Entry requirements for your holiday with dog in france – travel4dogs – travel4dogs

Entry requirements for your holiday with dog in france - travel4dogs - travel4dogs

Entry requirements for dogs in France

Holiday with dog in France: the rules

For the holidays with a dog in France, the

EU entry requirements for dogs

  • Carrying of the EU pet passport (new passes since 29.12.2014, the old passports remain valid.)
  • Your dog must be labeled with a microchip (or with a tattoo made before 3 July 2011 that is clearly legible).
  • Her dog was at least 12 weeks old at the time of the first rabies vaccination and the vaccine was given by an authorized veterinarian. The period of validity of the vaccination extends to the end of the vaccination period specified by the manufacturer. This also applies in the case of repeat vaccinations. A re-vaccination is considered to be the first vaccination if it did not take place within the validity period. The vaccine is not before the time of labeling.
  • Your entry must be made no earlier than 21 days after completing the vaccination protocol recommended by the manufacturer for the first vaccination.

Traveling with puppies
Dogs younger than 15 weeks are not allowed to enter:
Since the beginning of 2015, puppies are only allowed to travel with a valid rabies vaccine. From the requirements for the minimum age (12 weeks) and the training of the vaccine protection (21 days), this means that puppies may be taken at the age of 15 weeks at the earliest.

With how many dogs traveling?
A maximum of 5 dogs may be taken on holiday trips.

Prohibited breeds of dogs
France knows dogs of 1st and 2nd category, for which there are different conditions for entry and transit. If you are not sure whether your dog belongs to one of these categories, you must be able to produce a certificate (detailed and understandable to French authorities) from a veterinarian confirming that your dog does not belong to one of these two categories. Without this certificate, your dog may be confiscated.

dogs without official family tree papers, whose appearance is in agreement with the following breeds in France Category 1:

  • American Staffordshire Terrier (“Pittbul”)
  • Mastiff (“Burbull”)
  • Tosa

These dogs are prohibited for entry and transit.

Purebred dogs of the type American Staffordshire Terriers (Pittbul), Mastiff (Boerbull), Tosa belong to France 2nd category and are allowed under the following conditions for entry and transit:

  • Your dog must be registered in a register approved by the international dog federation. You must submit this document on request (exception Rottweiler type).
  • Your dog must be kept on a leash during your stay in France (by an adult) and must wear a muzzle.
  • Your dog is not allowed in public transport and facilities.

Note: Doberman and mastiff do not belong to the 1st or 2nd category and may therefore travel in and out without restrictions. However, we recommend taking a muzzle with you and possibly putting it on.

Further useful information u.a. for linen, beach rules or if your dog with the restaurant, you can find in our Country information on Pet friendly holidays in France .


Our travel information is based on the information available from the Federal Foreign Office at the time specified. A guarantee for the correctness and completeness as well as a liability can not be taken over by travel4dogs. Entry requirements (especially for certain breeds of dogs) may change at short notice. Holders of a dog breed classified as ‘potentially dangerous’ are always advised to check the current entry information of the embassy of your holiday destination when planning their journey. The decision to carry out a trip is solely your responsibility.

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