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The Esprit brand is probably better known to most people as a manufacturer of clothing. What fewer people know is that Esprit also has a lot to offer when it comes to accessories for babies and children. In addition to prams, Esprit also offers crawling blankets, travel cots, storage boxes and many other highlights for the children’s room. The Esprit strollers are offered from birth, but there are also joggers that are offered for slightly older children. The colorful strollers are of course particularly convincing with their appealing design. But Esprit has also thought about security.

The Esprit Vegas All in One in comparison

Good travel system – le >The Vegas All in One by Esprit is a combination stroller that makes you curious in a number of ways. On the one hand, the stroller is extremely light, which makes it particularly interesting for city use, and on the other hand, it is a multi-talent that even has a diaper bag and a car seat. The relatively low price is another nice point about the Esprit stroller.

The Esprit Vegas All in One stroller

If you want to buy a stroller that you want to use from birth to toddler, then you are well served with the All in One. With the All in One Set, everything from baby car seats to sports seats is included, which you will need during the toddler age. The sports car seat, like the baby seat, is placed on the frame and this has been particularly praised by customers. The child is protected in the seat by a 5-point belt system and the stroller is very safe. The storage basket for shopping, the removable soft top and the smooth running of the stroller were also praised.

The combination stroller with car seat

When you have a child, it’s very nice. However, it costs a lot of money right at the beginning. A pram is of course part of the initial equipment and is probably one of the most expensive purchases. You can choose between a first stroller and a combination stroller. The first stroller has the disadvantage that it can only be used in the first time and then has to be replaced by another stroller. A combination stroller seems to make more sense here. This can be used with several essays from birth to toddler age. If the Combined strollers still have a travel system, then it is worth buying them several times, because there is no need to buy a car seat. The Vegas All in One has a car seat of standard group 0+. In addition, a sports seat that can be used after lying down.

Tight carrycot

With the Esprit Vegas All in One, some weaknesses can be found in detail. The lying area of ​​33 cm x 77 cm is comparatively short and it can happen with the stroller that the area becomes too small. Even if the child has not yet outgrown the bed age. Here you have to switch to the sports seat early, but not yet for children is suitable in bed age. Compared to other models, Esprit doesn’t seem to be alone with this problem. Several other manufacturers are also struggling with this fact. We also noticed the backrest of the sports seat negatively, because it can be adjusted continuously, but not in a completely horizontal position. This is a shame, especially when you consider the small baby seat.

The technical data

With All in One you will find some product details that are quite enjoyable. Above all, the very low weight of just over nine kilograms is a very big plus. The stroller can be folded and then has only very small dimensions of 79 cm x 55 cm x 40 cm. It can be stowed in a normal trunk without any problems and other utensils such as suitcases or shopping should still find space in the trunk. With the Vegas all in one you save even more, because you don’t have to buy your own adapter for the car seat. Appropriate fixation is guaranteed by a special click system. gratifying is at the Esprit stroller continues with the shopping basket, although it may only be loaded with three kg. Competitor models can take two to three kilograms more here.

Individual footrests >The Esprit stroller scored with the triple adjustable footrest. This can always be adjusted to the child’s height. The child has good support and is not restricted in movement at the same time. The height of the backrest is 83 cm, which is sufficiently high. The width is 35 cm, which are also child-friendly dimensions. Esprit saved on the seat depth, because this is just under 20 centimeters, which is not exactly ample. On the other hand, the swiveling and lockable plastic wheels were nicer. The suspension of the stroller is solid and the stroller pleases with good driving comfort.

The conclusion of the comparison:

The Vegas All in One is a very solid stroller, but you have to accept some weaknesses. The price is all the more attractive for this, at Amazon you can currently get the stroller for around 300 euros including shipping costs.

Functional and ultra-modern: Esprit Orlando

The manufacturer Esprit has achieved worldwide fame with its fashion and it is therefore not surprising that the children’s products from Esprit are also popular. They are particularly praised for their high quality and various extras. For example, the front wheels of the Esprit buggy can be swiveled, which makes them particularly manoeuvrable. The front wheels are also lockable, which also has advantages. These mechanisms allow a wide variety of surfaces to be mastered and the comparison shows how the buggy performs in practice. The overall positive impression was confirmed.

The buggy parking brake is applied on both sides, which makes the buggy extremely safe. The buggy also offers a high level of comfort for the child. If you get tired and want to sleep on a longer walk, the backrest can be adjusted quickly and easily. Thanks to the footrest, the lying position of the buggy is also very comfortable for the child. Esprit clearly shows that a top car can also be produced as a fashion label and that you don’t have to do without functionality or safety here.

The strollers and baby baths from Esprit

In comparison, there were several buggies, prams and baby baths from Esprit. Esprit is very focused on these products. Items such as the baby bath can not only be bought as a set together with the combi stroller, but the baby bath is also available separately from the accessories. This is relatively convenient. This is how you can buy any Esprit stroller and easily turn it into a first stroller with the carrycot. According to reports from parents, the children are very comfortable in the tub. Furthermore, the baby seat can also be used as a travel cot if required. The cover of the carrycot, which experience has shown to get dirty, can be removed comfortably and then washed in the washing machine at thirty degrees.

A sun canopy is integrated in the stroller and a cover is included in the scope of delivery. These extras only make the price even more interesting because additional accessories hardly have to be bought. In comparison, the cuddly fleece also pleased. The fleece is fully lined, breathable, very soft and comfortable for the child. The mattress of the stroller is also soft and the lying comfort is guaranteed for the child. The carrycot is really a very sensible purchase and you should really consider buying it. The baby baths were convincing in comparison as used baths, the quality is maintained according to buyers. The baby bath from Esprit fits perfectly with the following models: Vegas, Eagle, Condor and Explorer.


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