Employees with children have a privilege to vacation on vacation, yahoo clever

Is there a legal regulation that states that employees with school-age children have a privilege to vacation during the holiday season?

So some of my colleagues justify their vacation entitlement, which in turn I find kot.zen because it will be difficult for me and my partner to get vacation together.

Well, if I know that the parents are going away alone and that "child"(16y) party at home i get a neck.

In addition, I find it an injustice that I will be punished for the unbridled sex life of my colleagues, in which I have to take a vacation that others do not want or I do not want either.

Eat that fair.

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No – it is common practice, but there is no legal basis for this! Even if many parents would like it to – this law does not exist!

According to the new Discrimination Act, all employees are to be treated equally.

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Unfortunately, as a mother, I am forced to go on vacation during the main holiday season. Then when everyone is on vacation and it is particularly expensive. Off season is not possible for me and I don’t always find that good.

But I understand you, when I had no children, I felt the same way, now it’s different. Has everything advantages and disadvantages, do not worry.

There is no law that regulates this, but many companies handle it that way.

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Many employers consider the parenthood of their employees for purely social reasons. In Germany everything has to be socially justified. If an employee feels treated unfairly, he can complain immediately. But there is no law in which a vacation entitlement for parents is specifically regulated.

It is a shame that many take advantage of it and it is really not always easy own Adapt vacation with that of the partner. Nevertheless, the family comes first in Germany, which is not always bad. As an employer, it’s better to be on the safe side.

Maybe you should ask your boss for more justice on the part of the childless, but maybe he is also a total child fool and has deposited this in his company philosophy.

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No employees with children have no privilege to vacation during the holidays. There is no such law. There is also no need to guarantee that married couples are on vacation at the same time. These are just rules of cooperation. There is no legal entitlement.

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that’s the way it is, and if you had children it would also meet you ;-)

remember that many children e.g. in the holidays for at least 2 weeks from the day care center, what else should parents do apart from taking a vacation?

parentless people have the advantage of being able to go on a cheaper holiday because they do not fly / fly during the main holiday season. is also something ;-)

so don’t fret. see benefits and look forward to your vacation ;-)

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Well, there are always black sheep that take advantage of this, but in and of itself I think it’s completely okay, because as a parent you want to have a vacation with your children. So your problem is less with the employer than with your colleague. So I would go to the complaint. In addition, when we were childless, I was happy not to have to leave during the main holiday season, because it is too expensive, hot and crowded. Nothing is better than the end of May / beginning. June e.g. to travel. Too bad, with me it is no longer possible.

And remember, there are still companies these days, there are company holidays, yes, you have to take a vacation at a certain time, whether you like it or not. So, you’re not that bad at all.

You and your partner just have to register your vacation in the long term, something works for most companies.

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I no longer take it very seriously whether I go on vacation or take a vacation. I have all the time in the world and I am independent of school and employer. Ultimately, it’s the same thing. I’m well deserved retirement.

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The others have already said everything.

But: what are the different vacation times with the to do unbridled sex life? Does that mean that when I travel with my kids on vacation, I just pop all the time? It becomes a shoe, rather the opposite is the case.

And if you think that children are a result of unrestrained sex life, then I’d rather not comment. I thought that we were slowly behind us.

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Honestly Scooby,

i don’t understand your problem. We also have a child who is now going to school and I wouldn’t wish for it while to have to go on vacation during the holiday season. The prices in the holiday countries during the holidays are usually hardly affordable (around twice as high) and here in Germany the weather is not so tingling anyway. Of course, you can get upset that your colleague is always on vacation, but honestly at the end of June or early September it is much nicer in the vacation areas, and if you submit the vacation early enough to the employer who is happy that it is out of season and secondly, he can plan better.

I would rather show pity for my colleague that she has to pay the high prices.

By the way, just as an example:

I was with my wife and child at the end of June in Malle: 10 days / 4 stars / half board: 1400 euros.

4 weeks later, my brother-in-law was also three in the same hotel with the same services: 5 days 1450 euros


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