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With its muted colors and classic stroller design, the Emmaljunga Mondial Duo Combi may only be noticed at second glance. But then all the more, because this luxury stroller leaves nothing to be desired.

The scope of delivery includes a very spacious carrycot and a pushchair attachment, the stroller accompanies you and your child for about the first 3 years. It offers comfort and security and also a few extras, so it is more in the upper price segment.

The Emmaljunga Mondial Duo combi stroller – our first impression

The Emmaljunga Mondial Duo looks classic, spacious and comfortable. With it you are well prepared for all wind and weather conditions and in the city as well on the Country always on the right way.

Quick Overview

We have put together the most important data and facts for you here:

Height of slide handle 63-117 cm
Collapsed (L x W x H) from 91 cm x 59 cm x 51 cm depending on the frame
Weight frame 7 – 9 kg depending on the frame
with carrycot 14.1 kg
as a sports seat 15.1 kg
bikes Air chamber wheel, front wheels swiveling and lockable
Seat unit can be implemented?
height adjustable footrest
adjustable back
5-point safety harness
Parking brake foot
GS and TÜV

This includes: carrycot and sports seat

The carrycot has a lot to offer: a shock absorber protects the child’s head, the bath bottom insulates and ventilates and the mattress is thick, soft and comfortable. The hood is adjustable and a sun sail is sewn in. A wind cover also protects in cold temperatures. A rain cover and an insect net are also included. Thanks to the reflective strips on the seams, you can also be easily recognized at night and at dusk.

The sports car attachment has a 5-point seat belt. The straps are elastic and very soft. The carrycot and the sports seat can be easily replaced. An adapter is required for a car seat.

The Emmaljunga stroller in the test

quality & safety

This stroller was also tested according to EN1888: 2012. Security continued with the TÜV certified and he carries the GS seal.

handling & flexibility

We went with the Emmaljunga over hill and dale and in the city. The inclination of the attachment is adjustable and although it is of course not as flexible and agile as other models, we drove very well on all roads and were very satisfied. Unfortunately, there is no shopping basket, the classic frame only has a grid.


You can choose between five different designs here. With dark blue, anthracite and white or vanilla, the colors are rather inconspicuous, but very noble. Different materials and colors are possible for the frames. Here are some pictures, then you can put together your favorite model:

The manufacturer

The manufacturer is the Swedish company Emmaljunga. You can look back on many years of experience and put on quality, Environmental protection and a production in Sweden. Therefore, the strollers from this company are also in the upper price segment.

Our experience with the Emmaljunga Mondial Duo Combi

We like that

  • large carrycot
  • perfect for off-road
  • good suspension
  • ideal for tall adults (parents and babies)

We don’t like that

  • relatively large and heavy
  • not exactly cheap

Buy Emmaljunga: Current prices

The price here is 917 euros. Depending on the equipment and frame, you can quickly get a price of over € 1000. You can compile it online, but you can only get it from a specialist dealer.

You can easily find your nearest dealer on our website!

Our conclusion

With the Emmaljunga you buy a solid and practical stroller. If it comes in terms of price and you don’t have to fold it up every day, it is certainly a good companion for you and your offspring.

Tips & tricks

  • You can find the current catalog here & you can download the operating instructions here.
  • The complete overview of the stroller test with all models can be found here.
  • We have put together the 9 best tips for buying a stroller here.

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