Events karwendel – special dates – celebrate

Events karwendel - special dates - celebrate

Events with tradition and customs in the Karwendel

Traditional events in the Karwendel
Many regions in the Alpine region have preserved a wide variety of traditions. Tradition is passed on from generation to generation. This includes the festivals and customs that are celebrated at the respective annual dates.

In the Karwendel this is the case to a particularly pronounced extent. Here are the most diverse events. Central in and around the Karwendelgebirge are many traditional events and events that you can visit during a Tyrol holiday. There are also many sporting events and meetings.

Traditional events of the Karwendel region

The carnival in the Karwendel
The carnival is present at the beginning of the year in almost all villages in the Karwendel. Various balls, parades and foolish activities in the places provide mood and should drive away the winter spirits. On the Tyrolean side, the Carnival is literally buried on Shrove Tuesday – the Naz embodies the carnival and is buried or burned.

Customs in the spring

The grass rang
Even more traditional is the custom of the Grausausbelnens: In the spring, the grass explanations drive especially around Schwaz in Tyrol from the winter and ring in the spring. In traditional costume, the various folkloric groups roam the streets and ring out the grasses with cowbells. Even around the Innsbruck villages, the so-called MARTHA villages, this is still a well-kept tradition.

Solstice celebrations in the Karwendel

Fire at the solstice
In summer, the longest days of the year are celebrated with solstice celebrations and a lot of zest for life. On Sacred Heart Friday there are numerous processions in Tyrol to thank for the freedom. In the evening, hearts are laid out on hundreds of fires or candles on many mountains. Particularly noteworthy here is Weerberg. It is the only place in Tyrol where the procession is still going on at the Heart of Jesus Friday. The locals in Weerberg even have a holiday there! Similarly impressive processions with the various delegations of traditional costumes and bands are on the church holidays to admire.

The Bolzano market in Mittenwald

Medieval market in Mittenwald
Every five years in summer, a special medieval market is brought to life in the historic trading center of Mittenwald. Local performers, artisans and jugglers turn the clock back a few hundred years. They show how the trade on the Bozner market could have started at the time. For a few days in August, the state of emergency prevails. Here is the information about the Bozen market in Mittenwald.

The Almabtrieb in the Karwendel

Autumn in the Karwendel
The customs around the Almabtrieb is probably one of the most widespread customs. In the Karwendel there are still some real and original Almabtriebe. Especially interesting: There are still farmers who walk for miles with their cows over the mountains from the pasture to the farm. From the rustic cattle drive in autumn with the decorated Alpine cattle in Bavaria and Tyrol, the autumn festivals on the farms, the traditional Leonhardiritten, to the Tyrolean evenings with brass band and Trachtlern there are many events to visit.
–> this is the Almabtrieb – and that’s worth it in the fall otherwise.

Winter events and Advent market
In winter, Bad Tölz, Hall, Innsbruck and Schwaz offer cozy and cozy Christmas markets and Christmas markets with mulled wine, wooden toys or Tyrolean tents. Around St. Nicholas Day, Krampus processions and Krampus runs are a long-cherished tradition in the Tyrolean Karwendel. At Christmas, there are some churches and chapels in the snow-covered winter landscape, which celebrate the Christmas time in a wintery atmosphere.
This is my overview for the advent holiday: dates and opening times for the Advent markets in Karwendel.

Sporting events in the Karwendel region
In much larger numbers, there are various events for sporty tourists. When the snow has melted in the spring, the cycling races around the Karwendel begin. In late summer, the running events are in the calendar every year. Again, the Karwendelmarsch was established here in different performance levels. In winter, there are ski touring races, which are particularly bad recently. The last event of the year is the New Year‘s Eve swimming on the Achensee.

Beautiful Almabtrieb?

Where is the most beautiful Almabtrieb? Where is he like in the past? What are the dates this year for the Almabtrieb with craft market around the Karwendel?

Fall vacations

A special autumn holiday in the Alps? For hiking in the Karwendel, in a distillery, wine on the mountain, beautiful traditions and our insider tips.

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