Enamel cracks on the incisors (health, medicine, teeth)

Enamel cracks on the incisors (health, medicine, teeth)

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I have had vertical white cracks on my incisors for some time. The dentist thinks it is enamel cracks and there is nothing you can do about it.

I forgot to ask if the cracks could get bigger?

Is a enamel crack very deep in the tooth, or on top of it?

Thanks for info.

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But there is something you can do about it. ;) as long as there are only melt cracks you could use a so-called "bonding" have it done — that is. you have a very thin layer of plastic applied to your teeth. LG Josyline;)

Dear Sir or Madam,

Enamel cracks are something quite normal. The melt cracks themselves never need treatment. Only the cause of the melting cracks may need to be dealt with. These can be: nocturnal or daily crunching, large differences in temperature during food intake and / or trauma. Enamel cracks are not a predilection site for caries.

The cracks are usually only superficial and are not harmful in themselves. Mostly they are caused by crunching. Presses or accidents and not caused by temperature fluctuations. Just investigate whether you grind your teeth at night or grit your teeth due to stress or had an accident earlier. Treatment is feasible depending on the cause. The dentist can prescribe a so-called bite splint for crunching or pressing

A melt crack is called that because it is a crack in the tooth enamel. It’s basically one "protective layer" around the tooth. Some people have very soft, some very hard enamel. If you eat / drink very hot or cold things, or the temperature differences fluctuate heavily for a short time (you drink hot tea from a thermos in the winter when you are sledding, that’s a big temperature difference, or "Ice cream with hot raspberries" or so). It can happen that there is a crack in the tooth enamel.

Avoid extremely hot or very cold food and drinks, so there is little chance that the cracks will grow or there will be new ones.

But that you can’t do anything against it!?

the enamel is there to protect the tooth.

I would go to a good dentist.

If the enamel is broken or has cracks, caries are free.

It is too late to seal your teeth in these places. Have a blood sample taken because of checking your mineral balance (especially calcium, potassium, etc. iron). If you are older, have a bone density measurement done.

In my opinion, a solution would be to grind the teeth in question and protect them with a ceramic cover. But better ask the specialist. It must be a good dentist!

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Is it possible that a layer of tartar can be removed from the tooth when the tartar is removed, so that the gap increases in my case? & I don’t mean a gap directly on the gums, but really a gap that extends from top to bottom between the two teeth. Or is it all just imagination?

thank you for your help!

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So I have a bite pain on the tooth and there you can see the caries cracks. I have nothing else.

Will go to the dentist tomorrow.

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Groove in top snow >

Hello, when I brushed my teeth for the last time, I noticed that there are small horizontal grooves in the upper two incisors along the cutting edge. They are not deep, let alone hurt. I only noticed it when I accidentally got my tongue at it.

You can think of it as an elongated trough along the foremost cutting edge of the incisors and located on the back of the tooth.

I also noticed that the groove on the left tooth in particular is slightly larger than that on the right tooth.

Now my question: Is this small groove natural and harmless and / or do you have to worry that it is a little clearer on one tooth than on the other tooth?

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