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Ergobaby Performance 360

An Ergobaby stretcher has always been considered a wise purchase among young parents who want to carry their baby close to their hearts and enjoy the luxury of free hands. With the model Ergobaby 360, the manufacturer has now brought a model on the market, which goes beyond the current carrying needs of parents and babies. Unlike all other baby carriers, the Ergobaby Carrier 360 does not just transport your offspring in three ways, but even in four ways. Thanks to the structured bucket seat, it is possible in the extended model of Ergobaby, to carry the child in front of the belly in the direction of straight ahead. So, your offspring can discover the world from a comfortable, elevated position.

The most important information about the Ergobaby 360 at a glance:

    Four carrying modes: carry-on, carry-on, hip-carry and carry-on forward Bucket-style seat for squat-spreading posture in every carrying position Usable from 5.5 kg to 15 kg child’s weight Padded shoulder straps and wide hipbelt for comfortable weight distribution Back part that grows together Many colors

  • Four ergonomic carrying positions: in front of the abdomen, on the back, on the hips and in front of the abdomen.
  • Structured bucket seat supports the correct squat-spreading attitude
  • Wide waist belt with lumbar support to support the lower back and to relieve pressure.
  • From baby to toddler: 5.5 * – 15 kg (* from 3.2 kg with the separately available newborn use)
  • Neck support with integrated sun protection UVP 50+

Advantages and disadvantages of Ergobaby Trage 360

The 360-Baby Carrier was awarded a “Healthy for the Hip” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Undoubtedly the main advantage of the Ergobaby 360 is that this model has the most carrying. No other stretcher offers the possibility of transporting the baby in four different ways. In addition, the bucket seat provides the perfect conditions for the ergonomic squat-spreading posture in every carrying position.

Many parents find it disadvantageous that the Ergobaby stretcher can only be used from birth with a separately available newborn insert. In addition, this leads to a high heat development in the stretcher in the summer, so that many parents come to the conclusion that the Ergobaby 360 with the newborn use in the summer is too warm to use.

In addition, the neck strap, which is closed as soon as the baby is in the stretcher, difficult to reach. Especially with large children, it requires a lot of flexibility and skill to successfully close the neck strap.

Last but not least, the velcro of the lap belt when opening is quite loud. Especially if you want to put down the sleeping baby, this could be awakened by the loud noise when opening the hook and loop fastener.


    Most types of wear (abdomen, back, hips, forwards) Padded straps and wide waist belt for comfort Hip belt indiv > Uniform weight distribution Can be used as a comfort carrier by several


    Up to 5.5kg only usable with Ergobaby neonatal insert With Ergobaby newborn use in the summer to warm neck strap bad to achieve Velcro quite loud

Discover the world of mom’s chest with the Ergobaby 360

For babies, the Ergobaby Trage 360 ​​is a great baby carrier because it offers the opportunity to discover the world from different perspectives. In total there are four wearing styles available with the Ergobaby 360:

    Back carrier: With this method of carrying the baby is carried like a backpack on his back, the face of the child is facing the back.
    Hip carrier: The baby sits on the hip of the wearer and can look forward as well as backward.
    Belly stretcher forward: The baby is carried in front of the chest of the person wearing, but is turned in the direction of the wearer. So it can discover the world extensively.

0+ months (with neonatal use)

Front wear – in view

Thanks to the structured bucket seat, the Ergobaby Carrier guarantees the ergonomic, vital hip development in every position Squat-spread attitude. Nonetheless, forward carrying is recommended only for very short time intervals. For one, in this position, a very high pressure on the hip. On the other hand, the child can not escape the stimuli in the forward position, so that an overstrain can quickly arise. For short stretches, however, the forward-facing style of wearing is a great way to show off your offspring to the world thanks to the Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier. In addition, the Ergobaby stretcher has a growing back part. Thanks to this back panel, the stretcher can be used right up to kindergarten age. By itself, the Ergobaby 360 can be used from a child weight of 5.5 kilograms up to a weight limit of 15 kilograms.

Lumbar support for ergonomic support

Ergobaby headrest for privacy (LSF 50+)

Thanks Ergobaby 360 comfortable to wear on long distances

Parents really appreciate the Ergobaby Trage 360 ​​because of its comfortable carrying possibilities. From the four styles of wear offered, each wearer can choose the most personally fitting. This makes wearing the youngest member of the family a pleasant experience for both parties.

Here, the extra-wide waist belt is additionally supportive. This distributes the weight of the child evenly in the lower back and thus prevents back pain. The Velcro strap makes it possible to adjust the strap individually. So the stretcher can be exchanged easily not only among the adults. But the person wearing it can also decide individually whether she wants to wear the baby rather high or low on the waist. For longer wearing distances, the seat of the stretcher can be varied, which makes the Ergobaby 360 particularly back-friendly. In addition, the Velcro closure can be easily opened and closed.

The velcro fastener for the hip belt represents a major innovation in the Ergobaby 360 compared to the Ergobaby Original collection. The original collection only has three carrying options. On the other hand, the baby carriers from the Ergobaby Original collection also have a click-lock for the hip belt. This is much more cumbersome to open or close than the Velcro of the Ergobaby 360. Due to the click closure, however, carriers from the original collection can be used for children up to 20 kilograms, while the Velcro fastening of the Ergobaby 360 also makes it possible to wear in the direction of view.

Last but not least, the Ergobaby Trage 360 ​​convinces by the fact that it is made of 100% cotton and can be washed in the washing machine at up to 30 ° Celsius. According to the manufacturer, the baby carrier can even be dried in a tumble dryer, but this should rather be avoided in view of the Velcro.

Creating the Ergobaby is relatively easy. For newcomers, an Ergobaby instruction is available, which is enclosed with the stretcher as well as can be viewed online.

In the Ergobaby carry safe and secure

Always keep an eye on your child’s temperature while wearing it. Especially if you use the baby carrier with the Ergobaby Neonatal insert, you should make sure that your baby does not overheat. Remember, too, to warm your child with your body heat.

Also check if the headrest is the right height. Your baby’s head should not swing back and forth uncontrollably. In general, the upper edge of the back should end in about half of the ears of your offspring during the first few months.

Conclusion: discover the world in four positions

Thanks to the Ergobaby Trage 360, babies will in future have the opportunity to discover their world in four different positions. The special bucket seat ensures that even with the forward carrying position, the important squat-spreading attitude is maintained. Although this method of briefing is only recommended for short distances, your baby in this position can curiously discover the world without his hip getting damaged in the long term. Padded shoulder straps and an extra wide hipbelt guarantee mum and dad a comfortable, comfortable wearing experience.

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