Em Fever! The fastest vegan and healthy snacks! I live green!

EM Fever! The fastest vegan and healthy snacks!

We are not big football fans, but we are looking forward to the European Championship. :-) Either in the family circle or with friends. With such a thrill, we also need tasty snacks that are quick and healthy. It’s easy to tear open a bag of chips, but it works much better. In this article I would like to give you a few suggestions, what else can be conjured up on the plate. Here we go!

Vegan vegetable wraps

This wraps with fresh vegetables (recipe) anyone can prepare quickly at home. If you do not want to make the dough yourself, you can also turn to finished wraps from the shop. However, these are not gluten-free, if you attach great importance to it. The filling can be anything: peppers, avocado, sprouts, carrot strips, fried tofu. They are really delicious and eaten very fast. :-)

Watermelon Pizza

The watermelon pizza (recipe) is a healthy alternative to the typical one "heavy-hearty" Pizza. I like to do it when our friends visit us. This is always a highlight and the extraordinary look is great! You can prove the watermelon pizza with various fruits.

Fast waffles with chocolate and nutmeg filling

These chocolate waffles (recipe) are made super fast, are sweet and crispy and make for good nerves. :-) I love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate, but other nutmeg varieties also fit perfectly as a filling. Chilled, they taste just as delicious! There are several waffles to buy: corn, rice, amaranth. with and without salt. Just try it!

Cracker with homemade potato spread

We like to make our own spreads. You then have a large amount of it and can dip various crackers in the delicious mass. To be full and nibble! This quick potato spread (recipe) can be wonderfully combined with vegetables and salads.

Vegan cashew-vanilla ice cream without ice maker

Sorry if I annoy you again with this super fast cashew vanilla ice cream from Attila Hildmann (recipe), but it’s really yummy and made without an ice cream maker. In a few minutes! Especially in the hot phase of a football game, it brings a refreshing cool. :-) There is also a video tutorial!

Let yourself be inspired and have a great rest of EM time!

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