care offer:

Our care concept attaches importance to the fact that the children can use a variety of offers in the afternoon. In addition, the children can use the time as a free time: a free space in which children themselves deal, with materials that they choose freely and with tutors who guide and accompany.
Through long-term, hardly changing caregivers, the children can build a relationship of trust with the employees.

Offers and activities

The care is understood as a time of playing and promoting (perception, motor skills and social behavior). During this time, open and firm offers expire. The basic principle of the use of care offers is based on voluntariness, ie. H. the children decide for themselves which offer they want to take.
Care is taken to ensure that the work and games started are completed. Finished handicrafts and pictures are hung up and thus serve the beautification of the care rooms and the school building. Unexhibited work may take the children home.

In good weather, it goes without saying that children spend their time outdoors.

Free play in the schoolyard

  • Exercise and play in the fresh air
  • Games around the ball (basketball, football, etc.)
  • Movement games in the group according to rules and guidelines
  • Circles and Singspiele
  • Coordination games for promotion
  • Reaction games for promotion
  • Short walks

For example, the following variable playground equipment is available for playing on the playground: pedalos, skateboards, city scooters, small kickers, stilts, rope, balls, water toys, sand toys and chalk.

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