Erawan Waterfalls – A day trip from Kanchanaburi

Erawan Waterfalls – Some Useful Information

The Erawan Waterfalls are one of Kanchanaburi’s most popular destinations. Everything about the journey to the Erawan Waterfalls, entrance fees and what to expect I have written down for you here. Enjoy a nice day in the natural pools of the Erawan Waterfalls.

Directions from Kanchanaburi

Bus terminal in Kanchanaburi – The bus to the Erawan waterfalls departs here too

From Kanchanaburi there is an hourly bus service from the bus terminal to the Erawan Waterfalls. The journey takes about one and a half hours and costs 50 Bath (as of Nov. 2016) per person. You can stay relaxed in the bus, as you have to get off at the final stop. With the scooter you need the same time or a little more for the 65 kilometres.

Entrance and opening hours of the Erawan Waterfalls

Entrance area of the Erawan National Park

The National Park is open all year round daily from 7.00 – 17.00 o’clock. The entrance fee is 300 Baht for adults and 200 Baht for children (for foreigners as of Nov. 2016). Small tip: You can leave your rucksack at the Visitor Center of the National Park Administration and enjoy the waterfalls without luggage. I did this because one day later I went on to the Huay Mea Khamin Waterfalls.

The national park should remain clean

Shortly after level 1 or 2 there is a kind of checkpoint of the national park administration. The rangers make sure that you don’t take any bottles with you. You can leave them there, or you can pay a deposit of 20 Baht per bottle. You will get your deposit back on the way back when you present your bottle again. This way the national park should stay clean, which also works on the way up to level 7.

The 7 levels of the Erawan Waterfalls

Level 5 of the waterfalls

You shouldn’t forget your swimsuits, but from the front. From the bus stop or the parking lot you walk about 10 minutes to the first waterfall. I especially liked the bamboo trees to the left and right of the path. The waterfalls consist of 7 levels, the 7 Level.

You’ll love the water! I felt it a bit cool, but the temperatures are perfect. The path leads you from waterfall to waterfall. I thought I’d run up to level 7 and refresh myself there. Take a look at the elevation profile, then you’ll understand what I mean. On the way back I always go down and where I like it I jump again into the fresh water to cool down.

Fish spa included

Fish Spa – Erawan Waterfalls

Bathing in the pools is great, especially in the heat. In the pools you are not alone with the other visitors, but some locals live in the pools – the fish! Everywhere in Thailand you can visit a fish spa and hang your legs and feet in it. Then the small fish come and nibble off your cornea and dead pieces of skin. That tickles and is perhaps also pleasant.

Here the fish are already waiting and before you put your foot on the “pool floor”, the fish are already nibbling on you. I found it a bit uncomfortable because I was scared. When I realized what was happening I still didn’t find it pleasant. So I moved so strongly that the fish didn’t get involved. I can hardly understand why the fish are so hungry with so many visitors.

When I was here four years ago during my world tour, there were only a handful of visitors here. Unfortunately the Erawan waterfalls are no longer a “secret tip”, but a magnet for visitors. There is already a lot going on, but you can avoid that a bit if you start early in the morning in Kanchanaburi. Then the visitors get lost on the 3 kilometers up to level 7 and it is not so crowded. Later in the day many minivans and coaches come with tourist groups, including many Russians who are rather uncomfortable with their behavior.

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My conclusion on the Erawan Waterfalls

I can and would recommend to anyone who asks me to visit the Erawan Waterfalls. The waterfalls with 7 levels are beautiful and special for the eye. I love waterfalls large and small and they are worth a visit, especially if you are already in Kanchanaburi. There are many tourists everywhere where it is beautiful and there are probably only very few secret tips left in the world.

What else can you do from Kanchanaburi? You can visit the bridge at Kwai, take the Death Railway, or with a little spirit of discovery open up to the Huay Mae Fireplace Waterfalls.

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