Eventmanagement: how do I become eventmanager

How do I become an event manager??

Can realize events of all sizes

A dream job for many: As an event manager, make sure that an event is an unforgettable experience and everyone involved has a good evening. Because everything rarely goes smoothly, event managers need to be resilient and flexible.

The to-do lists of event managers are long: In order for a tailor-made solution to be realized for the needs of the customer, an event has to be planned step by step. What is feasible and what is not? How do we stand out from the crowd? And with what means will the biggest effect be achieved for the lowest price? This or similar is discussed in the conception phase.

If the content and technical specifications are clear, it is up to the implementation. Rooms must be searched and visited, the program booked, the catering organized, the technical equipment rented and possible sponsors addressed. At the same time, it is best to do a good press work so that the public also learns about the planned event.

Access to the profession is not strictly regulated

Depending on the size of the event, one or more persons are responsible for these different fields of work. The individual demands organizational talent, creativity and flexibility, because no event runs smoothly, because every organizer can chat from the inside. In case of emergency event managers have to be very stress resistant. Since different people always pull together, being a team player in the requirement profile is an important component.

The event manager is not a profession that can only be targeted with a specific degree program. The access is wide. A solid basis is, for example, the training course “Veranstaltungskaufmann / -kauffrau”. If you would like to pursue an academic career, you can opt for a degree course in business administration at state universities and model your job yourself through corresponding internships (for example, in advertising, event and marketing agencies). At the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, the main focus is on business events and the specialization event management in the business administration and management degree program. In Heilbronn you can study business administration and cultural, leisure and sports management. Explicit event programs are available only at private universities, which have recognized this gap in the study landscape and use it for themselves.

Fairs, festivals, congresses, stages and concerts

Possible future fields of application and good addresses for initial orientation placements are event agencies, festival organizers, trade fair organizers, congresses and recruiting events, as well as theaters, concert halls, concert halls and other cultural venues. Companies with six-digit employee numbers often have in-house departments responsible for event management. This field of activity is conceivable for young professionals.

Initial experience in the field of event design and organization can also be gathered in the private sphere. At a student party or a party with several friends together, it quickly becomes clear that a decent event can not be set up on its own.

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