Eu new cars

Autohaus barth – your competent contact for the purchase of an EU vehicle. Buying an EU new car offers you some interesting advantages that you should not miss out on.

  • Up to 35% price advantage
  • Full manufacturer warranty
  • final price incl. Transfer
  • Financing& leasing possible
  • Trade-in of your used car
  • Attractive selection of EU stock cars

EU stock vehicles

Discover the attractive selection of EU new cars directly with us on site! get started with your dream car without a long waiting period.

EU new car configurator

Configure your dream car! We respond specifically to your wishes and accompany you from the order, to the pickup and delivery of the vehicle with instruction.

EU new car FAQ

Below we have summarized some information on the subject of EU new cars. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

we have today in the euro-area, with its current 28 member countries, an abundance of car suppliers. Due to different market and z.T. taxation conditions, many manufacturers in neighboring countries are significantly more favorable than in germany. We have been exploiting these advantages for the benefit of our customers for many years and maintain numerous international contacts.

The high price advantage comes from different reasons. one of these reasons are the discounts granted to us, because we and our partners on the european market do not only purchase a few vehicles, but are bulk buyers. As our customer, you benefit from these. Another reason is the different taxation in the EU, because in many european countries higher consumption or luxury taxes are levied on the net price. this net price is usually lower than in germany, so that a tax advantage is achieved. we, as importer, do not have to pay said foreign tax, but only have to pay the usual 19 % on the lower net price in germany. Furthermore, the different purchasing power in europe plays a role. The car manufacturers in turn align their pricing policy with this, which results in additional savings.

Yes and no. A re-imported EU new car is identical to a vehicle produced for the German market in terms of quality and technology. Furthermore, there are uniform registration guidelines for imported motor vehicles in the EU. For the registration of such vehicles, COC papers (also called EEC certificate of conformity) are required, which ensure that the imported vehicle also complies with the standards for vehicles valid in europe. In this respect there is i.D.R. No differences.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that a new EU car may differ from the equipment of a "German" car. However, this is often an advantage, as the EU new cars often have more extensive basic equipment.

No. Here, too, the COC papers come into play, as they facilitate registration with the relevant approval authority. besides these, you will also need to submit the original invoice to the registration office, proving that you are the owner of the vehicle.

As the term "EU new car" suggests, such vehicles originate from countries of the european union. In this regard, we can assure you that we purchase vehicles only from such countries, and never from third countries. It is very important to us to create the greatest possible transparency for you as a customer.

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