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Ergobaby Omni 360

The ergonomic multi-position stretcher with four variants

The Ergobaby baby carrier Omni 360 is a real all-rounder. All conceivable wearing options are possible with this stretcher. The Ergobaby Omni 360 falls into the category of comfort wearers or fullbuckle wearers and does not need a newborn insert. It is one of the latest models from Ergobaby. A brand that has long been indispensable in the market for high-quality carriers.

The name suggests: 360 because the stretcher offers the possibility to carry the child in four different positions – virtually all around.

The stretcher is awarded by the International “Hip Dysplasia Institute” as healthy for the hips and also bears the seal of approval of “Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.”.

Ergobaby 360 Omni: the most important facts

    Fits from 3.2 to 20 kilos Soft cotton fabric or lightweight cool air mesh Easy to put on 4 carrying positions Infinitely adjustable bridge Convenient for tall and small people Multiple colors, design and materials available

  • Baby carrier ergonomic with 4 positions: baby carrier, backpack, on the hip and in.
  • NEW – Hip belt with lumbar support and padded shoulder straps, which are crosswise wearable for.
  • Maximum Baby Comfort – baby carrier from newborn to toddler (3.2 to 20 kg) without.
  • Padded, foldable neck and headrest, stowable hood for sun protection (SPF 50+) and.
  • From the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as "healthy for the hips" excellent and carries that.

The special features of the Ergobaby Omni 360 stretcher

The Ergobaby Carrier Omni 360 is a fullbuckle stretcher, which means that it is closed with buckles and therefore regulated in size or width. The concept here is quite similar to the original Ergobaby, which has long been a name on the market. With the Ergobaby Omni 360, however, the child can not only be carried face-to-face with the wearer, but also in an ergonomic position. In contrast to the stretcher 360, the width for the leg opening can be adjusted very quickly with sliders. At the 360 ​​you have to button.

Carrying forward is possible with the Omni 360

Babies muscles are not strong enough yet and the hunchback is best guaranteed in the front wear way to the wearer. In addition, children can not escape the stimuli that flow from the front. The wearer does not notice the excessive demand. Usually this is reflected in the evening screaming. For older children, however, the extended view could be fun.

Another difference to the Ergobaby Original is that the Omni 360 can be used from birth. A newborn use is not required here. It is also possible to choose between several colors and designs, but also between two materials – Premium Cotton or Cool Air Mesh.

Advantages and disadvantages

The comfort is high. This is ensured by the extra-wide, padded hip belt and the thick, padded shoulder straps. The straps are also ergonomically shaped and therefore extremely comfortable. Depending on your wishes and preferences, however, the wearer may also be cross-over, which some people find more pleasant. In the parallel variant, the carriers can be fixed together with a central web so that they do not slip off the shoulder. In addition, they can be adjusted in length with the help of a buckle easily the carrier individually.

The hip belt is variable in terms of width and fits easily even a little fuller people. He also has an integrated lumbar support, which minimizes the risk of back pain.

Maximum comfort thanks to wide padded shoulder straps and hipbelt

As for the material: The pure cotton fabric feels extremely soft. However, conventional cotton was used here, not organic cotton. But it is also possible to buy the Omni 360 in the cool air mesh version, which is particularly breathable and lightweight.

SPF 50+ protects your little one reliably

The baby carrier Ergobaby Omni 360 does not need a newborn insert. It can be used from day one to infancy. The weight is given as 3.2 to 20 kilograms. As the bridge grows with you, it guarantees an ergomically correct posture from the beginning. The baby always sits in the important squat-spread position. The bridge width can be infinitely adjusted with a Velcro fastener. The color-coded areas in the hook-and-loop fastener, which are located on the inside of the hip belt, are helpful here.

The carrying bag in which the baby is, is easily shaped and flexibly adjustable. It consists of three parts: the back part and the two padded side flanks. These give the baby carrier a slightly different look. The most important thing: Because of exactly these two side flanks, the baby can also be worn with the face forward, if necessary. For many parents this is an important aspect. The leg opening in the carrying bag can be infinitely adjusted to your child to ensure the correct posture.

Even the backpack sack grows with it: as the child grows taller, it fans out and widen to allow more space for the child.

One downside is that the hipbelt is not fully padded, just like the Ergobaby Carrier Original. So if you have a larger hip size, you must expect that not the whole hip area is soft around.

Carrying technology with a view to the front is generally not recommended by providers. In the Omni 360 stretcher, this variant is possible up to a weight of 13.6 kilos. Whether the child is doing an optimal M-position ergonomic, however, is questionable. The manufacturer states that your child should not be carried forward for more than 20 minutes to avoid false loading and over-stimulation.


    High wearing comfort Carrier comfortable, well padded and crosswise easy and intuitive operation of the buckles Padded, foldable neck support Small fanny pack included, removable padded hip belt with lumbar support High quality workmanship Breastfeeding in the stretcher possible


    Waist belt not fully padded Despite good execution, the carrying position is controversial to the front

Ergobaby instructions: The donning of the baby carrier Ergobaby

The Ergobaby carrying instructions are included in the baby carrier Omni 360. She is well illustrated and easy to understand. First, the hipbelt is adjusted in the width and then strapped. To prevent accidental opening, you should pull the buckle through the extra safety tab.

Then the baby is placed on the bridge, which you have to adjust in width so that the material reaches from the back of the knee to the back of the knee. Next, pull the back over the child’s back and place the straps over the shoulders. In order to prevent slipping of the carrier, now the center bar between the shoulder straps must be closed. Alternatively, you can cross the straps on your back.

For the carrying position on the back, it is advisable to donate in pairs. With a little practice, but also this carrying position can easily accomplish alone. For the hip carrier, the shoulder straps, as explained in the Ergobaby manual, must be fixed differently.

Functions and days of the Ergobaby carrier Omni 360

The child can be carried in four wearing positions: on the back, on the stomach, on the stomach, looking forward and on both hips. This makes the Ergobaby Omni 360 stand out clearly from most other comfort days. There are thus all carrying positions possible.

In the first few months, however, the baby should only be carried in front of the abdomen and in the direction of the wearer.

It’s even possible to breastfeed your baby in the Omni 360 Baby Carrier. The headrest serves as a small screen.

Ergobaby Omni 360: Cool Air Mesh or Premium Cotton

Just like the Ergobaby Adapt and 360, the Ergobaby Omni 360 stretcher comes in two variants. Once in the cool air mesh version, which is very appealing on hot days, especially on hot days. However, it is 100% polyester. The other variant is made of pure cotton, called Ergobaby Premium Cotton.

Both models are largely identical and therefore have exactly the same advantages. Only the mesh variant is slightly lighter and more airy due to the net-like material. So for summer kids maybe the better choice.

If you wear your baby a lot, you can of course also buy the summer version in addition to the Cotton version especially for the hot days. In terms of price, there is little difference between the two variants.

Cool Air Mesh is machine washable at 30 ° C and has a dead weight of about 700 g. Premium Cotton weighs 750 g and is also easy to clean at 30 ° C.

Ergobaby Cool Air Mesh:

Ergobaby Premium Cotton

Differences to Ergobaby 360 and Adapt

With the Ergobaby Adapt the view to the front is not possible. The Omni 360 combines the advantages of the Adapt and 360 models. The upholstery and construction are similar. A particular improvement is the individually adjustable web width. The Original Ergobaby and the Model 360 require a newborn insert, which is completely eliminated in the Omni 360. The Adapt also needs no use, but offers only three wearing variants.

The cut is also slightly different than the Adapt and 360. This means that the back part is slightly longer and therefore just larger babies find in it a bit more space. By continuously adjustable slider on the back, it can be widened. When wearing with a view to the front, so the opening for the legs can be ergonomically adjusted. With the Ergobaby 360, changing is only possible with buttons in two positions, which is sometimes a bit fiddly.

To the brand Ergobaby

Ergobaby comes from the USA, more specifically from Hawaii. As the name suggests, Ergobaby stands above all for carrying aids that are ergonomically shaped. In the field of ergonomic baby carriers, Ergobaby has long made a name for itself on the international market. Comfort carriers are among the most popular and best on the market. Ergobaby not only produces baby carriers, but also accessories, nursing pillows, stroller, changing tables and other baby products.

Ergobaby was one of the pioneers in terms of the correct squat-spreading attitude in comfort wear. As one of the first manufacturers of baby carriers, care has been taken to ensure that the baby is ergonomically correct.

Baby carriers from Ergobaby are real eye-catchers as far as their design is concerned. But also in terms of workmanship, functionality and quality, nothing is left to be desired. There are four different baby carrier models on the market: Original, Adapt, 360 and Omni 360.

All models have a similar structure with the same upholstery. Ergobaby Original and 360 can only be used with an additional birth from birth. Adapt and Omni 360 do not need one. With the carry 360 and Omni 360 is also the carrying method with the view to the front possible. Except for the original, there are all Ergobaby wearing in Premium Cotton or Cool Air Mesh. Here you are spoiled for choice.

From September 2019, the new Ergobaby Embrace will also be available. This model will be made of extra soft and stretchy material and will fit snugly on your baby. This creates a feeling like wearing a sling, only that this baby carrier can be put on quickly and easily.


The Ergobaby Omni 360 stretcher is a true carry-around all-rounder that makes wearing both the wearer and the baby fun. Nothing cuts in, the risk of back pain is low, the wearing comfort extremely high. In addition, the variety of carrying options speaks for itself.

The Omni 360 guarantees ergonomically correct carrying of the child at any age. It fits from about 0 – 36 months and impresses with elaborate details and features.

Nevertheless, it must be mentioned that wearing the subject forward, the spirits divorced in this stretcher. Although the Omni 360 is better suited than other baby carriers. Nevertheless, especially babies should keep their round back in the first half year, which is best guaranteed, if you wear them belly to stomach. Elderly children could also enjoy the extended view.

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