English language trips for schoolchildren, youth school trips

Exciting English language courses in summer

English, French, Italian or Spanish – a new language is best learned in the respective country and in community with peers. Language trips that combine adventure, culture and language courses are particularly popular. Children and adolescents learn a foreign language in a playful manner and in close cultural contact with their mother tongue.

ELC (English Language Center) offers exciting youth language trips to international young people. With us, students from all over the world have unforgettable experiences abroad on language courses, learn to speak English and get to know the country and its people better. Our student language tours offered in August include a semi-intensive English course with 20 lessons per week and daily leisure activities. The course participants can live in the ELC dormitory on campus or take part in the courses and activities as day participants. At UCSB, ELC also offers accommodations in an American host family.

Families traveling together can take part in our family program. Course participants between the ages of 11 to 13 or 14 to 17 years can take part in our summer English courses for schoolchildren. Parents and students aged 18 and over can participate in our adult courses and programs. ELC can arrange separate or shared family accommodation for you. ELC can also arrange separate or joint activities for you. Please contact ELC for more information.



Intensive English

30-lesson per week course includes language skill areas including grammar, vocabulary conversation, pronunciation, speaking, listening comprehension and reading and writing or an elective (intermediate level and above) two afternoons a week.

Intensive English

30-lesson per week course includes language skill areas including grammar, vocabulary conversation, pronunciation, speaking, listening comprehension and reading and writing or an elective (intermediate level and above) two afternoons a week.

Intensive English

30-lesson per week course includes language skill areas including grammar, vocabulary conversation, pronunciation, speaking, listening comprehension and reading and writing or an elective (intermediate level and above) two afternoons a week.

Language courses with international classmates

In the language courses for schoolchildren offered by the language school ELC, young people learn English on the campus of UCLA (in the metropolis of Los Angeles), UCSB, or Wheelock College in the summer and experience a great time with other international students from England, Ireland, France , Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Malta, South Africa, Germany and many other countries.

Our student language tours offered in July and August include a semi-intensive language course with 20 lessons per week, a room on campus and daily free time activities.

Learn English with ELC language courses and experience the USA

Compared to British language travel cities such as London, Brighton, Bournemouth, York or Oxford, the ELC campuses offer a classic American college experience. Students at UCLA (Los Angeles) and UCSB (Santa Barbara) soak up the California sun, while language courses at Wheelock College in Massachusetts offer the special charm of New England.

Our language courses for students promise great friendships with young people from all over the world who often last for many years, an unforgettable time in North America and, of course, language skills in English. In addition to correct Oxford English, participants learn valuable authentic Everyday English. With the extensive and varied program in addition to the language course, our student language tours put every conventional student exchange at a high school in the shade.

Students between the ages of 14 and 17 can take part in our student language tours. You can choose one of our four campuses. Younger students (ages 11 to 13) can choose between language trips to UCSB or Wheelock College.

Special language courses, special courses

A US language course with ELC to New England or California takes at least 1 week. The focus of the student language trip is an English semi-intensive course with 20 hours per week (50 minutes each).

Adventure, culture or sports and the beach: During the week, a varied program in the afternoon and evening ensures variety. Full-day excursions on Sundays as well as optional activities and excursions in the evenings and on Saturdays also create the opportunity to get to know classmates from many different countries better and to make international friends in America, France, Ireland, Italy or Canada. ELC students experience a language school like no other.

Language courses in Los Angeles: Summer course at UCLA

perfecting your English and experience the California sun in Los Angeles! ELC student language courses on the University of California campus offer participants the unique opportunity to live on the campus of a world-famous US university and to learn English in an individual and intensive language course.

The participants of the UCLA language courses in summer live in a dormitory on campus. Students learn English in the morning, and in the afternoon there are various activity programs to choose from, e.g. the University Explorer program or the Film Explorer program. At weekends, participants can choose from optional activities; on Sundays, compulsory full-day trips are planned.

Language courses in Santa Barbara: Summer course at UCSB

Junior English courses in Santa Barbara, California offer participants a sunny learning environment near the beach. They are housed in the Santa Catalina dormitory.

In addition to the actual language course, Santa Barbara also focuses on the special leisure program. The classic program contains a mix of cultural and sporting activities, sightseeing and shopping. In the special UCSB Explorer program “Surf Explorer” participants (for an additional fee) learn to surf on the world-famous beaches of Santa Barbara. The special UCSB Explorer program “Outdoor Explorer” will discover the beautiful mountains and the sea around Santa Barbara while hiking, kayaking and riding.

English courses in Boston: Summer course at Wheelock College

Junior English courses in Boston in tranquil New England offer participants the opportunity to live and learn in state-of-the-art facilities in the heart of Boston.

In the University Explorer program, students take part in extensive college prep courses. In addition to football and basketball training, the Special Wheelock Explorer program “Sports Explorer” also organizes baseball and American football as well as visits to sporting events. In the entrepreneur program, participants (English learners of the upper intermediate and advanced level) learn leadership and entrepreneurship in a two-week course.

English courses in New England: Learn and Travel

Junior English courses in the New England cities Boston offers the opportunity to visit the picturesque landscapes of New England with their unique mountain ranges, rivers and lakes before, during or after the actual student language trip. And to Canada, e.g. to Montreal, it is not far either.

Another special attraction of New England: the Indian Summer. In late autumn there is fantastic dry weather, while the leaves of Wädler New England are bathed in rich browns and yellows. At this time, visits to the park and hiking and canoeing tours were particularly popular with locals and tourists. It is a special time that everyone who ends up in New England should have experienced.

Fully organized language trips

ELC provides all texts and teaching materials during the language trips. At the end of the course, each participant will receive a certificate of the passed language course and stay abroad. ELC language courses offer participants full board accommodation, local transfers and airport transfers, as well as attentive care. The number of participants is limited to 15 participants per language course.

For over 35 years: language courses from an experienced partner

Since 1978, the ELC has been offering English language courses and language trips to students and adults impart valuable language skills from around the world in a renowned language school. USA instead of England: On language courses at one of ELC’s English language schools, you will get to know exciting cities such as Los Angeles, Boston and Santa Barbara and speak English with fellow students from London, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Melbourne and many other cities around the world. In addition to the winter English courses in Los Angeles, Boston and Santa Barbara, winter courses are also available for students.

Your language study trip to the USA: Learn English with ELC

Language courses are a great way to get to know the country, culture and people. We offer language courses and courses for both schoolchildren and adults. The English Language Center offers student language tours, preparation for TOEFL tests, business English courses and various intensive courses. Improve your English with ELC.

Find out now about language courses for students, language courses for adults and many other offers for learning English. We offer you individual advice.


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