Equipment – dentist hauzenberg – dr

Equipment - dentist hauzenberg - dr

Modern practice equipment

Dental microscope

The better you see as a dentist, the more accurate you can work. That’s for your benefit. That is why we use the Op-microscope mainly in the so-called root canal treatments.

These are the most important prerequisites for a long-term success of the treatment. Modern dentistryunder the dental microscope with up to 25x magnification,


The better you see as a dentist, the more accurate you can work. That’s for your benefit. That is why we use the Op-microscope mainly in the so-called root canal treatments.

We can do this with e.g. Control and improve the accuracy of crown and fill margins. The more precise the work, the more long-term the success!

Intraoral camera

With the help of this mouth camera, you can look at your teeth and your gums greatly enlarged on the monitor. That’s better than just explaining what we mean.

If you see it for yourself, you have your own picture of the situation in your mouth. This allows us to talk about treatment options at the same level.

Digital X-ray

Modern digital X-ray devices significantly reduce the radiation exposure for the patient. The X-ray images are immediately visible on the screen and do not require a lot of time to develop.

Due to the magnification option on the monitor even small details can be made more visible. Result: More information with less radiation exposure.

Modern implant systems

More and more patients are opting for implants as dentures. With it, missing teeth can be replaced or removable dentures can be made better seated.

In our practice, we only use implant systems from renowned and certified manufacturers. For your safety.

Machine root canal preparation

The root canal treatment is a tricky job. Root canals need to be cleaned carefully and the thin root canal files must not get beyond the root apex or break.

In our practice, we therefore use the so-called automated root canal preparation with flexible and unbreakable root canal files and torque-controlled safety shutdown.

Dental Laser

The treatment of tooth and gum diseases and operations with lasers is becoming more and more prevalent. One of the main reasons for this is that it is almost painless and largely bloodless.

Lasers can support periodontal and root canal treatments. They promote wound healing and make so-called aphthae (small ulcers in the mouth) disappear faster.

Ceramic restorations

Instead of an impression, we take digital pictures of the teeth. With the data of these recordings, ceramic tooth replacement is ground within a few minutes from a small ceramic block in a special device.

The advantages: No impression (and therefore no gagging), no provisional, no second session, no further syringe. Not only inlays, but also ceramic crowns and bridges can be produced with it.

Power Bleaching

If you want clear whiter teeth quickly, this is right for you: With a special whitening gel, we can lighten your teeth in just one session.

The effect of the whitening gel is enhanced by the light of a special lamp so you can see clear results quickly. Let us advise you!

Light probe for tooth decay – diagnostics

This light probe comes in questionable Caries diagnosis used and can in many cases replace a radiograph for diagnosis. Our probe has a small light exit window and is with it

ideal to illuminate interdental spaces.

After a few weeks, this remedy became an indispensable part of our hands.

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