Endodontics frankfurt: root canal treatment for root inflammation

Root canal treatment – endodontics (root canal treatment)

Successful and painless treatment of tooth root inflammation with laser at dentist P. Tomovic in Frankfurt

Anyone who has had tooth root inflammation knows how painful it can be. It is all too easy to ignore early signs of mild pain, tenderness on pressure and cold or hot foods, and the inflammation continues to go unnoticed. However, when pain occurs, they are Tooth root and the nerve already inflamed so far (or even dead) that a dental procedure is unavoidable. Basically, the dentist has two options in this case: pull the tooth or try to save with the help of endodontics or a root canal treatment.

Tooth pull or try to save the tooth?

Pull the tooth has the big disadvantage that this is finally lost. If the resulting tooth gap is not quickly closed again, there is a risk that the neighboring teeth take up the vacated space. Ie. they can “tilt inwards”, leading to an imbalance between the two jaws, which can cause long-term head, neck and back pain. To a malposition of the jaw (CMD – craniomandibular dysfunction) and to avoid a significantly increased wear of the adjacent teeth, it is necessary to close the resulting gap as quickly as possible. Either by a dental bridge or with one implant.

Save the tooth with the help of endodontics or root canal treatment (or root canal treatment). The inflamed nerve is completely removed and all root canals of the affected tooth are perfectly cleansed, to stop the tooth root inflammation. If the inflammation is detected and treated early enough, this measure can be very successful. So you keep your own tooth and do not need a dental bridge or an implant.

Which of the two treatment methods for tooth root inflammation are now used are individually determined by a detailed examination.

How does a tooth root inflammation develop??

Most of the cause of the inflammation of the tooth root and nerve is due to a deep caries. When bacteria enter the dentin from the outside, infest the interior of the tooth and get into the fine root canals, this leads to inflammation of the tooth‘s nerve and consequently toothache. If such an inflammation remains untreated, there is a risk that it will affect the surrounding bone and thus damage the bone substance. The bacteria can spread to the soft tissues and cause serious infections.

What is endodontics or a root canal treatment??

Root canal treatment is also referred to as endodontic treatment. Therefore the umbrella term “endodontics“. This term derives from the Greek. “Endodont” literally means “being in the tooth”. So basically the tooth nerve (also called pulp), which is located inside the tooth and pulls down through the root canal to the root tip. Hence the term “root canal treatment” or “root canal treatment”.

In a root canal treatment, the dentist removes the inflamed pulp (soft tissue inside a tooth) and frees the root canal from bacteria. The cleaned root canals can then be filled with bacteria-tight with a self-curing paste and the tooth can be closed again.

The 4 phases of a root canal treatment – root filling

1) The inflamed tooth: inflamed root and inflamed root canal
2) The tooth is drilled out
3) The nerve is removed and the root canal cleaned
4) After the drug treatment and after the sterilization with the laser, the root canal is completely filled up with a self-hardening paste and the tooth is closed again.

Course of a root canal treatment (endodontics)

Successful and painless root canal treatment with innovative techniques and modern equipment

In our dental practice in Frankfurt, we use state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques to treat the inflamed tooth roots as much as possible painless and, above all, to increase the chances of successful endodontics. These include: mechanical reprocessing, electronic length measurement of the root canal, laser treatment and sound rinsing.

If the affected tooth is too inflamed and cause the patient great pain, we put first special medicines and wait until the inflammation has gone down. After a few days or as soon as the tooth is no longer painful, root canal treatment can be performed.

Under local anesthesia is the First of all, the tooth has been drilled out in order to be able to remove all parts of the pulp. By a accurate electronic measurement of the root canal we make sure that we do not drill too deep or remove enough diseased material.

The success of endodontics or root canal treatment depends very much on the fact that the root canals are brought into an absolutely germ-free state before they can be filled up. We achieve this through the combined use of antiseptic rinses and lasers. Nowadays, it has been scientifically proven that this method ensures the highest chances of success in endodontics. According to the latest findings, the laser disinfects up to 10 times deeper in the tooth tissue than an antiseptic solution.

After all pulp portions have been removed and the root canal has been brought into an absolutely germ-free state, the Root filling are made. The channels are sealed with a self-hardening paste (Gutta-Percha) bacteria-proof, to protect against re-invasion of bacteria.

Finally, that still has to Borehole be supplied. This can after the size of the hole with a Ceramic inlay, a composite filling or one crown done.

All in all, we can look forward to a very high success rate (about 99% of all previous endodontic treatments) as well as a practical one painless treatment method. However, should it come despite a correct root canal treatment to re-inflammation of the root tip, we can as the last salvation of the tooth Wurzelspitzenresektion, short WZR, perform.

Preventive measures

caries bacteria These are the main causes of inflammation and therefore painful tooth root inflammation. That’s why one good home oral hygiene and regular checkups and Professional tooth cleaning The best insurance for healthy teeth at your dentist.

If you feel a toothache, do not wait too long before contacting your dentist. Have your tooth examined at an early stage to increase the chances of a caries treatment or possible root canal treatment / endodontics.
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