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The WDR is accused of instrumentalizing children for the environmental sow song. Now the argument in the house continues to escalate. Tom Buhrow in particular faces massive criticism.

  • A climatic song by the WDR children’s choir caused outrage on the Internet.
  • The broadcaster had the lyrics of the song "My grandma drives a motorcycle in the hen house" recast.
  • WDR director Tom Buhrow is now heavily criticized – freelance authors are already demanding consequences.

Update January 6, 2020, 3:14 p.m .: Numerous freelance television authors show solidarity in the debate about this "Umweltsau" song with the WDR employees and criticize Director Tom Buhrow. In a statement to this effect, more than 40 signatories wrote: "With his reaction to the artificially created scandal, Tom Buhrow has fallen into a trap from which he cannot get out without a massive loss of credibility."

The authors further demanded: “A media manager whose handling of modern, right-wing propaganda is so much Naivety and clumsiness testifies and who is unable to answer the simplest questions of the Freedom of the press and freedom of expression Placing in front of his employees endangers these freedoms. He should take the consequences. "

Signatories include the "Neo Magazin Royale"-Author Max Bierhals, the chief author of the ZDF “Today Show”, Morten Kühne and Stefan Stuckmann, inventors of the comedy series "Eichwald, MdB". With the declaration, the signatories also want to achieve that "Umweltsau" song is put online again.

5:21 pm: The dispute over the "Umweltsau" -Satire of WDR seems to have no end. Demonstrated in front of the WDR building in downtown Cologne on Saturday Hundreds of people for and against public service broadcasting. The reason was the controversial "environmental sow" song of the station, which had triggered a shit storm in the network.

Police said it happened on the sidelines of the demonstrations smaller tumult and wrangling. As a result, there were seven ads. Another person was arrested. The police used pepper spray.

"Grandma is an environmental pig": Demonstration in front of the WDR building

Various right-wing groups had called for a demonstration against public service broadcasting. According to the police, around 50 people took part.

It was estimated that several hundred people came together in a counter rally. This was organized by the alliance "Cologne against Right" under the name "No buckling before hatred and agitation – clear edge against right". The rally was supported by the Verdi trade union and the German Association of Journalists (DJV), among others..

Council President of the Evangelical Church: "In no case acceptable are death threats against WDR employees"

11.35 a.m.: Also the Council President of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) currently reports of death threats, like her WDR employees because of the "Umweltsau" -Lieds receive. bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm he said Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung, after he became aware of plans of the Evangelical Church for his own Refugee rescue ship Received "quite concrete threats". The Bavarian state bishop criticized one in this context Lack of ethics on the Internet.

He takes the death threats against him "not very seriously," he continued AFP according to. However, it is still important that these are consistently supported by the police would be persecuted. This applies not only to himself, but: “They are completely independent of how you want to judge the satirical song Death threats against WDR employees under no circumstances acceptable", emphasized the EKD council chair.

WDR rages: In Brandbrief, editors now heavily attack Director Buhrow

Update January 4th, 2020: The debate about this is also boiling in the new year "My grandmother is an environmental pig" song at the West German radio further. Now WDR employees have a brand letter to their director Tom Buhrow written. The letter, which was first reported by the portal overmedia, states among other things:

"Dear colleagues, like many of you, we are stunned: of course not about a satire that can be a matter of taste, no, we are stunned that director Tom Buhrow gives in to a shitstorm apparently orchestrated by right-wing extremists hastily editorially distanced and the (WDR2) video with the satirical children’s song can not only be deleted, not only apologized personally, but also repeatedly publicly (including live at WDR2) editors in the back instead of against them in times of staged waves of indignation to support the WDR and the ÖRR. "

One is "extremely irritated by this blatant violation of internal freedom of broadcasting and poor management of the crisis". It harmed both the reputation and the colleagues of the WDR.

The editorial board wants to hold an extraordinary editorial meeting on January 7th to openly discuss "the events and mistakes of the past days".

"Grandma is an environmental pig": WDR employees receive personal protection because of death threats

Update 9:00 p.m .: The "Grandma Gate" and its aftermath have drawn wide circles and have now ensured that the WDR wants to provide personal protection to its employees. In an internal email to the employees, director Tom Buhrow announced further legal steps. "WDR employees receive death threats. We offer these colleagues personal protection and take legal action against them. We will do everything we can to protect our employees", it says in the mail that Mirror online is present. A failed video is one thing, Buhrow continues, but death threats are quite another.

The controversy surrounding the # OmaGate video resulted in insults and even death threats. "We will do our utmost to protect our employees," says WDR director Tom Buhrow. pic.twitter.com/SSC3AZEHgf

The BR is now also facing a scandal: a well-known moderator raises serious accusations against director Ulrich Wilhelm – and leaves the station.

Death threats from WDR video: "Something is really sick in our country"

Update 7.48 p.m .: According to one expert, the great excitement is about the failed one "Umweltsau" -Satire of the WDR among other things on targeted "mobilizationRight social media accounts. “Grandma Gate” is “a very typical example of right-wing indignation and mobilization – both in terms of structure and in terms of topics and arguments", the author Patrick Stegemann said mirror.

According to a Twitter evaluation until December 30th 210,000 tweets on the topic – in a first wave especially by right-wing multipliers. In this spectrum of opinions, some accounts were particularly noticeably active. Stegemann described the reaction of the WDR to the shit storm as "not particularly smart" – "Troll-heavy communication" was considered "true indignation".

On police spokesman Meanwhile, the news magazine confirmed that several members of an alleged right-wing extremist group from North Rhine-Westphalia joined one Demonstration in front of the WDR building participated. "About 200 people attended the meeting, of which about 25 were the ‘Brotherhood Germany‘assigned", the spokesman said mirror. It is currently being investigated whether the rally was “organized or influenced” by right-wing extremists.

The CSU meanwhile, on Monday evening, once again demonstrated demonstratively on the part of the WDR critics. "It is completely unacceptable that young is turned against old," says a tweet from the official party account – "we do not allow a division of society".

Clear attitude against defamation and defamation of the older generation. We do not allow a division of society. It is completely unacceptable that young people are incited against old ones! pic.twitter.com/vDG1mYoyMH

The first headwind came from the Bavarian Greens Dieter Janecek. "It is completely unacceptable to want to exploit the grannies of our country for an artificially created generation conflict," he countered. And added a somewhat surprising, but appropriate to the subject area of ​​his party: ". just because the CSU doesn’t want to act on climate protection. "

"Something is really sick in our country": WDR boss wants to tackle death threats after "environmental pig" song

Update 3:11 p.m .: The "Umweltsau" song of WDR is currently experiencing the most violent reactions – even up to death threats against broadcaster employees. WDR director Tom Buhrow is "shaken" in her own words. In the “Mittagsmagazin” on WDR 2, he said: “We will not tolerate this, I will take legal action against it.” The threats revealed a terrifying amount of brutalization. “Something is really sick in our country and we all have to contribute to that that changes“Said Buhrow. "We in the media have to be a little more humble (.) And sometimes have to endure criticism." But threats of violence are not to be accepted. Buhrow is the boss of the largest ARD broadcaster.

Here is the full lyrics: "My grandma is an old environmental pig"

My grandma drives a motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle in the hen house. That’s 1000 liters of super every month. My grandma is an old environmental pig!

My grandma says riding a motorcycle is really cool, really cool, really cool. She uses the thing in a nursing home as a wheelchair, my grandma is an old environmental pig.

My grandma drives up to the doctor in the SUV, to the doctor, to the doctor. She runs over two grandpas with a walker, my grandma is an old environmental pig.

My grandmother fries a pork chop, a pork chop, a pork chop every day. Because discounter meat costs next to nothing, my grandma is an old environmental pig.

My grandma is no longer flying, she has been refined, refined, refined. Instead, she now cruises ten times a year, my grandma is not an environmental pig.

Audio quote from Greta Thunberg: "We will not let you get away with this" (German: "We will not let you get away with it!")

After the environmental sow children’s song, WDR is increasingly criticized

Update 12.43 p.m .: In the dispute over the WDR “environmental sow” clip it’s no longer about personal matters Humor-feeling, but around political stance – and around that structures at the public service broadcasters. So the freelance WDR employee had Danny Hollek the grandmothers of those who are now "upset about ‘environmental sow’" referred to as "Nazi sows" (see below).

The WDR distanced itself from this tweet and now also comments on Twitter:

Because after the # environmental sow debate there are always questions about how to deal with our employee Danny Hollek: pic.twitter.com/fYWSvJhBS6

Apparently the WDR is not really well received. The reader reactions range from "weak" to "too late." Too little. You screwed up the number from the first moment ”to“ Unfortunately too late, your statement. Yesterday it would have been necessary. When the Nazis stood in front of his house. And in front of yours. "

Video: German media are concerned about right-wing violence against journalists

After "environmental sow" children’s song: rights demonstrate in front of WDR house – violent criticism of broadcasters

Update 11 a.m .: "What is allowed to satire," asks SPD chairwoman Saskia Esken and attacks the decision of Director of WDR Tom Buhrow, distance yourself from the nursery rhyme. "I am concerned if journalists, media professionals, artists in this country have no backing because those responsible do not stand up to a shit storm. This worries me a lot, ”wrote Esken via Twitter.

Under the hashtag #OmaGate Many Twitter users go to court with the WDR. The broadcaster should have stood protectively in front of the creators of the satirical contribution instead of falling in the back.

Also by TV comedians Bastian Pastewka comes criticism – in the form of Häme for the broadcaster: "I expect nothing less than a ranking show in the WDR: ‘Our best not (!) withdrawn satires in the West’."

And journalist Patrick Gernsing is stunned that the WDR has been intimidated by the political right. His colleague Teresa Bücker also misses a clear statement by Bührow about the protests and threats to employees after he previously apologized for the children’s song.

#AfD insults choir director as "child molester", spreads telephone number; Demonstrators sing "German granny about everything"; Neo-Nazis appear in front of the family of a # WDR colleague: strategy of intimidation – on the web and on the street. #Press freedom #Umweltsau pic.twitter.com/zKOZr1YXqs

At the latest when such types appear, you know which side you have to stand on. The other. #OmaGate pic.twitter.com/Xx5rlyeRPg

WDR scandal about "environmental sow" song – choir director defends satire contribution

Update from December 30, 9:31 a.m .: After this choirmaster Zeljo Davutovic already said on Sunday that it was the controversial WDR-Video around satire act, he now replenishes. In an interview with the SZ the choir director explains, the echo after the release on Friday did not change until Saturday developed. "I believed that the song would remain in the WDR satire corner and would also be discussed in this context. expected I also have some critical Comments, ”explains Davutovic.

That the dispute over that children’s choirsong the choirmaster had not suspected that he would reach such a scale. Davutovic explains in the interview further that the text figure "Grandma" is meant to represent all people. "Perhaps it is too complicated to expect a ‘think outside the box’ from everyone," explains the choir director of the newspaper. In his view, there was no "clear right or wrong" in this matter.

According to the report, Zeljo Davutovic is now threatened that the choir director’s employees have also come under fire.

Update from December 29th, 10.15pm: The Christian Social Union joins after the publication of the controversial WDR “environmental sow” videos among the critics. The parliamentary director of the Christian Socialists in the Bundestag, Stefan Müller, even said violent flat rate on Sunday evening Criticism of the public broadcasters.

Parts of the channels were "completely decoupled from their own viewers and the average citizen," he wrote in a tweet, which was also shared by the cabinet member and party friend Andreas Scheuer shared. "I’m surprised who finds everything at the WDR," he added – and specifically named Danny Hollek, who had explained in a tweet that the grandmothers, those who "are now upset about" environmental sow "" were "Nazi sows".

#Umweltsau and #Nazisau show: Parts of the ÖRR are completely decoupled from their own viewers and the average citizen. I’m surprised who finds everything at WDR (e.g. @dannytastisch). Time for reflection – there is an urgent need to rethink.

Hollek claims to have been “showered with threats of violence and death” since the posting. The WDR employee apologized for his tweet on Sunday – it was a "sarcastic remark".

At the German Children’s Fund However, the deletion of the WDR video is criticized. "This is a completely exaggerated reaction, triggered by a shit storm on the Internet," said association spokesman Uwe Kamp of the website watson – the children are told that they have made a mistake. "It’s a pretty stupid situation for the children," Kamp said, "it is very important to tell the children that they didn’t make a mistake.".

The public television talk shows are currently criticized – but for completely different reasons.

Zoff for children’s choir song about grandma as "environmental sow" – "neo-Nazis" demonstrate in front of WDR

Update from December 29, 5.50 p.m .: The dispute over a "Umweltsau"Song of the WDR children’s choir continues to make waves: On Sunday afternoon there was even a demonstration in front of a WDR building in Cologne. A private individual has one demo registered with "five to ten people," a police spokesman said Germany radio. However, significantly more people appeared.

Some of the participants are from the appearance the right scene the police said. The inscription "Brotherhood Germany" or white embroidered fists could be seen on clothing. “Demonstrating in Cologne Neo-Nazis in front of the WDR broadcasting center”Tweeted the member of the Bundestag Sven Lehmann (Greens). According to the police, there were no crimes – only verbal disputes with left-wing “opponents” were mentioned.

In # Cologne, neo-Nazis are demonstrating in front of the @ WDR broadcasting center.

What would be good now: an artistic director and a prime minister who protectively stand in front of the employees and defend the WDR against right-wing attacks. #Umweltsau

The “Research and Information Center for Anti-Semitism”, which is publicly funded in some cities, nevertheless reported on Twitter anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, performed in song form by demonstrators. So be the line "United States that enslaves the world on Israel’s behalf" been heard.

Criticism of the controversial choir song also came from the SPD. "Don’t think it’s funny when my studied, environmentally conscious nieces & Call my mom’s nephews, her grandma, old "environmental pig", said State Secretary Sawsan Chebli in Berlin. It does not reveal to her why it is "just so chic to insult the grandparents".

Munich’s Merkur * sees a comment on the subject of “fatal consequences of instruction” – and a “capital misunderstanding that the country is thirsting for a radio instruction”. The Frankfurter Rundschau *, on the other hand, sees criticism as a strategy – in order to create a mood against public media.

WDR: scandal about children’s choir song about grandma as "environmental sow" – choir director expresses himself

Update from December 29, 1:35 p.m .: After the deputy radio director of the WDR, Jochen Rausch, who had publicly apologized for the climate song, now also announced the choirmaster Zeljo Davutovic personally. Compared to the picture, he emphasized that the song as parody was meant. “When the request came along with text and song from the WDR2 editorial team, they were able to children and parents voluntarily decide to take part in the project. "

So there was neither coercion nor instrumentalization in the children took place: "The participating children were told that the purpose of the parody was: with exaggeration and humor the conflict target between the generations, ”he continued the picture.

A parody that finally backfired. The fact that the song was specifically sung to a grandma had only the reason that the original song also says "My grandma rides a motorcycle in the chicken coop". According to the director of Dortmund, this is really meant children’s choir but everyone: "I personally lock myself in here. … As an involved musician, I would like to apologize to everyone who, despite being classified as satire, feels personally attacked by us. ”

Children’s choir song on climate protection causes a scandal – Tweet triggers new outrage

Update from December 29, 1 p.m. r: After the repackaged climate-Song of a WDR-children’s choir Shortly afterwards, the WDR was faced with a new problem due to its content. The reason for this was the personal comment of an employee about the song, which directly expressed a new wave of indignation triggered.

On Twitter he wrote: “Let’s talk about the grandparents, those of you who are now upset about #environment. Your grandma was not a # environmental pig. Right. It’s a #Nazisau. ”An expression that shocked numerous users.

Let’s talk about the grandparents, those of you who are now upset about #environment. Your grandma was not a # environmental pig. Right. But a #Nazisau.

Jochen Rausch, deputy radio director of the WDR, also commented on the incident. He distanced himself from this statement, but emphasized that it was not an editor, but a freelancer. "I don’t know the colleague, but still apologize at this point. I find that under all cannons, ”he said in an exclusive program on the topic on WDR 2.“ We will examine the process and see what results from it. ”

The WDR has also officially distanced itself from the tweet on Twitter:

The employee concerned is not an editor at WDR, but a freelancer. He has sent the tweet from his private Twitter account. We distance ourselves sharply from form and content.

Children’s choir song on climate protection causes a scandal – WDR director admits mistakes

Update 7:27 p.m .: Anyone else who doesn’t care about that Children’s Choir-air song of WDR amused: the former member of the Bundestag Wolfgang Bosbach (CDU) said the Picture on Sunday: "The text hardly comes from the children who sang it, but from someone who doesn’t know the difference between funny and embarrassing." The 67-year-old continued. "And when the excitement is great, you just say: ‘Hey guys, stay relaxed. It’s just satire, hahaha! "

WDR director Buhrow apologizes for "failed granny song"

Update from 19:04: WDR director Tom Buhrow has opted for the controversial children’s choir- song to the Climate protection, that his broadcaster published, excuse me. The media magazine reports DWLD.de and quotes Buhrow with the words: "The song was a mistake." Buhrow therefore called from the hospital, in which he had said that his 92-year-old father had been there since Christmas Eve – and that he was "not an environmental pig". "He has worked hard all his life and tries to live decently," Buhrow continued according to the report, promising to "contribute to a better climate in our country". WDR 2 also broadcast one on Saturday Special mission, in the WDR-2 boss Jochen Rausch on behalf of the editors asked the questions of the listeners.

The editors have that Video at Facebook meanwhile deleted and apologized "for the unsuccessful action". The satirist Jan Böhmermann Meanwhile, tweeted about the case:

If you fry cheap discount meat every day, you’re an environmental pig.

First announcement: WDR causes a scandal with children’s choir song on climate protection

Cologne – "You can sing – and you can cheeky", with these words the WDR on his Facebook page Video, the Dortmund children’s choir of the transmitter shows. The children sing in the one and a half minutes long Video a redrafted text of the children’s song "My grandma drives a motorcycle in the hen house". In the new version, the environmental sins of grandma are charged. But with the song he comes across WDR with the listeners on little love. Within a short time, a real one was created Shitstorm, to which the public broadcaster has now also responded. First reported Welt.de about the incident.

WDR children’s choir causes outrage with song: "My grandma is an old environmental pig"

In times of Greta Thunberg, he obviously thought too WDR, to make a statement about climate protection. For the Dortmund children’s choir The station’s children’s song “My grandmother rides a motorcycle in the chicken coop” was written around. And so was the first verse of the song in the WDR version:

“My grandma drives a motorcycle in the chicken coop

That’s a thousand liters of super every month

My grandma is an old environmental pig ”

But a number of other environmental sins are also addressed in the new text. For example, the grandma drives her SUV to the doctor and “runs over two granddads with a rollator”. In addition, the fictional grandma fries "a chop every day" and simply "because discounter meat costs practically nothing".

WDR children’s choir in Greta style about environmental sins

All of these text passages sing choir, children with a smile on her face. Only at the end of the song do they consciously put on a serious face and mean in English: "We will not let you get away with this", in German: "We will not let you get away with it". This reminds the inclined listener of Greta Thunberg’s well-known speech at the UN climate summit, which merkur.de * provides in wording and video.

Children’s choir of the WDR user is outraged by the text: "I am speechless"

For listeners to the WDR-Song the new Text, however, for little enthusiasm. Shortly after the publication via Facebook and in the media library, a tangible shit storm was formed on the Internet. "I’m speechless," comments a Twitter user. Another calls the clip "unbelievable". "Didn’t that exist earlier in dictatorships – popular education about" comedy "/ theater? Who can teach instrumentalized children a differentiated view? ”Writes another user via Twitter.

The last allegation apparently hit him WDR itself. In another Facebook posting, the broadcaster responded. In it the clip is called satire. It is still welcomed that this "triggered very different reactions". "However, we are concerned by the reproach that the children involved may have been ‘instrumentalized’. This is absolutely not the case, ”says the WDR, who also calls the accusation“ unbearable ”. Nevertheless, because of the criticism, it was decided to take the clip off the net.

But with his statements, the WDR the next wave of outrage immediately: "The WDR would have instrumentalized the children – this is undoubtedly the case here! It is unbearable that here old people are insulted abysmally and the whole thing is tried to legalize the term satire! THAT is unbearable, ”is a reply to the WDR post. "Of course you instrumentalized the children, in the worst way. Like in the worst past, ”says another.

Satirist Jan Böhmermann also said: "Anyone who fries cheap discount meat every day is an environmental pig."

After the scandal of the satire song, there is outrage on Twitter – because NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet plays in the crime scene. A few days earlier, the CDU politician had massively criticized the debate about the climate song.

Actress Veronika Fitz is dead. Her fans should remember the cult series star, especially in the role of Martha Haslbeck as "caretaker".

EKD chairman Heinrich Bedford-Strohm says he has received death threats because the Evangelical Church wants to help rescue refugees with a rescue ship.


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