Elsewhere, filosofie and team

Elsewhere, filosofie and team


Who we are and what we want

fairkehr agency and publisher

The elsewhere website and the Anderswo magazine are filled in content and published by fairkehr agency and publisher. For more than 30 years, the fairkehr Agentur has been campaigning for sustainable mobility and sustainable tourism with its own publishing house with various publications, projects and political commitment – not only in everyday life but also in leisure time and on vacation. We develop communication ideas for customers, find exciting stories and produce informational materials from the website to our own magazine or the hiking brochure.

Are you interested in our services related to tourism communication? Visit our website or call us directly:
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The Anderswo editorial office

The elsewhere editors not only write about sustainable tourism, they also live it: when traveling by train and ferry to their favorite destinations in Europe, while hiking and cycling at home and abroad and collecting and gathering new travel tips and – Ideas that you like to share with friends and colleagues.

These stories and experiences have evolved elsewhere: The Anderswo magazine and the online platform are intended to whet your appetite for a different way of traveling without a car or plane, and keep telling new stories on how to discover Europe against the mainstream.

The elsewhere service

Swift through Europe: information on sustainable travel throughout Europe

Excellent accommodations: The Blue Swallow for sustainable holiday deals

Special tour operators: socially and environmentally friendly way

Holidays for every taste: Travel tips from active to relaxing, from the North Cape to Sicily

The elsewhere-manifesto

Elsewhere the goal is to show an alternative to the usual tourism.

For us, the focus is on people – not the economic needs of the tourism industry. We do not want a package holiday, but go our way against the stream.

We are discoverers who find joy in the simple things of life. We are attracted by the antiperspirants, the space for vision and idealism.

We have the most beautiful of the world on our feet: the diversity of European nature and culture. A privilege that we appreciate. Sustainable travel means broadening your horizons without sacrificing quality of life or enjoyment. But it also means taking into account the climate and the environment, other people and other cultures.

Elsewhere, the work of Compatible Travel, which has been committed to sustainable tourism since 1990 with a large network of partners and friends, continues. We provide travel inspirations away from high gloss, pomp and pride.

Read real stories from real people traveling like you.

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