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You want your child bilingual becomes?

The English language in particular is indispensable nowadays, be it at school, in the professional world or in private life. And of course you want to give your child the best of life.

But maybe you think that there is still time to learn English, it is still so small.

But learning a foreign language stimulates his intellect and that Development of his cognitive skills on. The earlier he learns a language, the faster his linguistic skills develop, in both languages.

So how can you make a foreign language tasty for your child without putting pressure on it? How does learning English work for beginners?

English lessons for toddlers requires a certain teaching technique, i.e. an interactive and entertaining pedagogy, so as not to discourage the child.

Between four and twelve years, it develops its interpersonal contact skills and internalizes behaviors and social values. Then is the right time to teach him the English language.

In childhood it is neural plasticity largest, which means that new English words are permanently written into his memory.

Parents or teachers can count on a variety English teaching material for children To fall back on.

Here are some interesting ideas that will give your child the first knowledge of English.

English teaching methods for children

It is important that the child gains trust in the learning process so that he can memorize the new words.

The prerequisite when learning English for children is that the teaching method interactive and entertaining is.

This motivates the child and makes it easier for them to learn their first English words and immerse themselves in the English language.

It has to deal with the sound, the pronunciation and the syntax familiarize yourself with the new language, like a guitarist who deals with a new style of music and feels like a beginner.

Therefore, the fun factor is not to be neglected. If the child feels pressure when learning English for beginners, they lose interest in it.

In order to introduce it to the English language, parents or teachers can use songs and games. A lot is accessible thanks to the new technologies.

If learning is not fun, the child gets bored and loses interest. | Source: visualhunt

Learn English with songs and music

Everyone knows that songs and music spread a good mood. So learning a foreign language through music makes it fun for the child.

An effective method: English children’s songs

Even as an adult, you often remember children’s songs, even English songs that you learned at school, such as to the Alphabet song.

His easy Melody is easy to remember, so that you can quickly sing along and soon know the English letters by heart.

The international music market has also been dominated by Anglo-Saxon culture since the second half of the 20th century. Every day we are confronted with English rock or pop songs.

So make yourself the cultural one globalization Use and listen to English and American songs with your child so that they get used to the sound of the language.

It may not understand the text, but his hearing gets used to English, which will make it easier for him to learn the language later.

An entertaining language learning method!

Learn English with games

Games enable your child to literally learn a language “playfully”. The focus is on fun, and learning is done on the side.

There is a wide selection of entertaining and partly free games.

E-learning is revolutionizing the pedagogy of language learning more and more. Nowadays, adults and children can do all kinds of things on the Internet learn languages.

The British Council website has numerous games, videos, songs and flash cards for children that make learning English entertaining.

Furthermore there is in the Apple store and up Google Play numerous English learning apps for kids to download.

English songs are the ideal introduction to the Beatles language! | Source: visualhunt

English courses for children

There are different language schools that English lessons especially for children to offer.

Learning studio Barbarossa

This tutoring and language school offers language courses for children from the age of three. Children learn English, French and German as a foreign language with games and singing and use the language from the very beginning.

The learning studio Barbarossa has 160 branches all over Germany and has existed for 30 years.


Berlitz is one of the largest language schools in the world and is known for immersing its students completely in the language ("immersion"). This is particularly effective for children.

Children from the age of four can learn English and other languages ​​in small groups. The teachers are only native speakers and teach the children in an entertaining way with age-appropriate topics.

Helen Doron English Learning Center

In the mid-1980s, linguist Helen Doron developed language classes for children based on imitating child language learning and entertainment.

Today the school is represented worldwide, including 77 in Germany.

Children from three to 19 years learn English vocabulary and syntax in an age-appropriate manner Game, movement and music, speak to all your senses. Interactive workbooks are also used from the age of six.

The Helen Doron teachers also come to daycare centers and schools. Just talk to the head of your facility!

In English courses specially designed for children, they learn the language with fun and games. | Source: visualhunt


This game language school in Berlin is dedicated to early childhood language education and is open to children from three to twelve years old.

In addition to English, Spanish, French and German are also taught, also using the immersion method, which is very fertile for children. The language courses are playful and appeal to all of the children’s senses.

Academia Suárez – International House Frankfurt

In addition to adult classes, this facility also organizes courses for children from the age of five.

Above all, she attaches great importance to the communication and motivation of the children in order to introduce them to the English language without neglecting grammar and vocabulary.

Lessons take place in small groups, either in holiday block courses or as regular afternoon classes.

Language school active

This language school in Munich offers vacation and weekly courses for children and adolescents from kindergarten age, in group and individual lessons.

The children are classified according to level and learn English, Spanish and French in a fun way.

Effective English tutorials for children

When learning or teaching a foreign language, you should choose the right method.

It is not easy to find yourself in the flood of innumerable Educational materials for children Find your way around, especially when challenges such as a reading and spelling disorder are added when learning English.

Super Prof introduces you to some well-functioning methods here.

Dino Lingo

Dino Lingo is a language program designed for children up to eight years old, based on interactivity. It consists from six DVDs that convey the 200 most common words and sentences in one language.

In addition, the children have the opportunity to repeat what they have learned with the supplied index cards.

Through the involvement of the child, 2D and 3D animations and the regular repetition of the terms, this method achieves its learning effect and has already won several prizes.

I Love English Mini

This language program includes 30 learning videos with pronunciation exercises, vocabulary lists (for printing) and online exercises for the videos, which are corrected immediately.

At the end of each lesson, the child will be rewarded with a coloring page, an online game or an English video song.

I Love English Mini teaches children from six to nine years in a playful way basic English vocabulary.

Little Pim

Little Pim is a learning method that teaches children up to six years of English the basics with the help of videos. Six years since the learning capacity of the memory is the best in the first years of life.

An interesting concept that allows the child to listen to the sound of the English language used, even if it is not yet able to read, write and count.

It is best to start bilingualism as early as possible!

Use the advances in technology and give your child an amusing and effective English learning program. | Source: visualhunt

And if you prefer one instead of online games "real" English teacher preferred, try online lessons via webcam.

On Super Prof For example, you will find a large selection of teachers who enable your child to learn English online – from Germany and the whole (English-speaking) world!

Language courses in an English speaking country

Language trips or even long stays abroad (study, work) are very popular with the Germans, because only in the country itself is the best way to learn a language.

The English we learn at school is not enough to speak like a resident of London or New York.

A student exchange, on the other hand, allows your child to immerse themselves directly in the language, which makes his Knowledge of English and its English pronunciation improve rapidly.

How about a language trip for your child?

There are numerous organizations that organize language trips for students.

So too iSt GmbH, organizes language courses for students aged 12 to 21 as well as internships abroad, au pair stays and work and travel for adults aged 18 and over.

Here your child does not go into the unknown, but is looked after all round: it has a place in an English course and a room with a host family. So ideal to have a foreign experience in Canada, the USA or England.

If your child is younger than 15 years old, choose a not too distant country like England or Scotland for a stay abroad.

Older people, on the other hand, can be sent to New Zealand or Australia, where they can get to know the breathtaking flora and fauna of Oceania, and without further ado to learn English become.

After this cultural and linguistic immersion bath, your child is guaranteed to come back bilingually!


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