Espresso coffee machine krups ea 9010 in test

In our 12/2011 comparison test of fully automatic coffee machines, we already tested the previous model, the krups EA 9000. In the meantime, krups has relaunched this fully automatic coffee maker as the EA 9010 model. In our current single test, we check whether the successor lives up to its predecessor.

The most important

Who is it suitable for: for all those who want a large selection of coffee specialties and want to prepare them according to individual preferences at the touch of a button.

Interesting: favorite drinks can be created for eight persons.

Noticed: the milk frothing nozzle can be cleaned fully automatically.

Germans’ favorite drink is and remains coffee. A strong coffee in the morning to wake you up, a delicious cappucchino during your break or a full-bodied espresso after a meal – depending on your individual taste and the right occasion, one of the numerous coffee specialties can round off your day. The EA 9010 fully automatic coffee machine from krups offers a wide choice of beverages for every coffee lover. A total of 17 different beverages can be selected and prepared according to personal preferences. ETM TESTMAGAZINE tested the ease of use of the fully automatic coffee maker for you.


The main features

Beverage selection: ristretto, espresso, coffee, doppio, lungo, long black, americano, morning coffee, red eye coffee, cappuccino, caffe latte, milk coffee, cafe au lait, flat white, hot milk, hot water

Milk foam: milk frothing system

Specialty: favorite program, touch screen, cup light


The coffee machine krups EA 9010 is made of high quality plastic and has a brushed aluminum front panel. The spout, the drip grid and the milk foam nozzle, on the other hand, are made of stainless steel. The dimensions of the coffee machine are 38.5 x 29.5 x 39.5 cm. the front operation of this model is practical: in addition to the TFT color display with touchscreen function, there is an on/off button and a button for preparing coffee with ready-made coffee powder on the front of the device. Behind the brushed aluminum panels are the 1.7 liter water tank and the coffee grounds container. one of the two supplied bottles of cleaning liquid for the milk system can be mounted above the coffee grounds container.

water tank

The 1.7-liter water tank is located on the right side of the machine behind the brushed aluminum paneling.

The bean chamber holds up to 280 g of coffee beans. When these are consumed, this is indicated by the display. Unfortunately, the grinding degree cannot be set, as it is automatically determined by the EA 9010 for each beverage.

bean container

Up to 280 g of coffee beans can be filled into the bean hopper.

The touchscreen is easy to operate. In addition, all menus are clearly arranged. In addition to the menu for beverage preparation, there are three other menus. The settings menu allows you to select the menu language, water hardness, unit of measurement, date and time, automatic shut-off and temperature level. The automatic switch-off takes effect from 15 minutes and can be selected and set in 15-minute increments for up to two hours.

Under the information menu, the Krups coffee machine indicates how many brewing cycles can be performed before cleaning, descaling or, for example, replacement of the water filter included in the scope of delivery is necessary. In the service menu, automatic cleaning of the brewing unit or the milk system, for example, can be carried out. The brewing unit can only be cleaned automatically, as it cannot be removed from the fully automatic coffee maker.

A total of 17 different beverages are available via the beverage menu. Espresso, coffee, hot water, hot milk (optionally with or without milk foam), cappucchino, cafe latte can be selected directly, as well as the favorite setting. In addition, the black selection and the white selection are selectable. These two menu items hide other coffee specialties. While the black selection offers a choice of six pure coffee beverages, the white selection consists of three additional milk-coffee beverages. Under the Favorites menu item, eight profiles can be created with names and different colors, which can then be used to store individual beverage settings for the personal favorite coffee specialties.

beverage overview

A total of 17 beverages can be selected via the beverage menu. Further coffee and milk specialties can be selected in the black and white selection.

If a coffee beverage is selected, the amount of beverage and the coffee strength can be determined in the next menu step. Only the ristretto beverage can be set in 5-milliliter increments up to 35 ml; for other beverages, the beverage quantity is selected in 10-milliliter increments. Milk drinks such as a cappuccino are prepared using the glass cups provided. A scale on the glass cups indicates the perfect milk level for small, medium and large beverages. After selecting a beverage, the milk frothing nozzle automatically dips into the milk, which also automatically retracts after frothing and cleans itself automatically in an exemplary manner. The nozzle can also be disassembled and rinsed manually for thorough cleaning.

The krups EA 9010 heats up in 45 seconds. A rinse can then be carried out. This extends the heating phase to 1:32. Optionally, this rinse can also be skipped.

Each operation, whether with an empty water tank or a full drip tray, is precisely explained by symbols. This means that even inexperienced users of fully automatic coffee machines can use this model without any problems.

drip tray

The stainless steel drip grid and drip tray are easy to remove.


A 50 ml espresso is brewed in 40 seconds. This has a bright crema of at least 5 mm in height, which is particularly dense and consistent. The temperature of the espresso is 72 °C.

An 80 ml coffee, on the other hand, is prepared in 50 seconds and has a crema of about 7 mm. Here the coffee temperature is 80 °C.

Only espresso and coffee can also be prepared in two-cup mode. Other beverages, especially milk-based beverages, are created individually.

milk cup

The amount of milk required is poured into the milk cup provided using the printed scale.

A small cappuccino is prepared in one and a half minutes. The milk foam crown is loose and at least 2 cm high. For a large cappuccino, the milk foam is up to 3.5 cm high.

milk foam

With a large drink, the loose milk foam crown is up to 4 cm high.

A small caffe latte is ready in one minute and 37 seconds. The milk foam crown is 3 cm high and can be over 4 cm high with a large drink.

Hot water can be selected from 20 to 250 ml and is dispensed through a separate nozzle on the coffee spout. During operation, the power consumption is a maximum of 1290 watts. When the coffee machine is switched on but not in use, the power consumption is 3.4 watts. In standby, the power consumption drops to 0.04 watt.

During the brewing of a coffee beverage, a maximum noise level of 64 db(A) is reached.

Our opinion

The krups EA 9010 shines not only thanks to its touchscreen with a simple and convenient operation. The high and fluffy milk foam in particular impresses many coffee lovers. Compared to its predecessor, the krups EA 9000, the heating and brewing times have been shortened and nine additional coffee specialties can be selected.

This is how we tested

Handling (25 %)

The ease of use of the fully automatic coffee maker was especially tested by our test team. Intuitive understanding of the buttons and the display was important. The duration of the heating phase was stopped with automatic rinsing and the time was then evaluated. The cleaning was also evaluated. During cleaning, the time required and, if necessary, the quality of the product were assessed. Difficulties encountered assessed. In addition, it was evaluated whether the brewing unit could be removed and cleaned. The documentation was also assessed by our testers. For a positive rating, the documentation should be comprehensible and fully explain the device. Ideally, illustrations and additional tips were available.

Performance (30%)

The coffee maker was always tested at factory settings. In addition, the same type of coffee beans was always used. Our test team determined the brewing time of an espresso, a cappuccino and a coffee (each in several ml quantities) and graded the speed of the brewing process based on these measurement results. The crema result was always rated with a 50 ml espresso. The test team assessed the cream height, color and consistency. 100 ml of milk was always foamed during the milk frothing process. The milk foam was judged on its height and consistency, as well as the layering of milk and coffee. In addition, we tested how precisely the fully automatic coffee maker can dispense hot milk and hot water. Furthermore, our testers evaluated the multiple dispensing of two cups at the same time.

Operation (25 %)

During the brewing of an espresso, the noise level was determined and evaluated with the aid of a noise meter. In addition, the power consumption during operation, during the standby phase and in standby was measured and rated. Other functions such as the energy-saving mode, the switch-on and switch-off timer were also included in the evaluation.

Customization (20%)

The coffee individualization through possible settings was graded by our test team. The more varied the settings were and the more individually the coffee could be prepared, the more positive the rating was. This includes the grind, brewing temperature, coffee strength, coffee quantity, milk quantity and foam quantity.


  • Operation
  • Milk foam
  • Touchscreen
  • 17 coffee specialties selectable
  • Processing
  • 8 favorite programs
  • Heated cup tray cannot be deactivated
  • Brewing unit not removable
  • Grind level not manually adjustable


The krups EA 9010 impresses with its color touchscreen, which is clearly laid out and, thanks to the symbols and pictograms, provides for clearly understandable operation. The operation is intuitive, so that the fully automatic coffee maker is also a suitable entry-level model. Although one-touch operation is not a given, since the drink can be individualized in a new menu field after the beverage has been selected.

A total of 17 different beverages can be prepared with this fully automatic coffee machine. These are nine new coffee specialties that were not yet available in the predecessor model.

The scope of delivery includes two glass cups, which are equipped with a measuring scale for pouring the necessary amount of milk for the drinks. The milk froth nozzle then sinks fully automatically into the cup and froths up the milk there.

the front operation is practical, as all working areas can be reached from the front of the machine. An additional highlight is the cup lighting during drink preparation.

The brewing time of the various drinks is in a good range and thus ranks this model in the group of high-quality and fast fully automatic coffee machines. In addition, the fully automatic coffee machine also shines with the consistency and volume of crema and milk foam.

With an MSRP of 1.500 euros this model belongs to the higher priced fully automatic coffee machines. but the krups EA 9010 offers high comfort and good quality for this steep price. Not only the ease of use, but also the fluffy and high milk foam as well as the lush beverage selection ensured that the krups EA 9010 achieved the top rating of "very good" with 93.0%.

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