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Emergency Practice Stuttgart e.V..
at the Marienhospital

about us

Competent treatment by doctors from various specialties.

In the emergency practice Stuttgart e.V., approx. 1400 specialists from the Stuttgart medical profession or their specialist representatives provide your emergency service as prescribed by law. In the rooms of the Marienhospital we offer a central contact point that is always available when the doctor’s offices are closed. Supported by around 40 non-medical employees, the resident specialists in the following specialties alternate:

  • General practitioners / internists
  • Otolaryngologists (Sat, Sun, FT 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)
  • Orthopedists / surgeons
  • Psychiatrist (on call)

Thanks to the direct connection to the Marienhospital, we have first-class technical equipment at our disposal. So you can be sure that we will treat you in an emergency just as competently as the doctor you usually trust – and who you should see for further treatment. There is also a home visit service that visits incapable patients at home.

Our services

Subject-specific basic care for the fields of general medicine, internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, psychology and ENT.

The range of services for diagnostics in emergency practice includes the following services:

  • Emergency laboratory, special laboratory
  • roentgen
  • ECG
  • sonography
  • Audiometry / impedance measurements

The range of services for therapy in emergency practice includes the following services:

  • General medical / internistic emergencies: injections, infusions, bandages, prescription of medication on cash and private prescription
  • Surgical / orthopedic emergencies: Outpatient surgical interventions, wound care, dressing changes, drainage, abscess / fistula openings, punctures, foreign body removal, nail trepanation, repositioning of bone fractures and joint dislocations, various dressing techniques such as plaster casts, tape bandages, Dynacast and other splints, etc., application of aids, injections, neural therapy, acute vaccinations
  • Otolaryngology emergencies: outpatient surgical procedures, tamponades, punctures, sclerotherapy, hemostasis, removal of foreign bodies, introduction of medication, injections and infusions.
  • Home visit service: Accompanied by a paramedic from the Malteser Hilfsdienst, equipped with modern vehicles and medical equipment, an emergency doctor comes to your home in an emergency to help you.

The services are used exclusively for diagnostics and therapy in acute emergencies.

Emergency Guide


1. Is there an immediate danger? Then be sure to call an ambulance on nationwide 112 and do not drive the patient to the hospital yourself.

2. If the patient can no longer leave the house and needs a home visit from our doctors, this can be requested via Tel 116 117.

3. If the patient can leave the house, then come directly to the emergency practice at the Marienhospital without registration. You can use the access for lying sick people from the egg road. (No permanent parking in the courtyard). You can reach us by public transport via bus line 41, Marienhospital stop or with underground lines 1 and 14, Erwin-Schoettle-Platz stop.

4. Log on to the emergency practice counter (1st floor – lying patient access). You will need your insurance card there. You will then receive an emergency certificate.

5. With your emergency certificate, register at the reception of the emergency practice on the same floor. Please describe the nature of your complaints as precisely as possible to the non-medical staff so that any necessary preliminary examinations can be carried out directly.

6. Then take a seat in the waiting area on level 1. We strive to treat you as soon as possible. Do not be surprised if patients who have come after you are called for treatment earlier. Depending on the patient volume for the individual specialists, waiting times of different lengths can occur. Acute emergencies are naturally given priority.

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