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Endodontics – Pain-free root canal treatment

The root canal treatment

An inflammation in the tooth interior – usually caused by caries bacteria – often leads to very strong toothache and is in desperate need of treatment, as there is a risk that the inflammation in the jawbone spreads without limits. While previously the affected tooth inevitably had to be removed, today, through expert treatment using the latest developments, we can offer you the opportunity to maintain this tooth in the long term, so you will not have to go without your own teeth – because nothing is as good as your own tooth.

By creating a latex-free blanket, we first provide a low-bacterial work area.

Subsequently, an access to the canal system of the tooth is created. Using a special microscope, even the smallest channels can be detected. Thus, it can be ensured that the complete tooth nerve with the tissue surrounding it is removed from the canal system, thus preventing inflammation from re-igniting.

Using state-of-the-art endometrial gauges, we can precisely determine the length of the root canal without exposure to radiation and then clean the canal in its full length.

For mechanical cleaning, we use highly flexible instruments made of a nickel-titanium alloy in combination with a computer-aided, torque-limited special motor. Using highly effective, ultrasonically activated disinfecting and rinsing solutions, we also remove bacteria and tissue residues from even the smallest structures and side channels of the complex root canal system.

Subsequently, a disinfecting substance is introduced into the tooth over several days.

As part of the following appointment, we fill the root canal system bacteria-tight three-dimensional with biocompatible filling material, seal the canal entrances with a special plastic long-term and seal the access to the root canal system by means of an adhesive filling.

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