Eppendorfer moor – eppendorf in november, walking mom – being outside with a pram

Someone should say that November in northern Germany is only rainy and gray. For the second time this week we have brilliant sunshine and an almost cloudless sky. For Emmi and me it is clear: We have to get out today …

We drive very close to our old home, in the Eppendorfer Moor. Parking is available along the Borsteler Chaussee or in the Klotzenmoor street. From there we go to the beginning of the Hautweg, which begins at the Borsteler Chaussee / Alsterkrugchaussee intersection and leads directly into the Eppendorfer Moor.

You can still hear the traffic on the main road on the main road change however, as soon as you turn slightly left after approx. 300 meters and walk towards the pond. All paths are well paved and easy to master with the stroller.

Arrived at the pond, shows the nature reserve in all its beauty. We enjoy the sun and watch the heron. The "botany fan" can admire many moor-typical plants, including endangered plant species. In the summer months, different bat species can be seen in the insect hunt. A really great natural spectacle! Now in November we can only admire the bat boxes. We take a leisurely stroll around the pond and come back to the main path. At 2 kilometers, this lap is quite short, but we also want to go further. We quickly cross the Borsteler Chaussee and after about 50 meters turn slightly right towards the Tarpenbeker hiking trail and then go left under the bridge. We are already in the next park and pass the winter quarters of the Alster swans. We follow the path and quickly reach the Schubackstraße. You can get very good ice cream here in summer and popcorn in winter. But today we have a different goal and go 300 meters further to “Karl, Günter & Marie “Erikastrasse 47). There is enough space for that too Strollers and there is a sofa off the side that is ideal for breastfeeding. The lunch table is inexpensive (from 5 euros) and there is a nice selection of cakes. But we don’t want anything sweet today and decided on a panini from the normal menu. The service is great, just like the coffee and the panini is nicely arranged and very tasty.

Freshly strengthened, Emmi and I briefly walk through the Haynspark. This beautiful little park is always worth a visit and offers a real highlight in summer with the free children’s paddling pool. Next summer, when Emmi can already walk, we will definitely go for a walk there and at least splash a bit in the water with our feet …

Now it is November, Emmi is not interested in the paddling pool or the children’s playground next door and so we go back to Borsteler Chaussee. We have covered almost 5 kilometers, sunbathed a lot, observed birds, ate well (even if Emmi always has the same thing) and can now devote ourselves to other projects in a well-rested and relaxed manner …


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