Environmental dentistry for chronically ill patients, dentists nymphenburg

Environmental dentistry

The focus of environmental dentists is comprehensive dental treatment chronically ill patients.

The use of individual preventive treatment concepts with the aim of preventing or relieving chronic inflammatory diseases even far away from the oral cavity is an integral part of the Environmental dentistry.

Focus of environmental dentists

The Environmental dentistry is a new interdisciplinary discipline for dentists, physicians of other disciplines and dental technicians.

The allergy rate in Germany has doubled in the last 20 years. In our existing environment, we are exposing ourselves to more and more external influences, materials and pollutants, which in sum can be an ignition trigger.

The chronic inflammatory diseases such as allergies, diabetes, rheumatism, Crohn’s disease, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis and many more, are becoming increasingly important in our civilization.

The inflammation or the inflammatory potential of an organism is, so to speak, the “breeding ground” for the onset of chronic diseases and cell changes. Initially, inflammation is a defense against damaging influences. However, the variety of trigger factors for which human biology is unprepared can not be prepared, leading more and more to the fact that the immune system of an organism no longer controls or regulates.

Dentistry uses a variety of materials and materials.
To ensure that these materials are well tolerated by chronically ill people, we felt compelled to give our patients, who already have an allergic or known allergies, a special test method offer, before, for example, a denture is made. So there is a high degree of certainty that the dentures are also well tolerated.

Even clinically healthy people may already be sensitized to certain ingredients of a dental material.

Worth knowing about environmental dentistry

On LTT is a preventative, precautionary laboratory method, e.g. a right, compatible material for one dentures to find. In addition to individual material groups (metals, plastics, cements), individual material samples can also be tested.

Allergies / diseases

Diseases with chronic inflammatory conditions are becoming increasingly important, especially in the more highly developed industrialized nations. These include allergies, diabetes, rheumatism, gastric, intestinal or thyroid disorders.

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