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With our endodontists you are in the right hands for inflammations of the pulp or root inflammations.

Tolerance, stability and balance in the mouth are best achieved with your own teeth. In endodontics we deal with the treatment of inflammations of the pulp and their consequences. Our aim is to preserve the tooth even if it is diseased up to the nerve area.

In endodontics, therefore, an extremely thorough and careful procedure without time pressure is the only way to ensure the long-term durability of the tooth. A sound diagnosis and a corresponding therapy plan make the situation and the necessary steps transparent to the patient. In a more comprehensive therapy plan, the guiding principle is: the most important things first.

Innovative instruments enable extremely gentle and careful work

The root canal system of a tooth is comparable to a tree root with many branches. These branches are so fine that they can only be seen with a surgical microscope. With the conventional technique, often only a part of the main canal is treated accordingly. Thus, there is a danger that new disease foci will develop over time and that the tooth will eventually have to be pulled out. The endodontists in the Frauenplatz practice in Munich are experienced specialists whose expertise combined with modern technology ensures a success rate far above average.

How do we proceed with root canal treatment?

In a so-called root canal treatment (the last possibility to save an inflamed tooth), the working area of the affected tooth is first completely isolated (coffer dam) in order to keep saliva bacteria away and to be able to work absolutely clean, dry and precise. Under the surgical microscope, all the bulges and channels of the tooth are then inspected and displayed. They must be cleaned continuously in order to completely remove residual tissue and germs from the interior of the canal. This is the only way to eliminate the cause of the inflammation in the tooth or bone. We use ultrasound to gently remove the bacteria that cause the inflammation and to clean the tooth.

The complete and bacteria-proof filling of the cleaned canals is a prerequisite for the permanent preservation of the tooth. In this way, germs can no longer penetrate the canal system. It goes without saying that sterility and really dry working are the be-all and end-all of a successful treatment. The entire treatment is documented by video or photographs.

The care and thoroughness of the procedure is decisive for the future of your tooth. We invest the time we need for a first-class and reliable result. An effort that pays off in your favour in the long term.

The individual steps of a root canal treatment at a glance

1. the crown of the tooth is carious.

2. the root canal system is already infected.

3. the inflammatory process on the bone has begun.

Fourth caries is removed. An access to the root canal system is now made through the tooth crown. Cleaning and preparation can now begin.

5 The root canal system is now filled very carefully and tightly. The access is closed with a plastic filling.

The different therapy methods of the specialist practice:

  • Primary root canal treatment, see above

Tooth loss can be avoided by 90%.

  • Revision of existing root fillings

The second chance for your tooth

Revision of a root canal treatment

When is a revision necessary?

If a primary root canal treatment has not been carried out successfully, in many cases the tooth can be preserved by a new root canal treatment (revision).

How do we proceed?

During a revision treatment we remove the old root filling. Then we disinfect and refill the root canal completely. The revision is usually somewhat more time-consuming, as we first have to remove the old root canal filling and, if necessary, root posts gently and residue-free. However, the further procedure does not differ in principle from the primary root canal treatment.

  • WSR Root tip resection

Better a small cut than a large gap

Root tip resection – Better a small cut than a large gap

When is a root tip resection necessary?

If a revision does not seem to be useful or could not contribute to the desired result, a surgical root tip resection is another possibility to preserve the tooth.

How do we proceed?

Through a small gum incision we create access to the inflamed root apex. As a rule, we separate the last three millimetres of the affected root tip and remove the inflammatory tissue. From the root tip (retrograde) we fill the root with a special root filling. The wound on the gums is closed with a fine suture.

Thanks to state-of-the-art techniques, instruments and materials, this procedure is microsurgical, i.e. very gentle and atraumatic. Postoperative complaints are thus reduced to a minimum in the specialist practice. Of course, we always use a surgical microscope for magnification in this difficult work.

Microsurgery enables gentle surgery and minimization of postoperative pain.

  • bleaching

A dark tooth belongs in the hands of an endodontist.

Bleaching – a dark tooth belongs in the hands of an endodontist

Why does a tooth get dark?

The discoloration of a tooth can be caused, for example, by excessive root filling material or by the death of the tooth. The specialist practice at Frauenplatz uses bleaching agents that are gentle on the teeth and whiten the tooth from the inside to decolorize it. We take care to restore the original shade of the tooth and to ensure natural aesthetics.

In our waiting area you will find further information about endodontics.

Our endodontists will also be happy to talk to you.

Here you can find further information about teeth and dental hygiene. We are your dentist in Munich – specialist practice at Frauenplatz.

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