“Every human being is creature of god”

Bishop Ulrich Neymeyr of Erfurt has condemned the racist attack in a streetcar in the Thuringian state capital. All people must be treated as human beings, Bishop Neymeyr stressed.

"It shocks me when people with a different skin color, different origin, different religion or different sexual orientation are attacked because they are 'different,'" Neymeyr said in response to a question from the portal catholic.de (Monday).

The Catholic bishop said he always stressed that all people must be treated as human beings and that they should not be talked about in a spiteful way. "Words quickly turn into deeds. For people of faith, moreover, every human being is a creature of God and thus a fellow creature," Neymeyr explained.

17-year-old insulted and attacked

According to the report, a 40-year-old German had first racially insulted a 17-year-old Syrian in a streetcar late Friday evening and then brutally attacked him, including kicks to the head. Afterwards, the perpetrator, who was known to the police, fled, but could be identified due to witnesses, it said. The man was arrested in the afternoon.

The case had caused a nationwide stir mainly because of a video of the attack circulated on social networks. Thuringia's Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (Left) wrote on Twitter, "Such a cowardly person, strong and aggressive against a defenseless man. There one suspects, which people understand themselves as master humans. Simply disgusting!"

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