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For organizers

Our website is the online portal for families, in which you can find events that can usually be visited spontaneously, in the event calendar, as well as ongoing courses for children and parents in Berlin in the course directory. Organizers will find here all information on how they can publish their offers on

Please note the difference between the event calendar and the course directory and do not enter individual courses. If you would like to publish dates for individual events in the event calendar, please send them to [email protected]

For course providers

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Here is a detailed guide to setting courses:
For guidance

In short: Current courses and individually bookable offers in the course directory

Continuous courses as well as individually bookable courses and offers for children and parents can be entered and edited by organizers themselves in our course catalog. For this you register as a course member and can publish his courses for children or parents free of charge. The free membership expires from the registration date until the end of the calendar year. Thereafter, the free membership is automatically extended by one year, if not previously canceled. The notice period is four weeks.

Also offers without a fixed date and / or address such as Offers for children’s birthdays can be entered in the course directory. There is also the possibility, Summer Courses also in a separate section in the course catalog to publish.
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Questions to enter the courses

One of the most common questions that comes up when registering for courses is that the course location is not included in our list of eligible venues. This address database can only be maintained by our editors to avoid double entries.

Please send missing course locations to [email protected], we will record them as soon as possible. Also other inquiries regarding the course directory you can address this email address. However, we ask you to look at the following guide to registering the courses, most questions should be clarified.
For guidance

For providers of individual appointments

In our daily updated calendar of events you can find sorted by date and time events for children and families in Berlin and the surrounding area. The event calendar is maintained by our appointment office.

We publish all single dates free of charge in our calendar of events online and appointments at the weekends also in the print edition of the HIMBEER magazine for Berlin with child, if the dates (with specific age, description and booking information) are sent to you by the 5th of the previous month at reach We can not give a publication guarantee, but we always try to accommodate all appointments that are sent in due time.

Date deadline: 5.1., 5.3., 5.5., 5.7., 5.9., 5.11. (in holiday times it may come to early editorial conclusions)

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