Enjoy a holiday in our riding farm on the north sea

Our riding stable on the North Sea is a real highlight for many small visitors.

The horse farm on the North Sea: The Familotel Frieslandstern

Would you like to combine a holiday on the North Sea with a holiday on a horse farm? With this in mind, you are at the right place with us at the Familotel Frieslandstern in Wangerland. Our horse farm is located directly on the North Sea. You have the dike that separates the sea and the beach from our hotel, almost directly on the doorstep.

Paying a visit to a horse farm on the North Sea gives you impressions that no other horse farm in Lower Saxony or the entire Federal Republic can offer. Because we are the only horse farm on the North Sea and in general, which offers guided rides on the beach. With the horse through the sand, that’s only possible in our horse farm on the North Sea.

Our riding stable on the North Sea is a real one for many little visitors highlight.

Many horses live on our horse farm on the North Sea

Before riding out, you should visit our riding facility. In our stable there are three ponies, nine Haflingers and our 15 Dutch Frisians. With this selection of horses we have the right animals for every age and experience. Guests who have rarely or possibly never sat on a horse can take their first steps in the saddle with us.

Every working day, our horse specialist Gerd Keltenborn offers lessons for beginners and advanced learners from 9 a.m. (up to class A). Here you will not only learn the basic commands and get a feeling of what riding feels like, but also learn the basics maintenance and for feeding the horses. Please note that we cannot offer lessons for professionals. We are hobby riders who live out their passion in their free time. This also means that you will not see any riders in elegant riding clothes with us, but we will maintain a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

Due to the location of our horse farm on the North Sea, you can also experience a lot away from our horses. The dike is on the doorstep, the beach and the water of the North Sea directly behind it. For city trips, Wilhelmshaven and Jever are close to our Familotel Frieslandstern, East Friesland with the cities of Emden, Aurich or Leer can also be reached quickly by car.

Our horse farm on the North Sea combines relaxed horse riding with a beach holiday and a high cultural offer. The Familotel Frieslandstern is the right place for you.


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