Eu new cars: low-priced reimports for germany’s roads

Car dealers do not have a good image everywhere. This is especially true because the customer usually buys an expensive product that he does not understand. The salesman can tell him a lot and if there is a crucial flaw, the customer probably won’t discover it. It’s hardly any different with a smartphone or a washing machine – here, the customer relies on certificates and warranties. And this is the reason why more and more people buy a new car if they can afford it.

New cars yes, but please cheap!

New means unused and undamaged; if necessary, the manufacturer’s warranty will apply for the next five years. the fact that cars lose value especially in these first years is the price of this reliability. Sometimes the cost of a new car can be reduced somewhat if it is bought online instead of at a dealership. it’s even cheaper to buy a re-imported new car online.

Where does the price advantage of EU reimports come from??

EU-reimports are vehicles that have been produced in EU-countries for export. To compensate for different tax rates and lower purchasing power in other EU countries, manufacturers offer them there at lower prices than in germany. It is perfectly legal and duty-free in the EU internal market to buy a VW for less in Romania and register it in Germany. The quality of the cars is the same as on the domestic market, the same warranties apply at the local dealership and sometimes the export equipment is even better than that of the domestic cars as a sales incentive.

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Cheap foreign purchases only with experience

The problem: not everyone is fluent in Romanian, Italian or Danish. If there are difficulties, the place of jurisdiction might be sofia or athens. Transfer plates from lisbon should also be recognized in spain and france, but not every customs officer is aware of that. Whether insurance, trailer, coc certificate of conformity, EU new car criteria, original purchase contract, value-added tax in ten days – there is a lot to consider and organize before someone can register their foreign bargain in germany.

Professional reimporters are hard to undercut

It is easier to rely on an experienced reimporter who will take care of all these steps and deliver the ordered new EU vehicle to your doorstep on the agreed date. this has further advantages: due to wholesale discounts of the online dealer, the car will probably be cheaper than if you negotiate your own price abroad. The customer can put together his dream car online according to a catalog and does not have to buy what is already in the dealer’s yard. The customer has only one German contact person and concludes a sales contract according to German law.

lean management for a low-priced new car

Reimported vehicles can be offered online at prices up to 40% lower than the manufacturers’ recommended prices for domestic authorized dealers. This is also due to the lean sales structures of online dealers such as europemobile . Apart from their German headquarters, they do not maintain expensive car dealerships and only have vehicles in stock at short notice that can be sold quickly.

There is still room for improvement in the online vehicle market

The fact that EU reimports currently only have a market share of around 7% in germany is not due to their quality or supposed risks. Buyers of new cars are predominantly older than 40 and less and less active online as they get older. Younger people with an affinity for the net, on the other hand, usually don’t have the money for a new car. Demographics and price advantages suggest that the market for reimported new cars in Germany will continue to grow. However, dealerships have long since discovered online retailing. This means that it will be up to the pricing policy of car manufacturers to decide where the vehicles on german roads come from in the future.

EU new cars: low-priced reimports for germany's roads

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